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Good Bye 2013… Hello 2014

The Flood to India’s Cities

What Snowden Has Shown the World

Quiz Idiosyncraticus

Dispatches: The Global War Against Journalists

India and the Khobragade Saga

Monkhood for Thai Women: Sexism’s Religious Barrier

Opinion: US-India Relations

Thailand: Land of Snarls

China's Bid to Fill an Afghan Vacuum

Monopoly Takes Hong Kong’s Economic Heights

Is the New Medicine in Time for You?

The Wandering Palate Christmas Turkey 2013

India’s Crocodile Tears over a Diplomatic Slight

China’s Groundbreaking Attempt to Cut CO2 Gases

India’s Art Market Explodes

Japanese Whalers Again Face Confrontation in Antarctic

Thailand Protesters Seeking a Solution

The Two-Chinas Revolution

India’s Political Parties Galvanized into Action

North Korean Purges Threaten Relations with China

Vietnamese Workers on the Run in Taiwan

Stopping HIV Transmission to Children

Chiang Mai – Thailand’s Second City Grows Up

Thaksin: The Thai Monarchy’s Savior?

Chinese Exports Spell Trouble for the West

India Anti-Gay Ruling’s Hypocrisy

Beijing’s Ambitious Urbanization Plans

The Heat Rises in Japan

Old-world Ideas Rule Australia’s Indonesia Dealings

Illegal Money Takes Wing from Asia

Tacloban Starts to Come Back to Life

Global Experts Still Need Local Knowledge

Indonesian Export Ban Puts Mining in Chaos

Singapore Bans its First Internet Website

China Tries to Harness North Korea

Blundering into war

Debra Meiburg MW Greater China Trade Guides - Help us reach Lucky 888

America’s Absent Moral Imperative in Vietnam

Bali Boost: WTO Lives, Snatched From Jaws of Defeat

The Threat of War in the Northern Pacific

Programs that Keep Thailand’s North in Thaksin Camp

Sri Lanka’s crumbling democracy

The Wandering Palate Restaurant of the Year 2013 - The Quality Chop House, Farringdon Road, London

Bangkok Elites Win Government Dissolution

Is Singapore Western Intelligence's 6th Eye?

Major Political Shock in India

Buyer Beware in the Malaysian Franchise Industry

Critical Questions Over Oz's Role in Indonesian Independence

Pakistan's polio fight goes under the radar

The US Waffles on China’s Air Defense Zone

New Contest Coming for Afghan Resources

Political Temperature Cools in Bangkok

The Philippines’ Tough Rebuilding Task

Western Money and Social Dilemmas in Myanmar

Seresin Estate February dinners at Waterfall Bay – Queen Charlotte Sounds, Marlborough

China Plans a Market Revolution

India Refuses to Learn Lessons from Mumbai Attacks

Vietnam: New Constitution Offers Little Hope for Change

Best Providore of the Year 2013 Singapore – Culina

Thaksin's Enduring Appeal

China Tries to Head off Hong Kong Democracy

Malaysia’s UMNO Readies for its AGM

Malaysia’s Pakatan Rakyat Loses its Luster

Redefining the US in Light of China’s Rise

Capitalism Ominously Comes to Myanmar’s Forests

Hiroshima, Mon Amour

A Revolutionary Rice Goes Into Production

Turnover of power in the Middle East

The Warsaw Climate Deal

Sexual Healing or Hong Kong Hypocrisy?

ADB’s Chilling Report on Pacific Climate Change

The Man Who Leads Bangkok's Mobs

Thailand’s Politicized Courts Fuel Protests

North Korea and History

Rosy Burmese Peace Talk Reports Are Deceptions

Thailand’s Opposition Democrats Go Rogue

Hong Kong takes to the Streets over TV

Prabowo Wants to ‘Manage’ Indonesia

The Tragic Logistics of Disaster Relief

Asia's Marathon Craze

Vietnam’s Press Turns Partly Private

Asean’s Weak Haiyan Response

Hong Kong’s New Migration Wave

Opinion: The Changing Face of Vietnam

Charolais Beef now Served at Brasserie Gavroche Singapore

Oz Gaffes Explode into Indonesian Diplomatic Crisis

Is Abenomics Flagging?

