Sitemap - 2020 - Asia Sentinel

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Red Cells Raise Western Corporate Hackles

Vietnam’s Communists Sort Out Leadership

Big Pharma’s Distressing Covid Profits

New Monitor Promises Data on Mekong Depredation

Indonesia’s National Police Declare War on Hardline Islamic Group

Malaysia’s Unending Political Crisis

Sinking Feeling About China’s Island Bases

Indo-Pacific to be Britain’s new post-EU focus

Bad Year for Journalists – 2020

In the Season of SARS

Indonesia’s President Gives Birth to a Political Dynasty

China to Attack Remaining Hong Kong Democratic Institutions

Across Southeast Asia, Covid Puts Girls at Risk

China’s Water Hegemony Upsets India

Bitcoin’s Relentless Rally

Singapore Court Faces Tough Decision in Online Libel Case

Thailand’s Porous Borders Spark Fear of a New Covid Wave

The Anschluss Comes to Hong Kong

Depressing Déjà vu for Malaysia’s Narcotics Nightmare

Forest Restoration in Hammered Sumatra

Singapore’s Litigious PM Lee at it Again

India’s Farmers Take to Streets in Mass Protests

Taiwan’s New Sub Fleet to Use Novel Battery Tech

Thai Royalty Attack on Exiled Critic

Radical Indonesian Cleric Sparks Tensions in Return from Exile

Australia-China Relationship Chills

Carrie Lam Rings Down the Curtain on Hong Kong

South Korea's Demographic Implosion

Covid Meets Slavery in Southeast Asia

Hong Kong’s Broken Asylum System

India Begins Pivot to East Asia

Cautious Singapore Court Threads Needle in Lee Family Spat

BOOK REVIEWS: The Fragrance of Tears / The Bhutto Dynasty / The Nine Lives of Pakistan

Taiwan loses Trump, braces for Biden

Malaysia’s Democratic Charade

US Left in Cold on Asia Trade Pact

Asia Emerges as Clear Winner in Covid Pandemic

Covid Takes Toll on Philippine Economy

Malaysia’s Monarchy Re-Emerges

Orwell Comes to Hong Kong

India’s BJP wins key Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat Polls

Biden’s Big Job in East Asia

Biden’s Job in Afghanistan and China

Australia’s Migration Advice Industry in Disarray

Torture of Political Prisoners Continues in Vietnam

Myanmar Goes to Already Discredited National Polls

A Sniper Waits for a Kill

BOOK REVIEW: The Battle of Marawi

Pandemic Doesn’t Slow Indonesian Local Elections

Singapore Halal Corruption Probe Stalls

Step by Step, Hong Kong’s Freedoms Vanish

Dayak Ikat Art in Borneo

Reassessing South Korea’s Covid Response

Sorry Tale of Malaysian PM’s Survival in Power

Sri Lanka Gives Up on Democracy

Philippines Could Lose Oil and Gas Block to China

Trafficking Girls in India: No Child’s Play

Malaysia Reels in Wake of King’s Rejection of Emergency

India needs Biden to End Trump’s China Provocation

Vietnam Justice Works in Strange Ways

Top Goldman Execs Aware of Massive 1MDB Bribes

Protests Reopen Thailand’s Divisions

BOOK REVIEW: The Invention of China

Huge Pakistan Rallies Seek Military’s Political Ouster

Covid Complicates Third-World BRI Debt Squeeze

Thai Students Face Endgame in Protests

Thai Students’ Protests at Point of No Return

Malaysia’s Old Guard Politicians Disgrace Themselves

The Ominous Promise of California

Thailand’s King Wears Out his Welcome

Vietnam Wrestles to Install New Leadership

Myanmar: Between Pandemic and Poll Booth

Thailand’s Tourism Sector Struggles to Rebound

Cambodia a Focus of Sino-Nippon Rivalry

China Wears Down Taiwanese Air Defenses

Red October Comes to Hong Kong

Wild Protest Against Indonesia Reform Bill

Social Media’s Rise May Spur Changes in Singapore Libel Law

Vietnam’s Arrest of a ‘Modern Legend’

Covid Crisis Wreaking Change on Japan’s Business Practices

Audacious Plot to Spring Jho Low

China Thwarts Neighbors’ Energy Ambitions

Latest Trade Figures Show Trump’s Plan Isn’t Working

‘Quad’ Meet in Tokyo Signals Growing China Unease

Education as an Elementary Human Right

US Sanctions Likely to Cool Cambodian Relations Anew

The US and the Wild Wild World of Bitcoin

Malaysian Regimes Change, Public Policy No

Singapore Elite Deal with Unaccustomed Integrity Issues

Welcome to the ‘Shitshow’ of American Politics

Sri Lanka Becoming ‘Sinhalese-Only Country’

