Good Bye 2013… Hello 2014

Here we in Kyneton, Victoria, Australia, an hour north of Melbourne where we are enjoying the late afternoon sun at our friends country property. It’s been a gorgeously sunny day with the temperature around 28 degrees but there’s a wonderful cool breeze and we are thankful that it is not as hot as it normally is, getting up to the high 30s and early 4os in these parts.

It’s been a lazy day, recovering from last night’s dinner party and a little too much 2008 Prince Albert Pinot Noir from Geelong, damn good wine…and the cigar slowed me up a bit as well.

It was good to catch up with Chef Michael Flouch, who has a restaurant in Kyneton (Flouch’s) and had taken a few days off and dined with us last night. It’s well worth coming up to Kyneton for an overnight stay and dinner at Flouch’s if you like French inspired food and Flouch is one of those rare classically trained ‘old school’ Chefs who does not cut any corners and is at the top of his game.

We are now gearing up for another feast, the BBQ primed and some local lamb about to be cooked…more pinot, well that’s after we have dealt to a selection of Champagne Rose’s.

I won’t be writing a retrospective of the year’s drinking at this point, as regular readers know I do this in conjunction with the Chinese New Year and Lunar Calendar, however in the Gregorian spirit, my New Year’s resolution is to drink more pinot!

Wishing you all the very best for 2014

The Wandering Palate