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3 eyebrow-raising news items about pets treated as children

Miss Universe: Western Mom or Dad Needed

Opium and the Disconnect Between Farmers and Users

Myanmar Suspects Convicted of Thailand Backpacker Murders in Flawed Trial

Opinion: Malaysia Must Not Create ‘Christianophobia’

Chinese e-Retailer Alibaba Still on US Trade Rep’s Watchlist

Questions Linger over Singapore’s Hepatitis C Outbreak

Indonesia’s Transport Ban Shows President’s Inability to Control Ministers

The Recipe For Chinese Family Business Failures

Buddhist Extremism Loses Out in Myanmar Vote

More Mystery Surrounds Malaysian Prosecutor’s Murder

Thailand Looks Vainly for a Magic Finance Minister

Is Vietnam on the cusp of change?

Under Fire, Vietnam's Dung Fires Back

Davao and the President the Philippines Might Get

Can the Asean Economic Community Get Off the Ground?

China and India Lag on Health Care

Indonesia House Speaker’s Resignation Leaves Many Questions

Malaysia’s Chinese Dilemma

Classical and modern art both hit new records in Mumbai auctions

Park Statue Scandal Puts Thai Junta on Defense

Jakarta Globe Says Goodnight Indonesia

World Bank Counts Cost of Indonesian Haze Crisis

Anti-Najib Forces Planning ‘Guerrilla War’

US Global Business Must Speak Out Against Trump

Modi Makes Progress With Japan, Pakistan

Alibaba Buys HK's SCMP to Counter ‘Western Bias’

The end of the line for Japanese influence in Indonesia

Investment Firm Runs into Three-Card Monte in Indonesia

Why a Death Squad Apologist Appeals to Filipinos

Top Thai Investigator in Rohingya Case Runs for his Life

Vulnerable Countries Demand More Stringent Greenhouse Cuts

America’s Spy System: Why didn’t it work?

An ‘Idea Economy’ for Malaysia

A Tour Around Asian Stock Markets

Laos’s Threat to the Mekong River

Singapore Ups Commitment to Host US Military Facilities

Jokowi Breaks Silence on Indonesia Bribe Scandal

Activists beaten, robbed by paramilitaries in Vietnam

Najib Seeks to Keep Lid on Conflict at AGM

Myanmar Political Transition a Dilemma for China

Climate Finance: Make or Break in Paris Deal

Foes of Indonesian Mine Deal Threaten Joko Presidency

Vietnam Heads for Paris with Dirty Hands

Khmer Rouge vs. Islamic State (IS) – which is more evil?

Malaysia’s PM About to Join a New Club – Despots

Taiwan: Political Predicament for the KMT, Dilemma for the DPP

China Acts on Climate Change

Philippines Leads Coalition of Climate-Vulnerable Countries

Hong Kong Prudence Down the Toilet

Thai Junta Shuts Public’s Ears to Bad News

US Marine Guilty in Politically Sensitive Philippine Murder Case

Malaysia Vainly Seeks to Keep Lid on Scandal

No Picnic for Suu Kyi on Ethnic Reconciliation

4 examples of knee-jerk reactions

Embattled Cartoonist Zunar Wins Freedom Award

In Micronesia, China Upsets Obama’s Asia Tilt

Myanmar Army Tries to Pick a Fight

Opinion: Civil Liberties in Vietnam: Half-Full Glass

Central Otago Pinot Noir Celebration 2016 (Jan 28-30)

E. Guigal – Cotes du Rhone 2011

Slain Malaysian Prosecutor Tied to Najib Probe

Statutory Declaration of Charles Morais

Gauging the ISIS Threat in Indonesia

Russia Attempts to Play Catch-up with US, China Trade Blocs

Food prices rise sharply after fighting disrupts Afghan harvest

Will China Save Malaysia’s PM?

Rights Groups Fight for Singapore Murder Reversal

South Korea and the Trans-Pacific Partnership

Obama to Najib: Release Anwar

Thai Military: Do as We Say, Not as We Do

Gun-Toting Davao Mayor Jumps Into Philippine Elections

Could Malaysia’s Najib Pull Off a Snap Election?

