Sitemap - 2011 - Asia Sentinel

Minority shareholder sues SC

Yudhoyono's Annus Horribilis

The Tragedy of Nepal's Badi Women

Asian Markets: Watch the Second Half of 2012

French Hypocrisy

A Global Consensus to Rise and Occupy

How Long Can the Kim Dynasty Last?

Pol Pot's Abandoned Airport

Asia's Year in Words

Must-Have Wine: Monte Antico 2007

Euro appetite

Rifts Appearing in Malaysia's Islamic Party

Burma's Zarganar Off to the US

Dining at Changi Airport

South Africa's Dalai Lama Visa Denial In Court

Thailand and "Sufficiency Royalism"

Hong Kong and the Controversial Security Bill

Wukan: China's Rebel Village

US Playing a Dangerous Asia-Pacific Game?

South Korea's Options

Inside North Korea - the human dimension

10 funniest Kim Jong-Il pix

What a difference a day makes, 24 little hours...

What's Next After the Dear Leader's Gone?

When Hong Kong Tops the World...

The Annual Toll on Journalists

Ending HIV Transmission to Children

Book Selection for the Gourmand

The Endgame in Manila

Opinion: Can Vietnam Change?

Book Review: The Wandering Palate Cookbook of the Year

Hard Landing Coming for China?

Taib-Linked Group Faces Tasmanian Protests

Thailand's Da Torpedo Sentenced

Taiwanese Election Looms

India to Buy Uranium from Australia

India Makes CBM Progress

Malaysia's Mahathir Defends Sarawak Chieftain

BlackBerry's Indonesian Problems

Severe Water Shortage in Bangladesh

Withdrawal of complaints with SC & BM

Wines for the Christmas Table

Curtis Cooks a Turkey

Philippine Constitutional Crisis Turns Messy

Is India still Credible?

They changed my script!

Xayaburi Dam Stopped for Now

Osaka's Bombshell Mayoral Vote

Staying Alive with the Khmer Rouge

Tony Fernandes and AirAsia: too much controversy?

Thailand's New Academic Victim

Opinion: Vietnam's Democratic Future

Voltaire's Fight Against Dogma

Burma's Long War With its Ethnic Minorities

Nazaruddin's Jakarta Court Bombshells

Fear of a Return of the Taliban

Urgent Pakistani-US Reset Needed

SC: 2011 civil actions

Canada's Timid Foreign Policy

Thailand's Lese-Majeste Witchhunt

Julian Assange Talks

Women now earn more!

The Dubious Trial of Anwar Ibrahim

ADB Forecast Sees Rising Asian Risk

Olympus's Traitor or Hero?

Burma in the US-China Great Game

Family Trees

Crucial Meeting Tomorrow on Laos's Xayaburi Dam

Google puts spies out of work

Stock options and bonuses to entice SP Setia?s top staff

Bougainville's Dormant Copper Mine

Sarawak Chief Minister's Vast Holdings Revealed

The Lucky Country's Luck Running Out?

Where every bride has a gun

India, Inc Trains Its Eyes Abroad

Vietnam's Problems, Promises

The Loneliest Woman in Asia?

Can Asia Lead in the 21st Century?

Is Malaysian corruption up or down?

China's Mengniu Dairy Recovers

Indians, Indonesians Meet in the Art World

South Korea's Baby Mill

Malaysia slips in 2011 Corruption Perceptions Index

China In India's Missile Range

Politically Sensitive Indonesian Trial Halts in Chaos

Pakistan's Political Playing Field Shifting?

Malaysia's UMNO Scandals

Hong Kong's Non-Election

Japan Strengthens its Southern Flank

Indonesia's Bakrie Sees His Chance

The GOP and Foreign Policy in Asia

Are SC's administrative actions a real deterrent?

The Rich Get Richer Off the Backs of the Poor

Euromonia Infects Australia

A Sommelier's Great Singaporean Restaurant

The Scandal of India's Human Rights

Get your Facebook pages published!

