The World Street Food Jamboree - Singapore May 31 to June 9

Feast on these street food masters iconic flavours, from 10 cities worldwide, at the World Street Food Jamboree from 5pm 31st May to 9th June 2013 at F1 Pit Building and Paddock.

Here is sample of some of the food stalls, for full details go to

Denmark - Meyers K'kken is a venture by chef Claus Meyer, co-founder of the restaurant Noma which was voted best restaurant in the world for three consecutive years. The team is featured as one of two street concept showcase stalls (the other being Lion City from Vietnam) serving Meyer's signature Porc Sandwich with succulent juicy roasted pork, fresh apples and a yoghurt mayonnaise and mustard dressing. The organic sandwich bun which is custom made in Singapore to this specifications (a not so secret Meyer?s recipe) will also take the centre stage.

Mexico - At the coast of Ensenada, there is Sabina Bandera Gonzalez and her family dishing out fresh ceviche and salsa. La Guerrerense is recognized by the Newsweek as one of the "101 best places to eat in the world" featured in Travel+Leisure magazine and favourited by many renowned chefs in America and a favourite of CNN's Parts Unknown host Anthony Bourdain. Her Tostada(flat bread made with corn flour), comes juicy with fresh seafood (squid, scallop and crab meat), and top with her homemade salsa.

China - The Hai Nan province in China has some of the best noodle dishes and each of them uniquely differentiates itself from another. One signature of Hai Nan is 海南粉 (Hai Nan Fen), and 海亚 (Hai Ya) is known as the go-to spot for the most authentic Hai Nan Fen. They began as a humble stall by the street of Hai Kou (Hai Nan's capital city) two decades ago, and have worked their way to household name status. This bowl of thin rice noodles is flavoured with a soya-based gravy, top with beef jerky, bean sprouts, preserved mustard greens and crackers for some crunch.

Malaysia - Datuk Kenny Chan of The Big Nyonya Cafe from Malacca is a famous personality in Malaysia and Singapore. He specialises in Peranakan cuisine, which he used to hawk in the streets as a kid, and now offering it at the Jamboree. His Nasi Ulam is a Nyonya dish of steamed rice hand tossed with finely shredded herbs, spice paste, pounded toasted coconut, shredded Spanish Mackerel, and top with juicy prawns and a light seafood sauce with a stunning, all important sambal belacan. It also comes with Chendol, a shaved iced dessert with palm sugar (Gula Melaka) and coconut milk). This unique Southeast Asian traditional dessert is also textured with pandan-flavoured mung bean flour jelly (chendol), sweet stewed red beans.

India - Bhaskar Mysore runs a mobile kiosk in Karnataka, India. He is also the leader of street vendors in the area and working closely with National Association of Street Vendors of India (NASVI). Bhaskar will be serving Indian style garlic chicken served with tangy and fragrant tamarind rice. The rice which is peppered with herbs and spices is traditionally an elite food in India, but Mysore made it affordable and has been serving for over 24 years now. Another option, besides the tamarind rice, is Shavige, soft rice vermicelli that will melt in your mouth as you munch in.

Indonesia - After years of restaurant stints in Malaysia and Jakarta, Afdal Fitra decided to set up a humble stall, Nasi Kapau Rang Agam, at his hometown, Nagari Kapau, where the people are known for their pride and appreciation for food. Nasi Kapau is the spicier and lesser known cousin of Nasi Padang. Every plate of rice features Rendang (dry-braised and caramelized curry beef with lemongrass and coconut milk), Dendeng Lado Merah (smoked beef jerky with spicy red chillies), Sambal Lado Mudo (green chilli paste with salted fish and eggplant) and Gulai Cubadak (jackfruit stew with mild curry sauce). It is fiery, yet easy on the palate, uber authentic and simply addictive.

Singapore - Wee Nam Kee has been a Singapore Chicken Rice icon for decades, popular with both locals and foreigners. It's Singapore's national dish and many just have to eat it every so often without much thought to it. Huge poached chickens, eventually dunked in an ice bed, are chopped and served atop an intensely flavourful, glistening but nary greasy chicken-oil-flavoured rice. It is complemented with a spicy and potent garlic chilli sauce. They also serve roasted chicken if you would like something crisp and smoky.

Thailand - In the middle of bustling Thong Lor Street in Bangkok, there is Mr Niphone Ittimonchai's 40-year-old gem - Hoy Tord Chao Lay, who is a food media darling in Thailand. His Hoy Tordis an ultra-crispy and dough and egg pancake done over a teppanyaki stove top. It has a rich body and texture, and done with freshly seared sprouts, juicy mussels, oysters, prawns and squid. Everything is made with his secret recipe, including the sweet, spicy and tangy chilli sauce that gives the dish extra oomph!