Past is Present for Japan

New Infections Outstrip Asia’s HIV Responses

The Philippines: PNoy Comes to Visit

Two Schools of Thought on China – Both Wrong

Heavy Lift in Leyte

The Taliban Dilemma, the US and Pakistan

India’s Gold Industry Loses its Sparkle

Indonesia's Top Court Under Fire

Is China’s Third Plenum for Real After All?

The One-Child Policy that Wasn’t

The Walls that Spy

Climate Change Denial is a Criminal Act

Outrage as Hong Kong Sticks by Manila Apology Deadline

Myanmar's infant mortality woes

United Nations Food Day at UWCSEA & ‘Best Fish n Chips 2013’

The Dead and the Reds in the Philippines

Australia’s Humiliation on the High Seas

Abbott Blacks Out the Media

Typhoon Impact on the Global Rice Market

Grim Warning on the Philippines

Korea’s Battle to Keep the Lights On

Climate change adaptation hit by funding drought

Opinion: US Global Power Not Waning

Uncle Sam Returns to the Philippines

The Cresting of Thaksinism?

Banking Crises and Japanization

Bus Stop Kirsty - The Wandering Palate Café of the Year 2013

Grameen Bank Now Under Bangla Central Bank

Australia Spies On its Own Citizens

Opinion: Why Burma should look to Belfast

Asia Gets High on Meth

Malaysia Joins the Outsourcing Parade

Electoral Chaos Spreads in Bangladesh

Hong Kong Continues its Onslaught on the Philippines

Myanmar’s Myitsone Dam: Far From Dead

Oil Palm Growers Ignore Human Rights, Study Alleges

Leeuwin Estate Wine Dinner with Simone Horgan-Furlong at Fullerton Bay Hotel, Singapore, Nov 30

Thaksin Forces Give Up

Fungus in Your Food

Australia: Giant Platypus and a Lost Eden

India and China Seek Economic Integration

Defeat for Malaysia’s Mahathir?

China: Responsible World Trade Stakeholder?

Singapore’s Best Fishmonger, Greenwood Fish Market, Celebrates 10 Years

Australia’s Massive Spy Apparatus

Can China Really Urbanize?

UN Forest Protection May Not Be Working

Strike Demonstrates Indonesian Labor’s Clout

Pakistan’s Youth: Source of Growth or Radicalization?

The Mekong under Threat

Thai Parliament Passes Amnesty Bill

Philippines’ Aquino Defends Own Pork Fund

Burma: Still a Hard Place for Business

Internet Anxiety in Bali

Vietnam Harasses the NGOs

Asthma Meds Too Expensive for World's Poor

The Wandering Palate - Best Meal of the Year 2013 - Martin Bosley's Yacht Club Restaurant, Wellington, New Zealand

Time of Uncertainty for Indonesia

Malaysia: Nation of Strangers

China Paves Asia's New Silk Road

Vietnam's Shipbuilding SOE may Re-emerge

Malaysia's Mahathir Attacks Another Successor

Security Lapse at the EU Leaders’ Summit

An Irrelevant Population Policy

Internecine Warfare at One of India’s Biggest Newspapers

Asia's Gender Problem

NGO leader in Malaysia Alleges Prison Torture

Caring for Asia's Growing Elderly Population

The Smog Isn’t Just China’s Problem

Japan's Persistent Pacifism

Aquino Continues his Political Cleanup

Burma Tries Again To Salvage its Great Bell

Pakistan's Ghost Schools

3 Things Not to Say in Chinese

Vatican Diplomacy Looks to China

Cross-border China-HK Share Trading On the Cards?

G33 Seek to Reopen Subsidies Talks at WTO

Trouble On India's High Seas

Bottom-Line Buccaneers Battle Piracy

China's Ambitions for the Greater Mekong Region

UMNO goes for the Status Quo

Indonesia-Oz Dispute over Tobacco

Will Abe's fiscal consolidation work?

