Sitemap - 2023 - Asia Sentinel

Fundamentalist Islam Comes to Urban Malaysia

Thailand’s Democracy at a Standstill

Singapore Splinter Parties Consolidate to Fight General Election

Rising Sentiment in Seoul to Develop Nuclear Weapons

Asia Sentinel Blocked in Singapore

Malaysia Pays More for Invisible Ships

Chinese Demand for Exotic Fare Drives Extinction Half a World Away

The Belt and Road Turns Into a ‘Debt Trap’ for Beijing

Asia Sentinel answer to Singapore Government Demand for Correction

Japan’s Draconian Criminal Justice System

BOOK REVIEW: The Long Reckoning (A Story of War, Peace and Redemption in Vietnam)

Singapore Government Demand for Correction

Ravaged by Deforestation, Sabah Belatedly Turns to Birdwatching Tourism

Communists Crumbling in the Philippines

Facade of Normalcy for G20 Conclave in Kashmir

Iran at the cusp of change

Marcos-Duterte Split Widens

Singapore kills a Chicken to Scare the Monkeys

Chat Groups Target Taiwan’s Public Opinion on US Arms Deals

India: Everybody’s Sweetheart

China Adds Specious Claims to Its Ownership of the South China Sea

Thailand's Silk Curtain Descends Over the Political Process

Xi Campaigns to Counter the West in the Uneasy ‘Stans

Karnataka Poll Loss Bursts BJP’s Invincibility Balloon

Concerns Over the Return of the Military in Indonesia

Pitfalls for Thailand’s Pita and his Move Forward Party

Amnesty International’s Harsh Criticism of Singapore

Horsetrading Begins in Thailand to Keep Military From Returning to Power

‘Why I Am Giving up Writing About Hong Kong Politics’

‘International Prisoner of Conscience’ Closer to Freedom in Philippines

BOOK REVIEW: I Feel No Peace (Rohingya Fleeing Over Seas and Rivers)

Biden Administration Seeks to Repair Trump's Wreckage in Asia

Thailand's Wily Prayuth Scrambles to Stay in Power

Malaysia’s 5G Rollout Enmeshed in Big Power Rivalry

The Show Trials of Judge Kwok Wai-Kin

After a Decade, Food Insecurity is Back Across Asia

SCO vs NATO: The Struggle to Reshape the World

The Asian Ripples From Russia’s Ukraine Gambit

Indonesia’s Graft Watchdog Now a Shadow of Itself

Britain Gets a New King And a Change of Style

India’s Dangerous Electrification Effort

IMF Twists Pakistan Slowly in the Wind Over Loan

Chinese Money Launderers Helping Mexican Drug Cartels

Marcos Goes to US Buoyed by Successful Military Exercises

South Korea’s Yoon Demonstrates Firm Pro-West Stance in DC Visit

The 25-year Feud That Has Crippled Malaysia

BOOK REVIEW: Ice Islands

India’s Purchases of Russian Crude: What’s at Stake

China’s Xi Invokes a ‘Whole Nation System’ to Beat the West

Bangladesh Leader Sheikh Hasina’s War on the Press

Yuan Rises in Global Influence Against Greenback

Indonesian Presidential Sweepstakes in Confusion

‘Wolf Warriors’ Still on The Prowl

Malaysia’s Anwar Feared to be Losing Power to UMNO

Jammu & Kashmir's Journalists Under Seige

Philippines’ Marcos Shifts Away From Duterte

BOOK REVIEW: The Titanium Economy (How Industrial Technology Can Create a Better, Faster, Stronger America)

A Wolf in Judge's Robes: The Show Trials of Judge Kwok Wai-Kin (Part 2)

Ukraine War Turns Korea a Major Arms Exporter

Hong Kong Loses Ultra-Rich to Mainland, Singapore

Indonesia Seeks Debt Relief on China-Built Fast Rail Project

Taiwan to More Than Double Military Police

Malaysia's Flawed Health Chief

Anwar Ibrahim’s peace gesture to China mired in bad blood

BOOK REVIEW: Robots Won’t Save Japan (An Ethnography of Eldercare Automation)

Developing World Will Pay Heavy Price for Green Revolution

Tackling Pakistan’s Deep Crises

Indonesian Political Uproar Puts Prabowo in ’24 Pole Position

Nuclear North Korea Facing Another Famine

Bongbong’s Make-or-Break Twin Challenges

Thinking the Unthinkable: Setting Malaysia’s Kingmaker Free

Philippines Using AI on its Waste Crisis

New Start in Malaysia-China Relations

The West’s Environmental Crisis Migrates From China Elsewhere

Taiwan Rivals Tsai and Ma in Overseas Travel Flurry

‘Sinophizing’ Russia’s Far East

Thai Leading Opposition Party Looks for Landslide in May Elections

China Woos Singapore, Malaysia, Spain in Diplomatic Gambit

Suharto's Clan: Still in Business, Stumbling in Politics

Forced Partition Isn’t Simple

BOOK REVIEW: When McKinsey Comes to Town

BOOK REVIEW: Dead in the Water (A True Story of Hijacking, Murder and a Global Maritime Conspiracy)

Massive Manhunt for Sikh Activist in Punjab

‘Bapak Malaysia’ Rehabilitated in Royal Commonwealth Ceremony

Human Rights Lawyer Celebrates Year Free From Hong Kong Prison

Malaysia’s PM Anwar Caught in Saudi Gaffe

Taiwan and the Thucydides Trap

Korea Tiptoes Toward Reconciling Comfort Women Issue

Indian Politics in Uproar Over Opposition Leader Gandhi’s Arrest

Great Powers’ ‘Tribal Instincts’ Impel World Toward Trouble

Singapore’s Parliament Pressed Into Service in Lee Family Dispute

Thailand Heads for May Election Amid Pheu Thai Surge

AIDS Epidemic Slows but Defeat Still Far Away

BOOK REVIEW: The Straits Philosophical Society and Colonial Elites in Malaya

Philippine Murder Wave Claims Public Officials

Will US Send Back ‘Operation Fox Hunt’ Fugitive?