Harsh words regarding Mayban Trustee & KAF Discounts

Malaysia's Civil Liberties Vow Under Fire

A Teacher Finds Movie Stardom in South Korea

Khmer Rouge leaders face their accusers

Politics, Romance Intertwine in Indonesia

Murder and the Press

Can the Monster be Caged?

China's Foreign Policy Bulldozer

Southeast Asia's Disappearing Modernist Theaters

Thailand's Government Staggers

Six funniest pepper-spray pix

Reading the paper on the Macau ferry

Jailbait squad nabs 10 guys

Obama's Successful Asia Offensive

Asean's Growing Integration

Hong Kong's Lackluster Leadership Race

Landmark case against Mayban Trustee and Kaf Discounts

Deforestation Threatens Burma's Breadbasket

South China Sea Making Space for Two Elephants

Restaurant Review: Truffle Dumplings at Din Tai Fung

Must-Have Wine - Birthday Beaujolais

More Daylight between China and Burma

Do Women in Power Act Differently From Men?

India Hot On Solar Power

Aquino vs. Arroyo: It's personal

The resilience of "APTO" demands an active US participation

Scientists Find Magic Rock!

AP Land shareholders okay sale of assets, liabilities to Low Yat

Chinese Armed Patrols on the Mekong

Freeport McMoRan as told by Joseph Conrad

Indonesia's Nazaruddin Case: Dead End?

Diabetes Threat Grows

New Developments regarding Tony Fernandes, AirAsia and MAS

India fighter jet deal countdown

Foreign Workers Welcome, But No Permanent Residents, Please

An Asian Solution for Dismantling the Euro

South Korea's Changing Politics

Boring post, DO NOT READ

Red flag for Tony's Caterham Jet?

Well Done, Mr Singh, aged 100

5 Tales of Calls for Help

If Life Was Run By Windows

Cost of the Thai Floods to Business

Korea's Lucky Sticks, Lucky Day

Seeking Solutions to Health Crises

Must-Have Wine: Maison Pierre-Yves Colin-Morey Saint Aubin Le Banc 2008

Feed Them Lots of Fun - Chin Chin, Melbourne

Gay Rally Banned in Malaysia

Asia's 'Tectonic' Population and Health Challenges

Scandal-scarred Asian Games Underway

Malaysia's low GINI score

AP Land, unfair but reasonable?

Burma Completes a Year of "Democracy"

Xayaburi Dam Approval Sought

Australia's Indefinite Detention under Scrutiny

The Competition Between Tigers

The elusive Chinese Consumer

Look East, America

India Raises its Game vs. China

Surviving the Flood in Bangkok

Race and Hong Kong

Worrisome words from the Khazanah MD

Asia Had Better Go Green

Trade Slowly Erodes Global Poverty

India's Fastest Woman

Singapore's Best Restaurant Blends East, Middle East

The Olympus Shokku

Burma's Newly Opened Internet Slows to a Crawl

Permanent Jobs Disappear from South Korea

Philippine President Aquino's Dilemma

India's Southern Neighbors Come Calling

How the iPod ate the world

Seoul Mayor's Election: Grenade in the Blue House Bunker

Qantas's Short Hop

Meth Behind Chinese Mekong Deaths?

Gifts, Graft and the Press

TB Vaccines Closer to Reality

India's Splendid F1 Race

Former Transmile directors sentenced to jail and fined

Brain Drain in Burmese Refugee Camps

India's Congress Party and Corruption

Singapore's Failed Occupation

The Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong - Enjoying the Urban Jungle

Must-Have Wine: Sauv Blanc

Islamic Cleric's Sentence Cut in Jakarta

India Running Short of Power

The Case of the Missing Songbird

India's Rising Nuclear Safety Concerns

Belated Farewell to My Beloved Cousin

Floods Threaten Global Trade Hub

A Marshall Plan for South Asia

EGM of AP Land is adjourned

Sex, Lies and Malaysian Politics

China's Blood Drought

Malaysia Plan to Deport Burmese Runs Into Flak

Malaysia's debt climbs to RM 407 billion on the back of massive spending spree

Looking for Love in Other Countries

A Crucial Approach to Public Health

The Trouble Brewing Inside Tibet

Steve Jobs reincarnated in Asia

Girls' Generation and the New Korean Wave

Thai Floods' Political Damage

Must-Have Wine: Austrian Pinot Noir

Favorite Chicken Rice in Singapore

US Falls Behind in Global Race for Talent

Thailand's Yellow Shirt Leader Says He's Broke

Can India Stamp Out Polio?

