Penfolds Re-Corking Clinic Returns to Singapore

Open your cellar, unlock your wine cabinets and bring out those Penfolds wines from your collection! Penfolds winemakers are preparing to embark on a mission to quality check Penfolds wines aged 15 years and older with a Re-corking Clinic to be held in Singapore on May 9, 2013.

After an extremely successfully and packed schedule of appointments for the inaugural Singapore Re-corking Clinic in 2008, Penfolds is bringing back this unique, complimentary after-sales service to collectors in the Lion City. Since 1991, well over 100,000 bottles from collectors around the world have been assessed at Penfolds Re-corking Clinics.

The Clinics provide owners of Penfolds wines a distinctive and intimate wine health examination. Penfolds winemakers visually inspect the wine, assess quality, open and top up if necessary, certify and re-capsule bottles – consultatively and clinically.

More than a health-check for your wine, a clinic appointment also provides a personal opportunity to meet Penfolds winemakers, recount the wine’s ‘story,’ discuss drinking windows, cellaring tips, and much more. It’s also an opportunity to engage firsthand with almost 170 years of continuous winemaking endeavour and history.

At the Clinic, experts from leading wine auction house, Acker Merrall & Condit, will be available to investigate the investment value of prized wine possessions, family heirlooms and drinking investments.

Peter Gago, Penfolds Chief Winemaker said, “We’ve been staging Penfolds Re-corking Clinics across the globe now for more than twenty years. The Clinics are as fresh as it was back in the beginning—no two Clinics have been alike, no two stories the same. We are excited to bring this unique Penfolds experience back to Singapore and help collectors health-check their prized collections.”

Online pre-registration for the May 9 Re-corking Clinic begins on April 1 at:

About Penfolds

Penfolds has been creating an impressive array of wines since 1844 and many would agree undisputedly led the development of Australian fine wine into the modern era. The introduction of Penfolds Grange in 1951 forever changed the landscape of Australian fine wine. Since then a series of standout wines both white and red have been released under the Penfolds masthead.

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