Indonesia Bribe Scandal Tests Jokowi’s Reform Plans

Opinion: Chinese Filipino Tycoon Kowtows to Beijing

Patents Stymie India’s Push to bring Solar Electricity to Rural Areas

TPP May Not Help Rights Activists in Vietnam

Domestic Politics Impel Malaysia into South China Sea Squabble

Hong Kong-China Hostility Now Extends to FIFA

Opaque Migration Report Leaves Big Gaps in Information

Going Viral in Cambodian Cyberspace

Malaysia’s Shambolic Opposition

Indonesian Politician Caught on Tape Shaking Down Freeport Mine

Manila Cleans up for APEC

1MDB May Have Violated US Election Laws

The Great Kingfisher Controversy

Modi and Cameron Woo Overseas Indians

Kidnapped HK Publishers an Alarming Threat to Free Speech

Myanmar: The President and the Proxy

Modi Tries to Revamp Battered Image in Blighty

Social Crisis in Malaysia’s Rural Heartlands

China’s 3Q Numbers Confirm Switch to Consumer-Led Economy

Indonesia's Bank Century Mess Goes Global

Opponents of Thai Crown Prince Throw in the Royal Towel

10 Daddy and child conversations

A CIA Scandal Resurfaces in a Small US Town

Opinion: Rich Countries Must Pay for Climate Devastation

Singapore Healthcare System Delayed Reporting Virus Outbreak

Malaysian Police Raid Independent Website

‘Invisible Filipinos’ Face Renewed Violence

Divisive Politics Catch Up with Modi and the BJP in India

Galapagos Marine Reserve Threatened by Hunger for Shark’s Fin

Vietnam Must Reassess South China Sea Strategy

Xi-Ma Meeting to Bolster China's Territorial Claims

Myanmar’s Least-Wanted Political Party

Obama Dilemma: How to Treat Malaysia’s Pariah PM

Thailand’s Crown Prince Starts Another Purge

TPP Trade Deal a Long Way Off for Indonesia

India Throws Out the Baby with the Bathwater

The Return of ‘Dirty Harry’

Strong Climate Pact Crucial for Asia

Alleged Mastermind in Malaysian Banker’s Murder Arrested then Freed

Modi’s Revolution Faces a Crisis in India’s Poorest State

Noynoy Aquino’s Moment in the Sun: APEC in Manila

Double Blow for China in the South China Sea

China's 1-Child Policy Repeal Won't Matter

Opinion: Don’t Expect KL’s Press to Deliver a Malaysiagate

Indonesia’s Haze Disaster Could Trigger Reform

UMNO May Restart Delayed Putsch of Disloyal Chieftains

China Picks Up the Pace on Electric Cars

Asia’s Megacities to Become Mega-Mega Cities

India Joins China to Compete for Myanmar Energy

S. Korea’s Chaotic, Corrupt Defense Policy Driven by Fear

Retraction and Apology

Human Rights Watch Says Malaysia Creates ‘Climate of Fear’

Hong Kong Tourism Industry Under Siege

Malaysia's Educational Genocide

Sri Lanka’s Rajapaksa Headed for War Crimes Tribunal?

Bonn Climate Protesters Take After Japan

Bali Writer’s Gabfest Forced to Drop 1965 Bloodletting Panels

TPP Needs to Mesh With Sustainable Development Goals

Go-Jek, the Poor Man’s Uber in Jakarta

Malaysia’s Broken Biotech Dreams

Myanmar’s Aung San Suu Kyi Faces Uncertainty in November Polls

Bonn Climate Negotiators Lock out NGOs

Greenpeace Outraged Over Thai Tuna Fleet

Sacred Cows Undermine Modi’s Image of India

Some Japanese Manufacturers Exit China

Climate Talks Begin in Bonn as Typhoon hits Philippines

Taiwan’s LGBT Film Festival Underway This Week

Robert Parker Wine Advocate Matter of Taste - San Francisco Nov 14

Robert Parker The Wine Advocate Matter of Taste - Craggy Range Wine Dinner at Miele Gallery with Chef Christopher Millar, Singapore, Sat 31 Oct