Rewriting the Rules for Asia-Pacific Trade

A salute to the Chinese retailer

Indonesia's Games Mess

South Koreans Grow Impatient Over Corruption

India and the Digital Divide

Towards nationalisation and international irrelevance? (2)

That Iranian Plot to kill the Saudi Ambassador

Taiwanese Frigate Scandal Resurfaces

Terrorists and Rogue Traders

Live from Occupy Wall St in Asia

Towards nationalisation and international irrelevance?

Japan overrun by "girly guys"

Probe on AirAsia, MAS share price trends

Suscribe to Asia Sentinel

How About 'Occupy Hong Kong?'

Laos' Road to Nowhere

PMI: problem solved

Nepalese Women Guides

Book Review: Building Detroit's Best in China

Cote d'Azur, Land of Reveries (2)

No mandatory GO for E&O

The Quandary of India's Maoists

Understanding Mindanao's Communists

Japan in a Post 3/11 World - II

Bhutan "Unhappy" Over Climate Change

The Clogged Philippine Courts

Book Review: A Penetrating Look at the Philippine Supreme Court

Indonesia's Controversial Intelligence Bill

Malaysian Tycoon Embroiled in India Scandal

China's Tortured Century

15th Budget Deficit in a row

How guilt changed my life

Miss Universe Goes Sideways in Indonesia

Japan in a Post 3/11 World

Indonesia's Electorate Smells Graft

Book Review: An Oz chef's culinary biography

Must-Have Wine:Vidal Estate Syrah 2007

Bursa Malaysia reprimands KNM and its 8 directors

BBC wants to drop BC and AD

Taiwan's 'Prayer Animals' Wreak Havoc

Burma's winds of change

Europe's Slow Agricultural Reform

AirAsia & MAS: conflict of interest?

Cote d'Azur, Land of Reveries (1)

Pakistan's Stolen Cultural Heritage

Indonesian Miners Risk Lives for Tin

Lodge complaints!

5 Silliest legal tales this week

Fashionista starts class war

Noose Tightens in French Defense Scandal

Book Review: The Silk King's Disappearance

Can India Take the Lead on TB?

More M&As in PNB?s stable?

Amnesty in Thailand

Hong Kong's Irrational Election Process

Women Appear on India Inc's Radar

Let's have real shareholder activism

More Carbon Credit Income For Nepal

Maybulk: before and after POSH

Hong Kong's War against Domestic Helpers

Right of Abode in Hong Kong

E&O Minority Shareholders grill the Managing Director

Cloud over Sime's E&O stake darkens

Rare Burmese Public Protest Stops Dam

Indonesia's 1960s Coup Victims

The battle between SP Setia & PNB

Finally, some meat in corporate disclosures

The Economics of Wellbeing

No Help from China for the Eurozone

Paris, Mon Amour

Indonesia's SBY Pledges to Save the Forests

Positive Court Ruling for Malaysian Reform NGO

Religiously motivated violence is not religious

10 weirdest headlines ever

Maybulk/POSH: KPMG's "independent" advice

Renuclearizing the Korean Peninsula

Thailand's Rice Mortgage Program

Rare Public Protest in Burma

BRDB calling for open tender

Singapore's Leaky Drugs Enforcement

Tumultuous Week for Asia's Currencies

No BRICS Rescue for the Eurozone

A place women can park men

CD Guide, enforcement, journalists at AGM's, accounting

Clarkson, the valuer who didn't believe his own valuation

Unique events for Bursa Malaysia?