Laos's Misguided Drug Regime

A Suspicious Vietnam Greets the Chinese Premier

ADB Calculates the Cost of Climate Change for Asia

India: Gurgaon's Women Caught Between Two Worlds

Marlborough Pinot Noir Rising

Japan's Call for Collective Defense

Pakistan's Missing Middle Class

Cambodians Refuse to Accept Rigged Elections

Malaysia Bans Catholic Newspaper’s Use of Word Allah

The End of the International Herald Tribune

Women's Rights Endangered in Afghanistan

Indonesia's Corruption Battle Gets Serious

US-Japan Defense Accord Upsets Seoul

Survival Sex in Sri Lanka's Crippled North

Is There Opposition in Vietnam?

Hong Kong's Crusade Against the Philippines

Development Risks Rangoon's Architectural Heritage

Yuan Won't Become the Global Fiat Currency Soon

Living Soil Saves Lives

Lessons From Negotiating With the Taliban

Goodbye books, hello stories

Should U Thein Sein Get the Nobel?

The Passing of General Vo Nguyen Giap

Malaysian Party Polls: 'Fight for the Next Generation'

Winds of discontent over Borneo

The Next Big Thing

Score Summit Week for China

Clonakilla Shiraz Viognier 2012 - Canberra, ACT, Australia

America in a Multipolar World

Asean's Burgeoning Thirst for Energy

Rahul Gandhi's Audacious Ploy

Lonely Vigil for Missing Laotian Activist

Obama Cancels Most of His Asia Trip

Vietnam and the US: Need for Each Other

India's Price for Public Health Neglect

Thirst for Gold Robs India Economy

Can Japan Get its Mojo Back?

Tokyo Warms to the Olympics

Hong Kong Tightens Rules on IPOs

What Deng Taught Xi

The Philippines' 'Third Fury' Cleans the Stables

Shanghai's Long-awaited Free Trade Zone Opens Sunday

China's Local Government Debt Problem May Have Doubled

Vietnam's VietJet Gamble

Making better lives in Laos

Indonesia's Prabowo Turns Ambassador

Analysis: How to tackle slavery in Asia

Phillip Jones at Bass Phillip Winery - Finalist in Gourmet Traveller Winemaker of the Year 2013

Taiwan Politics in a Furor

Karachi: Burning and Dying

Bo Xilai Conviction Won't Curb Chinese Corruption

Australia's U-turn on human rights?

A Farm of Her Own

Plagiarism and Xi Jinping

Government Attempts to Grab Grameen

China's Renewed Campaign for Stability

The Demise of the Cloud

Applauding New Zealand Winegrowers Sustainability Policy

The Politics of Palm Oil

Big Tobacco, Big Conflicts

Walter Bourke 10th Anniversary Homage - Pinot Noir Producer of the Year - Felton Road Cornish Point

Australia's Immoral Prostitution Laws

Restoring Confidence in China's Banks

Enrile Charged with 'Plunder' by Philippine Government

Thailand's Sexy School Uniforms

Asia's Wild Frontier for Investors

Malaysia's PM Capitulates to the Hardliners

South Korea: New Beacon for Refugees

More Land Is the Answer, or Not?

Can leadership be learned?