Malaysian Rapper Namewee Pulls in Horns for HK Concert

Philippine Free-For-All Begins for Presidency

Malaysian Opposition Long Shot to Topple PM

Indonesia’s President Seeks to Change the Narrative on US Trip

World’s Fisheries Headed for Crisis

Vietnam Eyes Greater International Integration

Malaysian PM’s TPP Stance Could Backfire Domestically

India vs. Mother Teresa’s Orphanages

Possible Wriggle Room on South China Sea Claims

Malaysia’s Past Damns its Future

Switch to China on Indonesian Rail Line Angers Japanese

China’s New Foreign Policy Target: South Caucasus

India Pioneer Artist Gets her Due

Singapore PM Lee Warns Yale-NUS Alliance: This isn’t New Haven

Trouble Ahead for Hong Kong

Opinion: Exclude Energy Companies from Climate Talks


Malaysia Race Tension a Move to Detract from PM’s Troubles?

Malaysia's Central Bank Defies AG, says there's a 1MDB Case

US Mining Giant’s Extension a Victory for Indonesia’s President

The Dismal State of Malaysian Agriculture

Jakarta Tries to Soothe Angry Multinationals on Visas

No Easy US-China Cyber Security Solutions

Malaysia’s Najib Rebuffs Elite Pleas to Step Down


Bitcoin: Unlikely Currency Medium for Aid NGOs

Lee’s Shadow Fades From Singapore

Taiwanese Election: Referendum on the Mainland

Cambodia Holiday Policy Hampers Competiveness

Xi Visit: Little Impact on Sino-US Relations

Mister Widodo Goes to Washington

UN Seeks More Accountability For Sri Lankan Civil War

Malaysia Stumbles Toward Fiscal Crisis

Armenia: China’s Link to Get to Europe

Filipino Army Turning a Blind Eye to Murder?

Action on HK University Post Shows Beijing's Hand Again

Beijing Comes Down Again on Hong Kong

Modi, Corbyn, Kejriwal, Trump: Voters Search For Something New

Fallout from China Envoy’s Kuala Lumpur Walkabout

Indonesia's Forgotten Genocide

10 reasons why the death of the comma is a disaster

Is China Trying to Rig HK District Council Races?

Myanmar Breaks Pledge to Free Political Prisoners

China and India: Not So Different

China’s Ambassador Tells Malaysia to Stop the Racism

US Dominates India’s Arms Bazaar

Cambodia’s Quest for Effective Leadership

Is ASEAN Losing Its Way?

Is Indonesia's Economy Bouncing Back?

Threat Rises of Another Viet-China War

Northeast India Faces Floods of Migrants

UN Again Ignores Population Growth

China Ups the Pressure to Undermine Hong Kong

Can Malaysia’s PM Pull Off a Trip to the UN?

Love Knows no Boundaries

Kuala Lumpur Courts Hand PM Najib Dual Setbacks

China Cuts Coal Use Dramatically

Art Becomes a Commodity


Auction Record For Indian Painting

Antibiotics Overuse Means Superbugs are On the March

Half-Century Later, CIA Releases Indonesia Briefing Documents

Glimmer of Hope for Myanmar’s Ethnic Conflicts?