Optimism in AIDS vaccine research

A 'Miracle Rice' that May Not Be

Must-Have Wine: Arlewood La Bratta 2007 - Margaret River, Western Australia

Burma's Asean Solution

Help! My husband knits!

Maybulk/POSH: What happened to the Cash?

East Timor's President Unloads on his Rivals

Muhammad Yunus's New Idea for the Poor


Rare Earth Plant in Malaysia May be Closer to Opening

China Plays Hard Ball on Debt

Development Aid and Human Rights

SC & BM: (perceived) Conflict of Interest?

Thailand's Half-Baked Rice Plan

Asia's Baby Shortage

Burma Needs a Healthy Media

Bandar Raya: another RPT

The Edge: Maybulk/POSH, EPIC, Kretam

Women Protest Rape Remark in Indonesia

Job Cuts and Parties

Overseas Vietnamese call for Reforms in Hanoi

Asia's Women Catching Up

Top pol thought iCloud was in the sky

Bursa: long term returns

Najib and Malaysia's Civil Liberties

Cervical and Breast Cancer: Killers On The Prowl

Understanding the Thai Political Crisis

Book Review: Crackdown on China's Uyghurs

The No Bath protest

The US Turns its Back on the World

China's Dam-builders to the World

A Nepali Woman's Ordeal in Saudi Arabia

Key 9/11 fact is STILL wrong

ADB Cuts Its 2011-2012 Forecasts

A Filipino Beauty's Miss Universe Answer

Airlines to ban babies

Sime Darby's E&O bid poses policy dilemma (3)

Globalization Comes to Paradise

Pessimism on the World Financial Situation

The Knotty Kuril Island Problem

Wikileaks: GLC'S, unraveling the tangled web

Indonesia Smokes Up its Neighbors

Sonia Gandhi's dilemmas

Humans can turn ears off

Lies & Folly: the US After 9/11

Harsh fines for non-executive independent directors?

Sime Darby's E&O bid poses policy dilemma (2)

How a child solved the Middle-East problem

More Trouble for Japan

China's Energy Grab in Burma

Pakistan's Lashkar-e-Taiba and Global Jihad

Sime Darby's E&O bid poses policy dilemma

Aquino's Infrastructure Spending Problems

Vietnam's Forced Labor Camps

MMC, RPT's and its Major Shareholder

Gaddafi's maddest moments

Chinese Shipper Says Do It Our Way

The Great Game in the 'Stans

The Bloody War for Southern Thailand

Deluded Returnees

India's Trade Balance Problems with China

Hong Kong Knuckles Under Again to China

Guys are NOT useless: proof

MUIB and PMCorp: a horrible deal from the past

WikiLeaks' Asian Field Day

Indonesia's Sri Mulyani Cool on Presidential Run?

Do we need an online lie detector?

Brits Retrace Borneo Death March

Thailand Continues to Cool

Hazare spooks Indian Parliament

Oz Court Decision on Refugees Creates a Quandary

The Challenge of Global Overconsumption

A Newspaper War Looms in Hong Kong

Book Review: Jardine's Last Tour

Japan's Political Dysfunction

Did Canadian Firm Snitch over Lese-Majeste Charges?

The Menace of HIV in Asia

Yingluck's Misguided Rice Policy

Leadership with Chinese Characteristics

Brave New Singapore

Smoking ad in Indonesia Condemned

Stiff Philippine Libel Law Used Against Journalist

Than Shwe Consolidating Hold on Burma's Military?

Malaysia's Slowing Performance

China's COSCO Stiffs its Customers

Chinese Firms Win Indian Power Contracts

Anna Hazare Galvanizes India

When the Going Gets Tough in the Philippines...

Did Malaysia's Anwar Say too Much?

Su Shi's Nian Nu Jiao - Reminiscing Red Cliffs

Anwar Angrily Denies Guilt in Malaysian Courtroom

Indonesia's Nazaruddin Mess

Biden's China Visit: Supplicant to Beijing?