Red Light, Caution Light: Sex Workers in Asia

The Syria Test for Southeast Asia

US Trade Representative, Inc

Philippine Pork and its Many Bedfellows

Guppies Vs. Dengue

Six Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

Big Fat Indian Wedding Gets Fatter

Opinion: Cambodia's Quest for Leadership

Widespread Assault Against Women in Asia Pacific

China's Stealth Campaign on Hong Kong

Southeast Asia's Stark Democracy Lessons

Abbott's Indonesia Gaffe

Triumph of the Swill: Why Philippine Pork Matters

Philippines' Pork is Rotten to the Bone

Australia Polls: The Mysterious Mr Abbott

Facing up to an Afghan Debacle

It's okay to pretend to be a pilot

Indonesian Corruption Trial Sniffs at SBY's Door

Asia: Too Much Food, Not Enough Food

Myanmar's Suspended Big Dam May Restart

Shale Energy No Quick Solution

Asia's Urbanization Imperative

A Good Movie for Parents

Beijing Wants HK Police to Tighten Up

Islamic Hardliners Go After Bali Beauty Bash

Marriage redefined in Asia shock

A Kinder, Gentler South China Morning Post

The Steppes to the States

AIDS and Tuberculosis

Vietnam's Need for the TPP

Bangladesh Awaits Another Chaotic Election

Shenyang's Fake Shopping Mall

Crippling Blow for Indian Navy

Malaysia's Need for a New National Narrative

Broadband Blueprint Could Give China an Edge

The Consequences of the Syrian Conflict in Asia-Pacific

Bali's Rice-Field Irrigation System Faces Collapse

Seeking Peace in the South China Sea

Myanmar's HIV/AIDS Program: Cautious Optimism

West's Strike in Syria is Folly

Obama's Double-Standard on Malaysia

Sonia Gandhi's Bid for Political Security

Cambodia's Rescue Party Stages Bittersweet Rally'

Pakistan's Lawless, Impoverished Northwest

No Going Back in Myanmar

Pork Barrel Protest Grips the Philippines

Cases of people being chased by planets

Economics To Take Center Stage in China

Your Computer May Be Watching You

Vietnam's Ongoing Freedom Struggle

India-Pakistan Detente Must Continue

Malaysia Frees Altantuya's Murderers

Malaysia's Najib Weakens

A Cautious China Endorses Cambodia Poll Result

Japan, Philippines Against China

Myanmar Faces Drug-resistant TB

Thailand's Economy Turns Sour

Wheels Coming Off Indonesia's Growth

Myanmar Opium Elimination Plan


Hong Kong Finds New Maids to Exploit

The Yasukuni Shrine Won't Go Away

Cantopop's Dilemma: No Hong Kong Wave

Malaysia's Next General Election Front Line

Japan Wakes Up To Africa

In Indonesia, a Bribery Scandal Turns Political

Tanks Pour Into Phnom Penh as Opposition Leader Returns

Will China's Little Emperors Become Little Consumers?

VinEssence - Marlborough's Premier Wine Experience, Soak in the views, Savour the wines

Are World Rice Prices About to Skyrocket?

Call for Probe of Indonesian Rights Violations

Fearing GMO, Filipino Radicals Attack Rice

Bogus Witness Against Malaysia's DAP?

Rebalancing China

Filipino Priests Answer Call of Human Nature

Opinion: The Oz Asylum Seeker Racket

Book Review: Altar of Secrets

Najib's Peace Overtures

Vietnam's New Internet Decree

Singapore's Cadre System

Thailand's Bogus Human Rights Report

Preserving Hiroshima's A-Bomb Heritage

Pakistan's Uneducated Children

The Asylum-Seeker Debate in Australia

How Important is the Australian Election?

Good Leaks and Bad Leaks in Washington

Decoding Li-konomics

India's Migration to the Cities

Suspicious Singapore Watches New Internet News Launch

Malaysian Terrorist And Deadly Philippines blast

Cambodia: Reality Sinks In

Philippine Corruption Dogs Aquino

Decentralized Power in Indonesia

Tension for Yingluck in Thailand

For Whom the Whistle Blows?

Containing or counterbalancing China

A Starving Blogger's Vietnam Crusade

It's a Bird, It's a Plane, It's a Condom!

Malaysia's Biggest Opposition Party Under Threat

Cambodia Calm - On the Surface

Ripples in Hong Kong's Luxury Goods Market

The Myth of US-China Carbon Cooperation

Australian Immigration: the Snowden link?

DBS Backs Out of Danamon Takeover

Malaysia Worries Over a Crime Wave

Japan Needs Political Reform

Submarine Furor Returns to Malaysia

Southeast Asia's Mercantile Microcosm

Cambodia: Time for Transformation?

