An Adapted French Song by FH

The French version

lyrics were adapted from the English by Hardy herself and have a sad, realist,

almost fatalistic ring with a romantic hue, while the original English lyrics

are more like a dreamer’s plain prose. Probably unfair to the original title

composer and lyrics writer, the French song seems to have an unmistaken “Francoise

Hardy” signature to it.


for “Soleil” (“The Sun”) (Adapted by Francoise Hardy):-

Et c'était lui le soleil

Qui faisait nos réveils

Chaque matin

Et la mer était belle

Et nous courrions vers elle

Main dans la main

Et puis nous marchions sur la plage

Tu cherchais des coquillages

Comme un enfant

Les mettant à ton oreille

Pour entendre je me rappelle

L'océan dedans


Soleil je t'aime

Et pour toujours

Tu es fidèle

Mais l'amour

N'est pas souvent comme toi


Tu avais toujours si faim

Les fruits mûrs et le vin

Etaient pour toi

Tu me grondais quelques


Lorsque je ne mangeais pas

Ce n'était rien

Et l'eau s'allongeait sur le sable

Nos rêves étaient semblables

Je me souviens

Nous parlions de la maison

Des enfants que nous aurions

Et nous étions bien


Et c'est toujours lui le soleil

Qui fera mes réveils

Chaque matin

Soleil d'hiver ou d'été

Il voit les amours passer

Et les chagrins

Combien faudra-t-il de plage

Combien d'autres visages

Pour comme toi

Oublier la maison

Et l'enfant aux cheveux


Que nous n'avons pas




English Translation of the Lyrics:-

And it was the sun

That used to wake us up

Every morning;

And the sea was


And we would run towards


Hand in Hand.

And then we would stroll

on the beach;

You would look around

for seashells,

Like a child,

Putting them to your

ears, I recall,

To listen to the ocean



I love you, my sun,

And for always,

You are faithful.

But love is often not like you,



you were always so hungry;

The ripe fruit and the


These were brought for


You would sometimes


When I was not eating;

It didn’t matter.

And the sea washed over

the sand,

Our dreams used to be

the same,

As I remember it.

We would talk about the


The babies that we would


And we were happy.


And it’s still always

the sun

That will wake me

Every morning.

The sun in winter or in summer,

It watches lovers go by,

And the sorrows too.

How many more beaches,

How many other faces must I see

Before I can, like you,

Forget about the house

And the blond-haired


That we won’t be having?