The Two Koreas' Long Slog over Nuclear Weapons

Philippines President's Legislative Package Stalling

Felton Road Bannockburn Chardonnay 2009 & 2010

Asian Women and Politics: The Family Connection

The Politics of Credit Rating Agencies

India in China's Backyard: Part II

A Rare Contentious Election in Singapore

Global Food Crisis Fears Abate

China: High Stakes on Both Sides of the Atlantic

Malaysia's Najib Calls for Electoral Reform

Thailand Set to Cool Off

More Justice Denied in Indonesia

Downgrading the world's rating agencies

Factional Fighting in Burma's Military?

Questions over Nazaruddin's Return to Indonesia

Threat to Philippines Tuna Industry

The Pain of Cage Home Tenants

Malaysian PM's Office Drops Controversial TV Contract

Minimata Then, Fukushima Now

Migrants and Political Instability in Indonesia

Malaysian PR Move Backfires

Bank Bumi Mystery Figure Dies

India's Flying Coffins

Thailand's New Yingluck Cabinet

A Modest Proposal

Tension Grows in Malaysian Religious Controversy

Indonesia's Fugitive Former Treasurer Found?

Climate Change Comes to South Korea

Lese-Majeste Continues in Thailand

Why did Murdoch obsess on Press?

US Precipitates India, Iran Oil Crisis

Japan's New Women

India Enters China's Backyard

Killing the Irrawaddy

Malaysian PM's Wife Draws flak

Sri Mulyani for Indonesia's President?

Yingluck Shinawatra Takes Thailand's Center Stage

The World's Problem with the US's Debt Problem

The End of China's One-Child Policy?

China's Energy Shortages Start to Bite

Diffusion of Hindu and Buddhist Institutions and Values to Southeast Asia and China

Hindu Influence and Southeast Asia

Du Mu's Poem - Red Cliffs

Hong Kong and Anti-Filipino Sentiment

China's Fake Apple Stores Look so Real

Book Review: Searching for Singapore's Porn Star

Likely New Thai Foreign Minister Tipped

Burma's Numerological Nightmare

Indonesia's Verdict of Shame

The Aquino-Arroyo Contest Heats Up

Decoding China's North Korean Policy

Indonesian Mob Leaders Get Away with Murder

Taliban Role In Mumbai Attack

China Comes to Thailand

AirAsia to Stay in Kuala Lumpur

Burma Demands Thais Crack Down on Burmese Refugees

No Iron Rice Bowl for China's Athletes

South Korea's Lady on the Crane

Indonesia's SBY in Trouble

Thaksin Promises He'll Forgive Everybody

Taiwan's Astonishing Abortion Rate

AirAsia Moves Corporate HQ from KL to Jakarta

French Lawyer Detained in Kuala Lumpur

South Korea's Naval Buildup

Indonesia's Trash Island

Malaysian Graft Probers Caused Political Aide's Suicide

Singapore: Murdochian Democracy?

AirAsia Takes Off

A Contrite Rupert Murdoch

Justice in Burma

Thailand's Media and Lese-Majeste

Malaysia's Sub Scandal Resurfaces

China's Thirst for Water

Cambodia Seeks to Rein in the NGOs

China Ignores Own Irrawaddy Dam Study

Murdoch's Long Goodbye

Taiwan Tries to Slow Shark-finning

Shanghai Newspaper Interview - Hong Kong's Public Housing Program

Waterboarding in Thailand

North Korea and the Coming Crisis

Malaysia Bans Books

Tibetan Prelates in US

Indonesia's Pols Spend Little Time Behind Bars

Pyeongchang and the Woman on the Crane

Mongolia: Looking East, Looking West

Resisting Revenge over Bali Bombings

India's Respected Environment Minister Moves On

Wendi Deng's MySpace China Venture

Bush Era Torture Probe Urged

Pajeros for Prelates Flap Weakens Philippine Church

The Bets On Aishwayra Rai

Land Justice League

Inner Mongolia's Ghost Town

Bersih 2.0, Malaysia 0.0

Not Dead Yet: Jiang Eyes Female Aide

China Car Sales Off

South China Sea: A Commons for China Only?