For Hong Kong’s Free Millions, Communism Catches Up

Duterte Ally Moves into Telecoms

Graftbusters Abandon Indonesia’s Anti-Corruption Agency

Sabah Election Ends Inconclusively

US’s ‘Clean Network’ Risks Undermining Rules-Based Global Tech

Singapore Slow-Walking Halal Probe

Duterte Yields to Reality on South China Sea

Beijing Ratchets Up Pressure on Taipei

Southeast Asia’s Job After Covid-19: Grow Their Way Out

Agriculture, Philippines’ Problem Child

Singapore, HK Banks Top for Asian Hot Money Flows, ICIJ Says

Ominous Overtones in Growing Thailand Protest

China-India Faceoff a Result of Mutual Rising Ambitions

US’s Late, Inadequate Answer to BRI Fails to Get Off Ground

ADB Cuts Regional Forecast

Thai Education Shortcomings Fuel Crisis

Malaysia’s New Political Normal

Vietnam's Dong Tam Incident: the Curtain Falls

Pakistan May Have no Other Choice than China

New Australian Law Endangers Thousands of Migration Experts

Top Singapore Exec’s Ethics Quizzed After Ex-Helper Cleared

Indonesia Eyes Peatland for Food Sovereignty 

BOOK REVIEW: Under Bejing’s Shadow

China in Europe

Trump’s Trade War Wreaks Havoc in Chip Industry

Three-Way Pact Seeks to Reduce China Supply Chain Dependence

Pandemic-beating US$5 Million Indian Art Record

China, US Won’t Send Back Each Other’s Fugitives

Beijing’s Assault on Hong Kong Now Extends to Language

A Nervous Japan Ponders Missile Defense

Australia-Japan Relationship: Time For New Level

Malaysia Prepares For a Political Circus

Apparent Suicide Raises Questions Over BRI Corruption

Party Could be Over for Asian Gaming Meccas

Rethinking Australia’s Defense and Security

Duterte Enters Lame Duckhood

India Seeks to Woo Maldives Back from Beijing’s Arms

Philippine Mines to Reopen Amid Environmental Concerns

Thai Students Set Tone for Democratic Reform

Facebook Blocks Access to Popular Royalist Discussion Website

India’s Slums Confound Covid Theories

Singapore’s Retirement Dilemma

Beijing Said to Fund Separatist India Movement

Jokowi Hustles Labor Reform Law Amid Protest

Uncertain, Ambiguous ‘Peace’ for Afghanistan

Duterte Unsettles Taiwan Over Chinese Island Project

Commutation for ‘Death Island’ Burmese Suspects a Mockery

Trump’s WeChat Ban Likely to Backfire

Top Chinese Finance Chiefs Disgraced

Thai Students on a Collision Course with Royalty

Time for America to Pay its War Debt

Using Covid as a Crackdown Excuse

Hong Kong's Fishy Covid-19 Numbers

Vietnam’s Leaders Drive Energy Reform

Jimmy Lai’s Arrest Ends Hong Kong Autonomy

Violence, Repression, Demographic Change in Kashmir

The Covid-19 Miracle of Dharavi

Hong Kong Waits to See Reality of British Migration Pledge

Chinese Tycoons Implicated in LA Corruption

The Philippines’ Covid Crisis: Leadership Debacle

Modi Dominates Ayodhya Hindu Temple Rites

A Year Later, Kashmir’s Economy Faces Disaster

Indonesia Botches Economic Recovery Policies

Singapore in Sino-US Crossfire Over Spy Case

Corruption, Privilege, and Retribution in Malaysia

UMNO’s Audacious Get-Out-of-Jail Gambit

Mental Health Concerns Spike Amid Hong Kong’s Third COVID-19 Wave

Pandemic, the US-China Trade War, and Indonesia

Philippine Foreign Secretary Sows South China Sea Confusion

Cleaning up Indonesia’s State-Owned Enterprises

China Busts US$5.7 billion Cryptocurrency Fraud

Taiwan Leader’s Legacy and Hong Kong

The Time has Come

When ‘Remote Work’ Goes ‘Really Remote’

Accused War Criminal Likely to Return in Sri Lanka Polls

Duterte and the New Oligarchs

Singapore Starting to Outshine Hong Kong as Financial Hub

Hong Kong LegCo Polls Likely ‘Postponed’