An open letter to Michelle Yeoh

India’s Skillful Triangulation of Interests

China’s Growing Gulf Influence

Contagion From SVB’s Collapse Spreads to Asia

Global Leaders Call on Bangladesh PM to Stop Persecuting Nobel Winner Yunus

Thailand Preps for May National Elections

Nguyen Phu Trong’s Lonely Crusade

Questions Over Attempts to Postpone Elections in Indonesia

Malaysian Former PM’s Arrest a Dilemma for Anwar

Seoul Pursues New Entente With Japan

Taiwan Warming to Hosting US Ammo Storage Facilities

A Hong Kong Judge Changes His Spots

Singapore PM’s Brother Pitted Against Brother in Attack

A Resurgent Rahul Gandhi Girds For Next Year’s Polls

China Circles the Wagons Against the US

Development or Conflict? The China-Taliban Alliance

Korea’s Plunging Birthrate Alarms Government

Philippines’ De Lima a ‘Prisoner of Conscience’

Time to Cease Covid Emergency, Docs Say

Lee Family Feud in Singapore Could Mean PM’s Brother’s Arrest

Taking the Measure of Anwar Ibrahim

Japan and India Strengthen Military Bonds

Indonesia Stuck With China's High-Speed ​​Train Project

Malaysia's Budget 23: Another Missed Opportunity

RCEP: Boon or Bane for Marcos’s Government?

China’s Ukraine Proposal at America’s Expense

Post-Covid Art Sales Rise Sharply in India

Climate Change and Economic Security in South Korea

South Korea Starts to Come to Terms with Vietnam War Crimes

Indonesian Top Cop’s Gargantuan Job

Tensions Rise Again in South China Sea

Taiwan Under Pressure to Fortify Matsu Internet Cables

India on the Right Side of the Population Bulge

India’s Modi Goes on the Offensive

Corruption, Governance Woes Plague Indebted Chinese Property Sector

Philippines’ Marcos Tilts West

Modi’s BBC Raid Sends Shock Waves Through India

A Depressing Visit to ‘Asia’s World City’

Reforming Malaysia's Government Finances

Hun Sen Closes a Last Remaining Independent Media Voice

Asia-Pacific Fails its Women

Myanmar’s Troubled Sittwe International Seaport Awaits Opening

Malaysia’s Anwar Rumored Moving Against Opposition Chief

Vietnam Rises as Seoul’s New Economic Partner

Indonesia Newly Aggressive in South China Sea

Indonesia's Anies Baswedan Gains Traction in Presidential Race

Two Years On, Myanmar’s Junta Refuses to Loosen Its Grip

BOOK REVIEW: Ambedkar: A Life

Indonesia Takes Over Asean for 2023

Tough Choice for Philippines’ Marcos

Vietnam's Closing Legal Space for Civil Society

Big Four Bank Sues Son of Major Retailer Over Soccer Club Debts

Indonesia to Soon Ban Bauxite Exports

Women's Reproductive Health in Asia Pacific: Progress, but Work to Do

India Navigates the Ukraine Conflict to its Gain

Philippines’ Maharlika Fund Gets a Controversial Makeover

BBC’s Modi Series Leads to Crackdown on Students

The Beginning of the End for Malaysia’s Oldest Political Party

Want an Expense-paid Trip to Taiwan? Taipei will pay

Little Gain From China’s Gunboat Diplomacy, Analysts Say

End Near for Mindanao’s Islamist Militants?

Vietnamese Journalism: Party-Led Enterprise

India Copes With National Registry Scam

Malaysia's Anti-Corruption Watchdog May be Too Far Gone to Fix

Australia Contemplates a new Parliamentary ‘Voice’

Indonesia Uneasily Welcomes Chinese Tourists

Will Singapore’s Keppel O&M Scandal Drive Reform?

Viet Beauty Queen's Miss World Recital Reawakens War Debate

Seoul Toughens Response on North Korean Spies

Viet President Ousted Amid Covid Scandal

Rasputin in Malaysia

China Earns a Black Eye in Indonesian Palm Oil

India’s ‘Brutal’ Protection Plan Saves One-Horn Rhino

India’s Bollywood Turns to Hindu Nationalism

Expose a Warning to Powerful Figures in China

Thai Premier Scrambles to Stay in Power

Indonesia's PDIP Waits for its Leader to Make Up Her Mind

Mister Kishida Goes to Washington

Singapore Newspapers Caught Inflating Circulation

Spies vs. Spies Square Off in Malaysia

Coal may Scupper Indonesia’s Pretensions to a Green Future

Asean at the Crossroads

What's Behind the Philippine Army's Musical Chairs?

Marcos’s China Visit Yields Clear Gains

Fear Over Growing Use of Blasphemy Law in Indonesia

New Thai Travel Rules Could Dampen GDP Growth

In Vietnam, Some Good Guys Take a Fall for the Team

Vietnam's NGO Dilemma

Now-Defunct FTX Drawn to Hong Kong’s Crypto-Friendly Regulations

India Installs New System to Monitor Kashmiris

Philippines’ Marcos Faces Second Agriculture Crisis

The Adhesive for South Korea-Japan Cooperation

China-led Dam Project Under Fire in Sumatra

2023 And The Questions For Asia

The US Refuses to Play by its Own Trade Rules