English Rendition of Two Poems by Su Shi

Translation of Su Shi’s (蘇軾) poem “Plum Blossoms Poem” (“梅花詩”):-

春來幽谷水潺潺 ,的皪梅花草棘間。

一夜東風吹石裂 ,半隨飛雪渡關山。

My English rendition:-

Chanting spring creek through the hushed valley fares;

In bushes of thorn, plum blossoms in glittering glam they share.

One night an east gale surged, with stone-shattering force;

Half the petals, with blowing snow, o’er the border they dared.

Translation of Su Shi’s (蘇軾) poem “An Impromptu Poem on a Xilin Wall” (“題西林壁”):-

橫看成嶺側成峰, 遠近高低各不同。

不識廬山真面目, 祗緣身在此山中。

My English rendition:-

These Lushan mountains often fool our eyes,

Rolling range one minute, towering crest the next.

Their true portrait from all people hides,

‘Cos they happen to be on the inside.

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