Japan’s Aging Air Defenses

Malaysia’s Disgraced Former PM Najib Guilty

Singapore Electoral Results an Opposition Golden Opportunity

Duterte Addresses an Ailing Nation

Asia Sentinel Would Have Told Ferdie to Land on Boracay

Indian Art Auctions Beat Pandemic Gloom

US, China Play Dangerous South China Sea Game

Hong Kong’s Ethnic Minorities Confront New National Security Law

Indonesia Pins Hope on Vaccine as Covid Cases Rise

The US, China and the Coronavirus

China Soft-Peddles US Rhetoric, Measures

Malaysia’s Record of Unresolved Murders

Optimism in Thailand’s Deep South Belies Spike in Violence, Covid Crisis

India Starts to Reap Benefits of US-China Hostility

If They’d Read Asia Sentinel, Hang Jebat and Hang Tuah Would Still Be Friends

BOOK REVIEW: Superpower Interrupted: The Chinese History of the World

BOOK REVIEW: Has China Won? The Chinese Challenge to American Primacy

Import Substitution is Back

US Business in HK Shivers as Tensions Grow

India Can Ill Afford China Trade Boycott

A Tense Asia Greets US Reemergence with Relief

Hong Kong Students Fear for Safety Under New Law

Shaky Malaysian Government’s Clampdown Grows

Hong Kong Government Seeks to Block Pro-Democrats from LegCo

Covid-19 Unmakes China’s Belt and Road Initiative

Others Ask Who Killed Cock Robin. Asia Sentinel Asks Why.

Northeast Asia Environment’s Diversity Threatened

Singapore’s Bruised PAP Returns to Power as Expected

India’s Self-Inflicted Labor Pains

Hong Kong’s Edgy Artists Confront a Bleak Future

Singapore Goes to the Polls Amid Pandemic

Philippine Online Gaming: Hostage to China

Fake News Experts Dupe News Outlets

Deutsche Bank Pays Price for Deep Corruption

Threat Grows for Hong Kong's Press, Judiciary

Malaysia Preps for Polls Likely to End Reformasi for Good

Indonesia Compounds its Covid-19 Problems

Paradise Lockdown

More Abuses Alleged in Singapore Islamic Body

Duterte’s Worrisome Anti-Terrorism Act

Flying in the Age of Covid-19: US to Taiwan

National Security Act Outlines HK Stranglehold

Economic Reality May End More Big Mekong Dams

Duterte’s Teflon Starting to Fade?

Chinese-Filipino Businessman’s Curious Mainland Links

A letter to readers

Confrontation Looms Over Taiwan-Held South China Sea Islands

As Expected, China Forces Harsh New Law on Hong Kong

Luang Prabang Threatened by Proposed Dam

Will India’s Anti-China Alliance With the US work?

88 Years of Failed Democracy in Thailand

Singapore’s Malay Dilemma

Covid-19 in Vietnam

China Tires of Gambling Ops in Nearby Countries

Covid-19’s Devastating Impact on Asian Education

The Return of Strong Public Services

Indian Fury at Chinese Attack Cuts into Commerce

Singapore Readies for a Covid-Scarred Election

Resetting Higher Education: Returning to the Community

Hong Kong’s Universities Brace for a Return to School

Snowden’s HK Benefactors Continue to Pay the Price

National Security Law Descends on Hong Kong

Scientists Renew the Green Revolution

Foreign Curbs Cut Into Chinese Overseas M&A

BOOK REVIEW: Hidden Scorpion by Warren Reed

BOOK REVIEW: Our Man: Richard Holbrooke and the End of the American Century

China Stalls Over Redoing Taiwan Trade Pact

Eduardo Cojuangco, 1935-2020

Lack of transparency in MUIS Inquiry threatening Brand Singapore

First Troops killed on Himalayan Border in 45 Years

A 40-year-old Kidnapping Continues to Haunt Japan

Foreign Worker Exploitation: Dark Malaysian Legacy

US Gaming Operations in Asia Face Escalating Crunch

In Afghanistan, Both War and Peace Remain Problematic

Indonesia Seeks Reform for Flagging State Companies

Dubious Guilty Verdict for Top Filipino Journalist Ressa, Researcher

China and Covid-19: Preparing for a ‘Post-WWI World’

US Credit Card Debt Could Shake Asian Exporters

Where was ASEAN when the Coronavirus Appeared?

Beijing Expected to Use New Law to Stifle HK Politicians

Democracy Slips Another Notch in Malaysia

Ho Chi Minh City Seeks to Make Up for 20 Wasted Years

Downfall of ‘The Coldest-Blooded Guy in South Vietnam’

Duterte Tightens the Screws on Civil Liberties

Dugongs in Southeast Asia: Sentinels of the Sea in Trouble

India’s ‘Amazon of the East’ Under Threat from Development

Southeast Asian Currencies: Stronger Than They Look

China’s Threat Continues to Hang Over HSBC

The Return of the Razaks

Malaysia: Permanent Ethnic Malay Polity

China Circles Wagons on Sanctions over HK Security Law

Duterte Yields to Reality on US Forces Pact

Pandemic or No Pandemic, Singapore Readies for Polls

Thai Military Strategy in the Deep South: Surveillance State

The Philippines Starts to Come Alive

Modi Push for Development Ignores Environmental Concerns

Conservationists and Communities Unite to Save an endangered Primate

Indonesia to Open Economy Despite Coronavirus Spike

Politics Paralyzes Policy over Covid-19 at the UN

US, UK to sanction Chinese entities over HK security law

Scathing Report on Child Victims of Filipino Drug War

China-India Border Faceoff Turns Violent

After Covid: A Connectivity Pandemic?