Shinzo Abe Gets Fresh Wind in his Sails

Obama’s Got a Najib Problem

Indonesia Moves Against Fires

Crunch Time for Climate Change Set for Paris

Politics: All in the Family in the Philippines

Singapore’s PAP Surprises Itself

Malaysia Acts to Save its Markets from Crisis


Following the leaders in Vietnam

Malaysia’s Najib Books Flights Abroad Despite Crisis

Academic World Ignores Southeast Asia to its Peril

Indonesia's Red Tape Cleanup: Wait and See

Yet Another Ignored Scourge

Filipinos Trapped in Their Own Country

Goldman’s Role in the 1MDB Controversy

Opinion: Hope for Slowing Climate Change in Paris

Update on Bhutan’s Quest For Happiness

Hate your leader? Start your own enclave

Malaysia's UMNO-owned Mouthpiece Attacks 1MDB Critic

Hong Kong Airport Expansion Threatens Endangered Porpoises

An Eyewitness to Global Refugee Crises

Sri Lanka’s Former President Still a Threat

Myanmar Dares the World’s Next Mass Atrocity

Indonesia’s Jokowi Wakes Up to Reform

Malaysia’s PM Najib Rumored Ordering Another Putsch

Politics, not Elections, will Change Singapore

China Rewrites Southeast Asia’s WWII History for the Big Parade

“Loss and Damage:” Climate Change’s Latest Byword

Thailand’s New Charter: Soldier’s Dream, Civilian Nightmare

Trickle-Down Economics Doesn’t Work

Ireland Opens Hong Kong Consulate

Opinion: No Indonesian Welcome Mat for the IMF

Indonesia’s Next Target: Condoms

Arrest me now, I am carrying a bad drawing

Massive Rally Won’t Dislodge Malaysia's PM

Jokowi Slaps Down Minister on Press Freedom Threat

Opinion: A Call for Democratic Reform in Malaysia

Singapore’s Bipolar Human Rights Lawyer Faces Disbarment

Little Hope for India-Pakistan Détente

Malaysia’s Beleaguered PM Ducks Corruption Confab

Xi Jinping Rewrites WW2 History

China Overly Blamed for Global Market Malaise

UMNO Readies Violence Against Weekend Protests?

North Korea’s Limitations Start to Show

Malaysia Scandal Wreaks Havoc on Economy

Once Again, Singapore Chokes on Indonesia's Haze

Jakarta’s Slum-Dwellers Resist Attempts to Clean Rivers

The Guangzhou-Lhasa Train

Opinion: Malaysia’s Broken System

Record Dengue Outbreak Fans Fears in Malaysia

Myanmar Ousts Rising Political Star

Global Anti-Corruption Conclave in Malaysia?

HKU Crisis Continues

Sri Lanka Puts Rajapaksa in his Place

Once-Rogue Forestry Giant Goes Green in Indonesia

Will the Waters of the East China Sea Start to Boil?

HK Chief Executive Tries to Tame HKU

Opinion: Is the Thai-US Alliance About to End?

3 criminals I secretly admire

Two Questions for Malaysia's PM Najib

China Depreciation: Trouble for the Global Economy?

India’s Modi Trims his Sails

Indonesia Vainly Chases Suharto’s Billions

Jakarta Educators Finally Freed in Sex Abuse Case

Opinion: The Music has Stopped in Malaysia

Shwe Mann’s Fall from Power a Mixed Blessing for Myanmar

Opinion: Who Will Stand Up to Najib?

Hong Kong Taxis Uber Alles

Indonesian President’s Cabinet Reshuffle Reassures Markets

Afghanistan: Spectre of ISIS a Growing Threat

Malaysia’s Mahathir & Razaleigh Teaming Up to Sink Najib

Hong Kong, Singapore Headed for Economic Trouble

UN Body Blasts Thailand on Lèse-Majesté

Malaysian Currency in Free Fall

Jakarta Court Dismisses International School Case

Singapore's Teenage Rebel

The Philippines Has a Crucial Choice

Religious Tolerance Makes a Comeback in Indonesia

Malaysians Seek Currency Havens as Crisis Grows

Najib’s Bank Funds Spirited Overseas?

Swiss NGO Wades into 1MDB Mess

Philippine Energy Company Harasses Opponents, Pollutes

China Tightens Two-Systems Approach for Hong Kong

International Traders Target Malaysia’s Ringgit

Rosmah Responds

Thailand’s Generals Can’t Restart the Economy

China, India, Japan, US in Indian Ocean Great Game

Religion and Vietnam’s Party State

China Pushes the World Aside to get Winter Games

Indian Diplomacy Pays Off in Bangladesh

Malaysian PM’s Successful Defensive Game

India-Pakistan Relations: Everything Old is New Again

Singapore’s Perpetual Rulers Prep for Early Polls

Is ASEAN Ready to Integrate? Not Likely

Malaysian PM’s Wife Seeks Central Bank Governor’s Ouster

Philippines Drags Feet on Renewable Energy

Besieged Malaysia PM Sacks Enemies

Malaysia’s Top Two Pols Go Toe to Toe

Indonesia’s Jokowi Weighs Cabinet Shakeup


Sri Lanka’s Rajapaksa Seeks a Comeback

Malaysia’s Edge Group Publications Suspended

Thai Draft Law a New Foot on the Press’s Neck

Malaysia Bans More Activists from Leaving Country

More than Candles at Stake as Mahathir and Najib Hold Dueling Parties

Scandals Freeze India’s Parliament

Malaysian Crackdown Coming on Dissidents?