Cambodia - a Kind of Triumph

Caroline Kennedy to Tokyo

South Korea Between China and Japan

Myanmar's Demographic Conundrum

Taking Pulse on Burmese Repatriation

Building a New American Legacy in Vietnam

Bear market tightens its grip on rice

Sarawak Reenacts Independence from Britain

Jakob Oetama: Indonesia's Conscience

Barisan Wins Malaysia's By-Election

Laos Wins Refugee Bidding Game

Viet President's White House Sojourn

China's Limited Role in Semiconductor Innovation

Malaysia's Crucial By-Election

Philippine President Aquino's Report Card

Bloggers Demand Vietnam Comply with Human Rights Rules

Cambodia's Farce Election

Freeing Commerce in Eastern India

Can Japan Solve Its Population Problem?

An Adapted French Song by FH

The Shale Oil Revolution

China's Structural Economic Problems

Vietnam Between Rock and a Hard Place

Gay Men in Thailand Face Steep HIV Rise

Malaysia's Masteel: Government-Linked Company?

Opinion: Cambodia's New Political Face

Vietnam and Australia towards a Strategic Partnership?

The Woes of Indian Manufacturing

The Exotic World of Singaporean Journalism

Post-Election Payback Time in Malaysia

Freedom of the Press, Vietnamese Style

Cambodia's Hun Sen Might Face Electoral Trouble

Blank Screens, Blank Minds: TV News in America

The Right to Safe Air

Housing Crisis for Sri Lanka's Tamils

The Importance of Being Eliot

Vietnam Calling on Washington

Book Review: Dark Spring

Book Review: Strongman

Book Review: His Holiness the 17th Karmapa

Grameen Bank Breakup Runs Into Heavy Going

Indonesia Losing Corruption Fight

Opinion: Vietnam and the Absence of Trust

China Souring on Indonesia?

Is the World Running Out of Babies?

Marine Accident's Shadow Over Hong Kong Justice

Indonesia and the Boat People

Burma Profits from Thai Rice Subsidy Scheme

China, India Roil Global Rice Market

Myanmar Opium Elimination Plan

Vietnam: Playing with fire

Saigon's Chinese--going, going, gone

The Deluge Ahead

The Millbrook Inn - South Pool, Kingsbridge, Devon, England - Best Pub Experience

Thailand's Rice Subsidy Trap

China's Steve Jobs?

In Search of an Asian or Asean Identity

10 Most Obvious Signs Ever

Workman blacks out two countries

Taiwan's Midterm Report Card

China and its Neighbors

China Continues 'Test Policy' on Tibet

Explaining North Korea's irrationality

Grabbing Bangladesh's Grameen Bank

Indonesian Officials, Teens and Polygamy

Reinvigorating Rural Malaysia

Opinion: The Importance of Edward Snowden

The Poet in Francoise Hardy

It's PM Rudd Again

Searching for the Chinese Dream

Smoke Over Sumatra

Japan: Return of the Communists

Perils and Promise of Renewable Energy

Opinion: The US's Feckless Trade Policy

The Status-quo is the Enemy

Abbott's Northern Australian Idea

Myanmar and Intellectual Property Rights

Affordable, Approachable Red Burgundy, Domaine Vincent Girardin Santenay Les Gravieres Premier Cru

Alienation and Ethnocide in Burma

Afghanistan's Dim Hopes for Peace

Was Edward Snowden a Spy?

China May be Easing Up on Tibet

A Heartbreaking French Song

Berry Bros. & Rudd Singapore wine dinner - of Churton, Marlborough, New Zealand

Will Myanmar's Soldiers Return to Barracks?

South Korea Faces Economic Slowing and a Troublesome North

Football Fall Guys: Indonesia's Expat Players

Balochistan: Ignored and In Trouble

INFOGRAPHIC: Taiwan's Adultery Law

Taiwan's Archaic Adultery Law

South Faces Bleak Economic Future

Snowden in my neighborhood

Threat to Hong Kong's International Status

Indonesia's Hybrid Theme Parks

If I Were Edward Snowden

When you're hot, you're hot. And when you're not, you're definitely not

Could Malaysia Get a National Unity Government?