Indonesia's Population Explosion: No Longer an Issue

English Rendition of Two Poems by Su Shi

Malaysian Police Threaten Mass Arrests

Trapped in hell in paradise

P-noy Aquino's First Year

Australia's Refugee Dilemma

India Power Hit by Coal Shortage

Exiled Burmese Groups Await New Thai Policy

Potentially Explosive Malaysian Rally Delayed

Can Yingluck End Thailand's Chaos?

Thailand's Return to Democracy

Saudis Create Chaos For Overseas Workers

The US Surge in Afghanistan Recedes

Thais Take Down a 'Dictatorship'

'Fixing' Homosexuality in Hong Kong

Asia and International Law

Japan's Power Crunch

Hong Kong's Autonomy Crumbles

Bombings Pick up in Burma

Singapore Quiets the South China Sea

A Nonsensical Indonesian Arrest

The Chinese Communist Party's 90th Birthday

China's Baidu Snaps up a Travel Website

Growing Economies, Rising Problems

Vanuatu's Diplomatic Dancing Shoes

Malaysian Arrests Are a Puzzle

Thailand's Electoral Showdown Nears

Kashmir Back On Tourist Map

Seoul's Human Rights Challenge for the North

Sex, Lies and Videotape in Malaysia

Must-Have US Wine: Calera Reed Vineyard Pinot Noir 1997

Sky Battles: Cebu Pacific's Edge

Afghan Women Fear Taliban Talks

China's New Effort to Woo Taiwan

A New Rice Raises Hope in Mozambique

Emerging Economies' Political Leadership Failure

Burma's Fast-Rising Currency

Chinese Women Should Be Re-cultured

Saudis Behead an Indonesian Maid

China's Rare Earth Mining Catastrophe

Australia's Immigration Dilemma

Thais Try to Foil Thaksin Sister's Candidacy

Power in Malaysia Should be Duty, Not a Prize

Chinese Hand in Burma's Civil War?

Student Protests Again Shake Up Seoul

Global Food Price Volatility a Fact of Life

Indonesia Jails Islamic Cleric Bashir

Book Review: BP and the world's biggest oil spill

India's Great Game in Afghanistan

Hong Kong's lackluster Chief Exec Crop

China's Ominous South China Sea Claims

Japan's Lost Year

Lynas Malaysia and the rare earth controversy

Thailand's Specious Conspiracy Map

South Korea's Political Experiment

Malaysia's Anti-Corruption Cops Go After Sarawak Chief Minister

Thailand Lurches Towards an Election

Mainland Tourism to Taiwan to Leap

Escaping the Tax Man in China

An Indonesian Thrush Flies the Coop

Tale of a Golden Buddha

Book Review: Three Who Built Malaysia

Understanding One of Japanese Art's Great Secrets

Iris Chang - A Writer We Should Not Forget

Chinese History And Reality

The Bizarre South Asian Power Game

A Malaysian Political Revolution

North Korea Foxes the South Yet Again

Pakistan and the Danger to Journalists

Terror a New Element in India's Nuke Plans

The Rape of Borneo

China Starts to Encounter Economic Migrants

Aquino Sacks his Prison Chief

Emile Zola - The Noble Writer

A Nepali Woman's Horrific Birth Ordeal

Money Can't Buy Him Love

Ruling Party Scandal Hits Indonesia

Hong Kong's Buffalo Wars

The China Story Darkens

Thaksin Reveals His Ambitions

Land Activists Face Prison in Vietnam

The Diasporas Come Home

Thai Authorities Attack Academic Freedom Abroad

Fukushima and Global Nuclear Safety

Measuring National Happiness

Fugitives Find a Filipino Home

Tommy Suharto's Brazen Libel Verdict

The End-game begins in Afghanistan

Why Do Women in India Become Sex Workers?