Economic Gloom for Australia?

Opinion: A Filipino Warlord's Death Delays Justice

Survival Struggle in Bangladesh

Thai Junta Backs Away Again From Firm Election Date

Malaysia Blocks UK-Based Critic

On Rights, US, Viets Still Talk Past Each Other

3 Cases of Astonishingly Bad Judgment

Indonesia’s Police Overstep in Anti-KPK Campaign

Can Vietnam Get What it Wants Without Reform?

Indonesia Peatland Emissions Highly Understated

India’s Modi Seeks to Reshape Urban Environment

Najib's Survival Strategy Rests on Attacks on Critics

China Could Beat Its Own Carbon Reduction Targets

Malaysia's Razaleigh Speaks Up Quietly on Crisis

Thai Junta Threatens German University

UMNO's Corporate Cornucopia

How Malaysia Became a Kleptocracy

Vietnam, US Agree to Dance, if Not to Boogie

HK’s South China Morning Post Softens China Arrests

Opinion: The US-Vietnam Relationship – 20 Years Later

Comprehensive & Affordable Medical Cover…a Trainwreck Foretold?

How Asia’s Governments Spy on Their Citizens

How a glitch made my fake name rich

Myanmar Charter Battle Catches US in Crossfire

Opinion: Malaysia Needs Tengku Razaleigh Now

Beijing Tries to Catch a Falling Knife

Was Banker’s Murder Connected to Malaysia’s 1MDB?

Thailand’s Junta Ignores Southern Thai Insurgency

Myanmar Government Blocks Project near Sacred Pagoda

Najib Appears Out but What About UMNO?

Thai Backpacker Murder Trial Under a Cloud

Japan’s Security Pact: Long Hot Summer

Teen Singapore Blogger Goes Free

Malaysia’s PM Najib Hangs On


China’s Falling Markets: Blame the Foreigners

Cambodia’s NGO Law: Legislation with Chinese characteristics

S'pore’s Pounding of Powerless to Cost Them at Poll Time?

Could this be the Smoking Gun for Malaysia's PM?

Malaysia’s PM Extends Feud to Mahathir’s Son

Tuk-Tuks to Save Elephants

Thai Junta Moves on the Yellow Shirts

Viet Market Looking Good

Luxuriating with the Gods - Amansara, Angkor

Indonesia Bans Settlements in Foreign Currencies

Human Rights Groups Seek Justice for Thai Dissidents

Who Sets the Rules of the Game in Asia?

5 stories of people suing themselves

Singapore Uses Big Guns on Small 'Threats'

Taiwan’s Presidency: Twilight for the Kuomintang?

The Threat of Islamic Law in Malaysia

UMNO Uses Whistleblower Arrest to Defend 1MDB

Thai Junta Blocks Human Rights Watch Press Con

Revisiting US Policy toward Post-Coup Thailand

Hong Kong Property – No Place for the Faint-Hearted

Whistleblower on Malaysia’s 1MDB Arrested in Thailand

Philippine Energy: Coal Remains King

Malaysia’s PM Najib: Immovable Object

Asia: The Place to be for Market Punters

MERS’s Best Friend is Ignorance

Philippine Presidential Race Changes Course

Jokowi's Feud With Mega Colors Indonesian Politics

'Napalm Girl' Photographer Draws Viet Blog Ire


Malaysia’s Long Road to Change

Trouble Could Be Brewing Over China Development Loans

Hong Kong’s Pro-Beijing Forces Lose the Plot

Thai Junta Bans Criticism of Law on Criticism

Viet Activists Say 'Bin the TPP'

Malaysia Gymnast Issue Energizes Photoshoppers

Indonesia’s Military Resurgence

Thailand Mulls a Fling at the Gaming Tables

Hong Kong Faces Crucial Electoral Vote

Fundamentalists Sink Malaysia Opposition Pact

Major Realignment Possible in Malaysian Politics

Trans-Pacific Partnership: Crashed and Burnt?