Opinion: Charging Murder in Thailand

A Couple of Poetic French Songs

Asia-Pacific and a Common Defense

Malaysian Airlines - Singapore to Malaysia Airfare Ruse and the Fuel Surcharge Sham

Singaporean 'Guidance' on What to Read

Feeding China

The Changing Face of Thai Populism

Opinion: The Enemies of the US

Best Restaurant in Singapore - Jade Palace Seafood Restaurant

My YouTube Channel

What if it's Not an Asian Century After All

Will Australian Labor Fall on its own Sword?

Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Honkie

Snowden: Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Hong Konger?

Democratic Transition in Pakistan

Xi and Obama at Sunnylands

World Association of Newspapers Bogus Award

Singapore's Websites Call for Saturday Protest

East Asia's Dynamic, Changing Labor Patterns

China: The Dark Side of Growth

Five Restaurant Recommendations for Osaka

Vietnamese Blog Back on Line

US-China Summit: Meeting of Minds

Asia Sentinel Wins Top Journalism Award

Philippines' Enrile Quits as Senate President, Blasts Colleagues

The Search for a Solution in Thailand's Deep South

China's Investment Foray Into Indonesia

Opinion: Vietnam's Ambitions

India's Ambitious Biogas Program in Question

Singapore's Bloggers Fight On

India's Villagers Flock to the Cities

Philippine Airline Chaos

Bali's Bikini Brouhaha

Thailand's Toothless Human Rights Commission

Hong Kong's Social Entrepreneurs

Communist Party Breaks Promise to Vietnam's Peasants

The State of Cyber-War

Singapore Bloggers Rebel Against New Law

A Khmer Rouge Leader Apologizes, Sort of

Tobacco the Killer

Opinion: "Celebrating Hong Kong"

'Comfort' Issue Makes Japanese Politician Squirm

Behind Singapore's Internet Crackdown

Flood Misery in Store for Burma's Rohingya

Must-Have Wine: Schubert Block B & Marion's Pinot Noir 2011

China's Rural Credit Problem

The China Factor in Global Rice

Indonesia Squeezes Freedom of Expression

Delhi's Tango with Tokyo

Salome the Opera

The World Street Food Jamboree - Singapore May 31 to June 9

World Street Food Congress Singapore June 3 & 4

Malaysia Continues Under a Cloud

Healthy Women is Smart Economics: Report

China's Mekong Drug 'War'

Hong Kong's Policy Freeze-Up

US Congress Mulls Tibetan Exile Visas

The Wandering Palate's Groovy Cheese Board and Knives - A Great Gift Idea

Indonesia's Democratic Party Down, Jokowi Up

As Burma Opens, Critical NGOs look in

Singapore Forum Seeks Spratlys Options

Marathon Man: the Philippines' Enrile Under Assault

Quacking Up in Hong Kong

Indonesia Rearrests Chevron Exec

Opinion: Taiwan and the Shooting Incident

China's Cadmium-Tainted Rice Scandal

US Drones Kill Innocent Civilians, Crisis Group says

China turns friendly with India - but why?

Indonesia Police Catch a King-Size Fish

Indonesia Reaffirms Sovereignty in International Forums

The Subsidy Game

Thailand Three Years Later

Malaysia: An Irreconcilable Divide?

The Spying Game

100 million spare guys

You must listen to this Muslim man

The Austrian Wine Experience - Singapore

Malaysia's Rigged Electoral System

Sovereign Wealth Funds Go After Western Property

Southeast Asia's Mega Trade Pact

International Sauvignon Blanc Day, May 17 - The Wandering Palate's favourite Savvy's

Najib's Survival Cabinet

Japan Presses Issue of Kidnapped Citizens

Storm Disaster Looms for Bangladesh, Myanmar

Triumph for Aquino in the Philippines

Horrific Torture in Myanmar

How to End the Forever War

The Revolution in Oil Production

Indonesia Gets a New Finance Minister

China's Sex Workers Face Routine Abuse

UPDATE: Philippines Goes to the Polls

'Middle Class' in Indonesia or Partially Poor?

Is Japan's Economy at Risk?

How to laugh around the world

Where Have All of India's Farmers Gone?