Religion Under the Radar in Vietnam

The Naming of Trees in India

Korea's Nuclear Summit

The GOP's Sinophile US Presidential Candidate

Thailand's Politics-Proof Economy

Najib vs. Anwar: Epic Battle

Cambodia's Micro-credit Trap

Another Fairy Tale Wedding ... In Bhutan

Politics Returns to Disaster-struck Japan

Afghan Women after Osama's Death

Bali Loses its Farmers

Lower Food Prices Will Help Asia's Poor

Is This the China that Can't?

Burma Increases Repression

Global Hotel Chains Look to the Indian Market

WikiLeaks and the Altantuya Murder

Malaysian Judge says Anwar Must Put on a Defense

"The Kill" by Emile Zola

Indonesia's Blank Screens

Taiwan Deferring US Weapons Payments?

Thailand and the Royalty*

Swiss Bank Powers to Probe Taib Holdings

Rallying to the call of hope

Indonesia's Judicial Flying Circus

An UMNO-owned Newspaper Inflames Malaysia

Getting Sexy in China

WTO Doha Round: Do or Die

Analyzing the Singapore Election

Thai Lese-Majeste Claims Another Victim

Bigger Troubles for Indian Micro Credit

Handicapping the IMF Head

The Ease of Sleaze in Hong Kong

The Fight Over San Miguel Shares

Pakistan's Thar Desert Coal Deposits

Two Chinese journalists missing, feared detained

A Future Scenario for Asia

Thailand's Political High Wire

Cyclone Nargis Continues to Devastate Burma

Murder is Still Murder

The Future of US-Pakistan relations post-bin Laden

Southeast Asia's Post-Osama Security Concerns

China Invests Overseas

Bush's Unnecessary Wars

Obama's New Security Team


Twisted Values and Creativity

The Legend of Kim Jong-un

North Korea Facing a New Crisis?

Another kind of Chinese History

China's Shiny New History

India Rejects, US, Russia on $11bn fighter contract

Amnesty International's Asia Squabble

Somali Pirates Target India Seafarers

South Korea's Food Security Alarm

The Scourge of Plagiarism in China

China's New Lei Feng

Horrific Brutality in Kashmir

Nuclear Energy Roils Indian Politics

Limits of Chinese Power in Southeast Asia

A Pakistani Husband's Agony

Singapore Election Upset?

Taiwan elections might cause heaven to fall

Grim Report on Food From the ADB

Malaysian Prosecutor: DNA was Anwar's

Hanging Mules in Singapore

Hong Kong's Too-Cozy Government Relationships

Singapore debates the PAP's future

The Thai Military's Latest Sortie Complains China Shut it Down

Damming the Mekong River

Chinese Companies Skirt Filipino Mining Laws

Burma Goes on a Charm Offensive

Echoes of the Killing Fields

Troubled Firm to Spearhead Malaysian Email Project

A Poignant Bit of French History

Hot Money Flows Again in Asia

Starting a Food Revolution

The Sinking of the Taj Mahal

Numbers Oddity in S'pore

Japan's Rites of Spring Resume

Sanctions for Malaysian Press Union Boss

Hong Kong Builds a Bubble

The Malaysian Murder that Won't Go Away

Ai Weiwei and the 'World of Madness'

Indonesia Delaying Deforestation Ban

Taiwan's Statistical Dodge

Singapore Death Book Has a Sympathetic Hearing

How Bad Are Things in Cambodia?

Singapore: Buying Good Press

Indonesian Lawmaker Crashes Over Porn Download

Who Got Swindled at Citibank Indonesia?

Ecotourism? Don't Try China

India's Tata Succession Struggle

China's Bubble Economy

Japan: Relevant Again

Malaysia's Fading Opposition

Washington Stalls on Refitting Taiwan's Air Force

Malaysia's Carelessness over WMD

Appalling Suicide Rate in Kashmir Valley

The Spectre of Inflation in Asia

A Modest Proposal for China

The Hermit of Peking

The Death of an Empress

Hong Kong Squanders a Valuable Asset

Thailand in Market for German Subs

Polls Loom in Singapore

Hail to the Sakura Spirit!