The Washington Post and Mt Kinabalu’s 'Naked Blogger'

Philippine Frustration as Bonn Climate Talks Produce Little


Can HSBC Come Home Again?

The Rohingya Crisis and the Politics of Buddhist Violence

Indian Artists Buoy London Art Market

Tackling Southeast Asia’s Migrant Crisis

Unity Bid to Drive Malaysia’s PM Najib from Power?

Malaysia PM Stumbles to New Crisis

New Singapore, Old Tactics?

Thai Government’s Doublespeak

Tokyo Dips Toe in Dangerous Waters

Asia Realigns to Meet China’s Challenge

Thai Election Won’t Solve Political Crisis

How guys' brains work

Getting China to Play by the Rules

Book Review: Demokrasi: Indonesia in the 21st Century

China’s Herd of Sri Lankan White Elephants

Bangladesh Turns Killing Ground for Bloggers

Could Indonesia Ban Booze?

Opinion: Climate Action is the Fight for Food Security

It Doesn’t Pay to Insult Lee Kuan Yew, Dead or Not

Nepal Quake: Prelude to Bigger Disaster?

Philippine Senator Blocks Effective Anti-HIV program

Your ‘Chilean Sea Bass’ May Cost a Lot More

Indonesia’s ‘Constitutional Jihad’ Could Cost Growth

China to Hong Kong: Forget Electoral Reform

Malaysia Abdicates its Role as ASEAN Leader

China Games the Iron Ore Market

Intelligence is anti-evolutionary, scientists find

Prime Minister Najib and his gatekeepers have betrayed Malaysians on 1MDB Rm42 billion debt

Thai King in Health Crisis?

Taiwan Heads for Election Season

Rebuilding Myanmar's Ruined Agriculture Sector

Is China's Education System Good or Bad?

New Report says India Hardly Battle-Ready

Timor-Leste Makes Headway – Slowly

New Political Reality for Myanmar’s Military

Malaysia’s Charade Over Refugee Camps

Sri Lanka’s President Pushes Reconciliation

India's Modi Ignores the Press

Violence Against Viet Protesters Extends to the Streets

Fact, Fiction and the South China Sea

China Dissolves Part of Another ‘Unequal Treaty’

The Rohingya: Where They Came From

BOOM! Indonesia Blows Up 41 Foreign Fishing Boats

China Ignores an Important SEA Conference

Holding Back Women Holds Back Progress

Southeast Asia Braces for El Niño Drought, Crop Losses

Thailand Coup Turns 1, Brass Stay Put

Former PM Mahathir in the Hunt for Najib's Head

It is Humanitarian Intervention, Not Interference

Leading Columnists Purged at Hong Kong’s Paper of Record

The Philippines’ Jojo Binay Keeps Rolling

Narendra Modi in China

ASEAN’s Disgraceful Inaction on Rohingya Refugees

A Minor Case Shows Depressing Change in Hong Kong

China’s Southeast Asia Infrastructure Gambit

Today the Universe wants me to think about cows

Malaysia: Take Education Reform seriously

Book Review: Chinese Politics in the Era of Xi Jinping

UN Credibility on Trial in Cambodia

Indonesia Extends Forest Clearing Ban; 'Not Enough,' say Critics

The Human Cost of the TPP in Vietnam

The World’s Drinking Problem

Beyond the Body Counts

Malaysian Minister Paul Low is Najib's Crony

Ailing Thai King is Watched Anxiously

Singapore Defense: The Shrimp Swims like a Dolphin

Malaysian Minister says Race-based Politics is Unavoidable

Malaysia Cracks Down on Whistleblowers

Can the Sino-Russian Lovefest Last?