Revolutionizing Asian Agriculture

Controlling Asthma

A Story of White

Indonesia Jails Chevron Contractor in Contested Case

Tragedy in Bangladesh

Chinese Foreign Minister Stumbles in Asean

Malaysia's Najib: Jump or be Pushed

Thailand Tightens the Lese-majeste Screws

Will the TPP do anything for America's giant trade deficit?

China's Economic Problems Mount

Philippine Midterms: Referendum on Church Power

Syria, Obama and the Implications for Asia

Analysis: Malaysia - It was Never About the Election

Out of Office Blues

Nationalism, Minority Rights and Citizenship in Indonesia

Malaysia's Barisan Ekes Out Diminished Win

Huge Crowds Reported in Malaysian Polls

Paul Day - Sculptor

A Plea to End Malaysia's Racial Politics

Bhutan becomes Happiness Lab for Western economists

Australia's Strategic Withdrawal?

Nishiki Market - Kyoto, Japan

God of Wealth goes on strike

Three dead in Boston equals scores in Asia

Is Malaysia's UMNO Era at its End?

Must-Have Wine - New Zealand Red Wine of the Lunar Year (Dragon) & Biodynamic Vigneron of the Lunar

Shinzo Abe Taps his "Inner Nationalism"

Disturbing Buddhist Trend toward Violence

The Rape Threat for Women Travelers in Asia

Threat to Malaysia's Gaming Tables?

Opinion: New American Century?

Red Line Blues: North Korea, Iran and Syria

Massive Crowds Turn Out for Malaysia Polls

Inequality in Asia

China Ups Its Disaster Preparedness

Taiwan-Japan Pact: Bad News for Bluefin

The Russian Bear Embraces Japan

Malaysian Election Tightens

Live hobbits found in Indonesia

China's Imperial New Consumers

Why Can't Jakarta Build a Road?

End Game for the Korean Peninsula

Instant Media's Got Malaysia

Solar Powered Computers for Off-Grid Schools

Combating Child Marriage in Uttar Pradesh

Whose Side is the Reserve Bank of Australia on

Vietnam Seeks to Restart Economy

Is Tourism the Most Destructive Enterprise?

Original Sin of Chinese Capitalism

Did China Cover Up A Mining Disaster?

Is a New Stage Coming for the Koreas?

Indonesia's natural disaster risks, costs rise

Najib Picks Race-baiting Candidates for Malaysia Poll

International Implications of Hong Kong's Port Strike

Computers: Patriot Games?

Chinese Dragon in Cape Verde

Opinion: The Promise of a Democratic Vietnam

Xi Jinping's First Great Test

India Infrastructure Spending Bogs Down

Indonesia's Infrastructure Bottlenecks

China Vastly Under-Reports Global Fish Catch

Falling Commodity Prices Spell Trouble

On China's Future

Asia's Consumers and the Environment

Gerrymandering Malaysia

Hiding the World's Money

China Switches to a Service Economy

Opinion: Was Kerry's China Trip to Save Face?

Indonesia Runs Into Trouble with the WTO

A Thai Lese Majeste Victim Talks

Indonesia Anti-Protest Bill Stalled

Rata - Back to the Roots

The Abe Juggernaut Keeps Rolling

Opinion: Deepening US-India trade relations

Global Services Trade Still Suffers from Slowdown

Balzac's Miser

Malaysia's Rancid Election

Will China Ever be a Democracy?

China's Tug of War

Philippines Could Be Crippled by New FDI Rules

Thai Gays say what God Hath Joined, Let no Man put Asunder

To Lift Afghan Women, Educate All

Malaysian Police Ready Two Election Plans

Is the Australian Foreign Minister a Spy?

Japan's TPP 'Shock'

South Korea Cultivates a New Industry

Indonesia's Food Law Backfires

Cycle Beads: The Bead String For Family Planning

Did Brad Adams and Human Rights Watch lie about the Red Shirts?

Malaysia's Multi-Ethnic Coalition Near Collapse

Women Tourists Say No to India

Opinion: Rearming Japan

Pyongyang's Race Against the Clock

Myanmar's "Guided Democracy"

India's US$35 Touchscreen Tablet Circus

The Remarkable Transformation of U.S.-India Relations

Scared of North Korea? Take a day trip to the Korean DMZ

The real threat to Thai democracy: Abhisit Vejjajiva

Election's Finally a Go in Malaysia

More Headwinds for the Indonesian Economy

Opinion: Caroline Kennedy's Ambassadorial Appointment

Under new management...