Twin Nightmares for Citibank Indonesia

Grameen After Yunus

The Look of Burma's New Government

The Look of Burma's New Government

If Samuel Beckett met Pol Pot.

Must-Have Wine: Best of the 2010 Lunar Drinking Year

S'pore: the Maid, the Pack and the Soldier

As India beats Pakistan at cricket..

The Pakistani Side of the Great Cricket Game

India, Pakistan cricket clash

China Executes Filipino Drug Mules

Trout Fishing in Korea

WikiLeaks Depicts a Weak Thai King

Beijing Leans on Nepal over Tibetan Refugees

Just A Life Episode

Cambodia's Disabled Fight Poverty, Inequality

Radiation and You

Rating the Indian Investment Climate

Iran's Asian Fleet Hits Sanctions Wall

Book Review: A Battling Former Prime Minister's Story

Hero's Burial for Marcos?

Asians March Into Africa

The Roots of Fukushima

Gloria Loses an Ally In the Philippines

Anwar Handed a Court Setback

Indonesia's Yudhoyono in the Cross Hairs

Indonesia's Yudhoyono in the Cross Hairs

Bumpy Track for China's High-Speed Rail?

Quake Makes Japan a Temporary Third World

Anwar in Another Malaysian Sex Video?

China's Missile Guessing Game

More Nukes for China?

A Bellwether Election in Malaysia

Micro Credit, Macro Trouble for Yunus

Asians March Into Africa

Offshoring No Longer on the US Agenda?

Tsunami Detection Improves

Can we Sleep Our Troubles Away?

Madrasah Reform in Pakistan

Book Bombs In Indonesia

Another Lese Majeste Case in Thailand

India's Catastrophic Nuclear Plans

Singapore's Speaker's Corner Shut Down for Polls

Hackers Try to Mess Up Burmese Opposition Website

Japan's Nuclear Lessons for Thailand

Indonesia's Shiites Fear They're Next

Testing times for Tibetans

The Unfortunate Prosecution of Anwar Ibrahim

Furious Indonesian Response to WikiLeak Cables

Poverty Drives Pakistani Women to Prostitution

The Wandering Palate's Wine Purveyor

China's Mata Hari

China's Mata Hari

Explosive WikiLeaks Cables Nail Yudhoyono

Unexplained Deaths in Thailand

Models in Asia

Burma's Highway of Death

Seeking a Common Front Against China

Don't Look for Jasmine in China

Gloria Arroyo Ally May be Out in Philippines

Feminism as an Anti-Oppression Cause

Score One for Anwar

Does Malaysia's Governing Coalition Regain Momentum?

China's Smoking Problem

Than Shwe and the Cash Register

Taiwan Resumes Executions

Tactical Nukes for South Korea?

Reinventing Technical Painting Techniques

Bali's Night of Demons

The South China Morning Post's Revolving Door Revolves Again

Confucius on the Campus

North Africa and Asia

Book Review: A Journey that is a Destination

Blackberry's Battle with India Goes On

World Cup Cricket Gambling in India

Sticky Questions in Malaysia's Port Scandal

Australia Worried China Buying Up Resources

Burma's Facebook Revolution

Could Asean Drift Apart?

Starlet and Tycoon

The Rebirth of Japan Inc.

A Veteran Journalist's View of Today's World

Politics and Football in Indonesia

Book Review: the Buddha's Multiple Lives

Taiwan-Phils Spat Ensnares Overseas Workers

WikiLeaks Fears Over Chinese Nukes

Happiness and Bhutan

HIV Sufferers and Discrimination

Maoists Make India Kneel Again

Hong Kong's Budget Bureaucrats

Must-Have Wine: The Best Beaujolais in a Generation

Burma's 15-Minute Parliament

Indonesian Official Seeks to Muzzle the Press

Filipino Workers Overseas and Trouble

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