Vietnam’s 40 Years of Peace and Dubious Prosperity

Malaysia--No Longer a Democracy

Monday moan: Why I hate motivational speakers

Year 1 for India’s Modi’s Undermined by 'Chilling Effects'

Continued Erosion for Malaysia’s Ruling Coalition

US-Japan Alliance Revitalized

Where Does Jokowi Go on Indonesia's Deforestation?

The Unsteady Path to US-Viet Relations

Singapore Brings Hammer Down on 'Net Critics

Japan’s Abe Tries Painful Structural Reform

Indonesia’s Graftbusters Seek Military Help

Sri Lanka’s Political Earthquake Continues

Indonesia Starts to Pay for its Inconsistencies

Malaysian Polls Spell Crisis for Opposition Coalition

The Bankers Forget and Forgive Indonesia’s Sinar Mas

40 Years After US Exit From Saigon

Single sex toilets to be outlawed!

The Tragedy of Quack Anti-GMO Science

Myanmar May Get a Real Election

Aid agencies pour into Nepal – Then what?

Is UMNO Paying a Convicted Murderer’s Legal Fees?

School Case Further Hurts Indonesia's Reputation

In Asean Chair, Malaysia Cringes on South China Sea

The Pains and Gains of a Strong Japan

Money Sent Home by Overseas Workers: Blessing or Curse?

Nepal’s Tragedy on the Way to Happen

Where Does HSBC Go Next?

The Race for Dams in the Great Himalaya

DOG LOGIC: 8 ways to think like your mutt

Filipino Customs Official Quits, Citing Politics

Big Hair, Big Money: Malaysia’s Rosmah Dr M's Target

Malaysian National Unity at Risk

Reprieve Possible for Yangon’s Colonial Gems

Indonesia’s Joko Loses the Economic Plot

Why are Japanese Baseball Pitchers Breaking Down?

Ominous Thai Bombing in Tourism Heart Continues to Make Waves

Rahul Gandhi Reappears

China’s US$46 billion Gift to Pakistan

International Investors Burned by China's Kaisa Fiasco

New Constitution Will End Thai Democracy

Everybody is wrong about technology except me

Former Official Recalls Cambodian Collapse

Koh Samui Bombing Points to Confusion Under Junta

Book Review: Hump Pilot

Book Review: In Manchuria

The ‘Greening’ of Mahathir Mohamad

Update: Chinese Journalist Jailed For 7 Years

Crucial Nuclear Debate in S. Korea Nonexistent

The Growing Market for E-Learning in China

Thailand’s Crown Property Bureau: Economic Brake?

Vietnam strikes out at labor disputes

Time For Local Currencies to Rise?

Stumbling US Foreign Policy Breeds Concern in Asia

Opinion: Remembrance of an Activist Thai Poet

Banking on Human Milk in India

In which your mild narrator says A BAD WORD

Dassault Coup to Make Jets in France, Not India

Philippines Faces a Lame Duck Political Year

Tame TV, Malaysian-Style, Goes Easy on Najib

Japan’s Disguised Aircraft Carriers

AIIB to Help Fill Infrastructure Finance Gap

Bangladesh to Hang Another Islamist Leader

Act East: Nehru’s Lesson for Modi

A Draconian Security Act Returns in Malaysia

'Proxy Wars' Threaten Indonesia, Say Generals

Thai Junta Goes on a Teaching Expedition

With Lee Gone, Singapore Confronts Hard Truths

Senior KL Lawyer Questions Altantuya Murder Cover-up

Malaysia’s Mahathir: Who Ordered Mongolian Beauty’s Death?

Asian Air is Killing Us

Thai Lockdown of Liberties Worsens

Jakarta School Rape Case Pair Guilty

Flailing Malaysian Regime Doubles Down on Sedition

The Destruction of Philippine Politics

Indonesia’s Asean Role

5 tales of bad cops and how I failed to avoid a traffic ticket

China Demonstrates its Power With AIIB

The Secret of Malaysian PM Najib’s Staying Power

Hong Kong’s Misplaced Infrastructure Ambitions

Coca Cola's Expensive "Milk"

Wahhabism in Southeast Asia

China: Challenge of the Middle-Income Transition

Indonesia Ups the South China Sea Ante

Gauging Xinjiang's ISIS Threat

Update: Malaysia’s Sultans Deny Blocking Hudud

Don’t Count Singapore Out Yet

Rodney Tasker, 1945-2015

Where does Singapore Go from Here?