Malaysian PM Najib to Dissolve Parliament?

Asia's Fossil Fuel Addiction

Pakistan Fighting Forces Refugees to Flee

Taiwan fends off attack on media diversity

Obama's Korean Game Strategy

International Court of Justice Could Settle Sulu Question

Malaysia to Sell Submarines

Rhino Poaching Increases in India's Great Park

Myanmar's Halting Steps toward Press Reform

The EP-3 collision: 2001 and 201?

Opinion: Vietnam's Opportunity

Filipino Catholics Raise Birth Control Stakes

A Few BRICS Shy of a Load

India's Agriculture on the Brink

Canada: China's New Gold Mountain

Philippines Renews Claim to Sabah

Bank Indonesia's New Governor

Hong Kong and Blatant Racism

Asia Integrates Economically

Indonesia to override patents for life-saving medicines

The Start-up Scene in Hong Kong

French Golden Oldie

The Start-up Scene in Hong Kong

Washington Goes for the Messenger

Singapore Again Tries Its Hand at Social Engineering

Insecurity in Eastern Sabah raises questions

Woman gives birth on motorbike

Malaysian Private Eye's Last Case

Burmese Neo-Nazi Movement Rising Against Muslims

Cambodian Mass Murderer Goes Up in Smoke

Vietnam's Obstacles to Reform

Opinion: Ieng Sary's Demise

Meet Kaz, the New Zealand Falcon: Felton Road's new bird deterrent system for the 2013 vintage

Chinese Activists Seek Approval of Rights Treaty

How Drone Strikes Hamper Humanitarian Aid

OECD Catches Up with Bhutan

Gone Fishing (for Pinot) in Middle Earth

Agriculture's Race to Keep Up with Population

Why China's Corruption Is So Hard to Clean Up

Is Thailand's Floodplain Plan Realistic?

Penfolds Re-Corking Clinic Returns to Singapore

Philippine Supreme Court Delays Birth Control Law

More Protectionism in Indonesia

Another Mystery Death Involving DCN

Powers Seek Influence in Burma's Conflict

Malaysia Faces Capital Flight, Falling Trade Surplus

A Derelict Japanese Village

Mysterious Attack on a Vietnamese Blog

North Korea and the Goblet of Fire

Central Figure in Malaysian Submarine Murder Case Dies

Italy and India in Diplomatic Crisis

A Smiling Mass Murderer dies in Cambodia

New World Pope, Same Old Church

US Must Adopt Law of the Sea

Indonesia's Fuel Subsidy Quandary

Growing Alarm over Aung San Suu Kyi

Japan and TPP

Philippines Joins Medical Tourism Parade

Aid for Trade - does it help the poor?

China Goes for Luxury Cars

The grounding of India's middle class

Help Wanted: Papal Game Changer

Profile: Tibetan Buddhism's Karmapa Lama

Cracking the Vatican Code

Weaning From Fossil Fuels and Growing a Green Economy

"Anwar Sodomy II Charges Cooked Up by PM's Office"

India's Space Ambitions

Who's Bluffing Whom in the South China Sea?

Book Review: Japan's Catastrophic 2011 Temblor

Sabah's Philippine Shadows

Outrage or Apathy?

The Great Shrinking of Australia's Media

Hong Kong's Baby Formula Brouhaha

Women and Asthma

China Bails Out Local Governments

Unrest in Kachin - China's Mixed Blessing

What will Washington give to get Japan into the TPP?

Indonesia Trade Law Worries Multinationals

The Sulu Sultanate Quarrel and Wider Implications

The Last of the Old Irrawaddy Flotilla

TB In Children: An Avoidable Problem

The Effect on Asia of a US-EU FTA

China Mulls Restructuring

Southern Thai Bombings Disrupt Peace Process

Southern Thai Bombings Disrupt Peace Process

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China's New Leaders Ready to Take Charge

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