China and the Great Aid Debate

Asian Debt and Oil

The Darker Side of Lee Kuan Yew

India’s Modi Wins a Little, Sonia Blossoms

China’s Infrastructure Bank Gets Underway


Lee Kuan Yew, 1923-2015

Alarming Rise of Malaysian Religious Extremism

Investors: Take Warning on Chinese Markets

Indonesia’s Jokowi Bobs Upright

Holding The Tobacco Industry Liable

Bringing the Asean Economic Community to the People

Threat to Malaysia’s Opposition Coalition Grows

After 30 years of Hun Sen, where is Cambodia

Malaysia Inches Closer to 7th-Century Islamic Law

Muslim Leaders Must Police Their Own Religion


China Foments Trouble on Myanmar’s Border

Multiple Targets of Thailand’s Martial Law

The Perils of Guanxi

Beef Ban in India Raises Political Temperature

Philippines’ Binays in Fight for Political Life

President Barack Obama’s Malaysia Problem

China’s Gamblers Flee Overseas

China Moves to De-Risk Local Government Debt

Myanmar: The More Things Change…

South Korean Democracy: Crisis Coming?

Canadian Legislation Annoys Hanoi

Malaysian PM Najib Takes on his Critics

Indonesian Executions Push Sovereignty Claim

Small Blasts in Bangkok Could Herald Stiffening Resistance

Opinion: Western Arrogance in Indonesian Courts

China Profits in Thailand as US Watches


OPINION: Indonesian Executions Harm Jokowi, Country

Malaysia’s Controversial State Fund to be Dissolved?

India Tries to Block BBC Rape Film

China: What Soft Landing?

The Myth of China’s Overseas Energy Investment

Thirsty South Asia: Bad News for the ‘Asian Century’

Koreans Seek to Slam Door on Abe's US Speech

Currency Wars Fool Few in the Age of Social Media

Vietnam's Communists Conjure with the Internet

China’s Cadres Face a Subdued Future

Malaysia PM Najib Forced Into Corner on Family Assets

Change Coming in Vietnam?

Amnesty International Gives Singapore a Low Grade

Monday memo: HSBC scandal and Disney shoes

India’s Jaitley Designs Roadmap for Next Fiscal Year

Emails Blow Malaysia’s 1MDB Fund Wide Open

Why Shoot the Mules?

Malaysia’s Islamic Party Seeks Political Primacy

Thai Junta's 'No' to Key Concessions Likely Dooms Dialogue in Muslim South

Pakistan Lit Fest Offers Hope for Moderates

Thai Military Tribunals Lock Down a Country

Japan-Korea Spat Complicates US Task in Asia

A Tale of Two Budgets

Irate Najib Brothers Dispute Family Wealth

China needs to address the effects of dams

Can Indonesia Save the Last Reformasi Remnants?

Stricken Filipino City Finally Rebuilds

Tokyo Districts Give Boost to Same-Sex Marriage

Another Marcos Presidency in the Philippines?

Malaysia Media Circus over Murder Case

Drug Resistant Malaria in West Myanmar

My greatest fashion embarrassments

Myanmar’s Ethnic Stew Will Determine Its Future

UPDATE: Deal Seen on Indonesia Cop Controversy

Will China Inc. Fall Victim to Accounting Fraud?

Opinion: The ASEAN Way and Human Rights

The Knight of Oz knocks the Abbott of Oz for a Spill

US-India War over Pharmaceuticals Heats Up

Hong Kong's Chief Executive Cuts Another Corner

China's Faustian Bargain: First of two Parts

Thailand Ramps Up Cyber Surveillance

India Opts for New Leaders

Controversial Malaysian Investment Fund’s Computer Records Wiped Off

Robert Parker The Wine Advocate - Jasper Hill & M. Chapoutier Wine Pairing Events - London

Philippine President Aquino Faces Growing Trouble

Thai Elites, Military Play a Dangerous Game

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