Hong Kong Activists Already Targeted by New National Security Law  

Stanley Ho, 1921-2020

Malaysian Politics: Nobody to Drain the Swamp

PHOTOS: Ramadan in Besieged Kashmir

Asia’s Growing Scourge: Methamphetamines

Australia’s Trade Beef with China

Why Philippines’ Duterte Woos the Oligarchs

China’s Harsh New Security Law Likely to Spark HK Protest

Indonesia Dreams of an Investment Goldmine in The Sky

Dubious Bailout for Ailing Hong Kong Park

Global Charity Cyclists Parked in Paradise by Covid-19

Plan to Drop Charges Against Najib Stepson Stokes Outrage in Malaysia

Singapore Halal Unit Under New Questions

Temporarily-Free Filipinos Storm Malls, Told to Go Home

Modi Seeks to Re-Energize Regime with Reforms

Reinventing Asia’s Tourism Sector

‘Darkest Day’ for Hong Kong Democracy

Capital Punishment in Vietnam and Ho Duy Hai

Singapore’s Covid-19 Miscalculation Bites Hard

China’s Australia Beef Ban Part of a Larger Assault on Rivals

Indonesia Gambles on Reopening Economy

Taiwan’s New Status as Safe Haven

Beijing’s Man in Taiwan Crashes and Burns

TikTok: China’s First Western Social Media Stronghold

Kashmir Diary: Intimidating journalists, Criminalizing Journalism

Pakistan’s Khan Botches Pandemic Response

Indonesia: The Fires Next Time

Korean Baseball: The Only Game in Town

BOOK REVIEW: Permanent Record by Edward Snowden

India’s Unique Roving Theaters in Danger

Petronas: Malaysia’s Ailing Financial Lifeline

China, BRI Countries Confront Covid-19

Philippines’ Duterte Stirs Hornet’s Nest With Broadcaster’s Cancellation

Asia’s Deceptively Strong Fiscal Position

Indonesia Tries an Herbal Remedy for Covid-19

Malaysia Treads Carefully Amid Spratly Tensions

Pakistan’s Army Remilitarizes Politics

Piracy Resurges in Southeast Asia’s Crowded Sea Lanes

Australia’s Government Fails its Locked-down Foreign Students

Xi Sees Domestic Enemies Behind Hong Kong Protests

India Finally Gets Untracked to Seek FDI, Maybe

Hong Kong Waffles on Foreign Correspondent Visas

Forest Fires Rage on Southeast Asian Peninsula

Under Covid Cover, China Raises Regional Stakes

China’s New South China Sea Capital

Beijing Seeks New Formula to Try to Mollify Hong Kong

Additional Complaints Surface Against Singapore Halal Certifier

Thailand’s Misplaced Priorities Against Pandemic

Hong Kong’s Judiciary Lose Their Nerve

Facebook Falls in Line for Vietnam Censors

Indonesia Bans Exodus for Eid

Philippines’ Abu Sayyaf Terrorists Turn to Suicide Bombing

On the Other Side of the Earth, a Collapsed Empire Seeks a Rudder

Malaysia’s Health Czar Under Fire

Taiwan, Covid-19, and the Future

Questionable Practices in Singapore Halal Certification Process

China Shows its Fist in Hong Kong

Migrant Worker Virus Spread Threatens Singapore’s Invincibility

The End of One Country, Two Systems in Hong Kong

Covid-19: Excuse to Crack Down on Freedoms

A Luckless Afghanistan Faces a Coronavirus Disaster

India Covid-19 Tracking App Raises Red Flags

Another Conflict Wracks Myanmar’s Rakhine Province

US to Americans in Indonesia: ‘Get Out Now!’

Wildlife, Disease, and the Future

Asian Investors Missing an Opportunity

America’s Global Abdication

Pandemic’s Threat to Regional Power Balance, Democracy

BOOK REVIEW: American Cipher: Bowe Bergdahl and the US Tragedy in Afghanistan

Covid-19 Recurs Among Singapore’s Migrant Workers

Looking Out for Your Own in the Philippines

Elite Chinese Dissident Shows Limits to Xi’s Power

5G Technology Under Covid-19’s Shadow

The Pell Acquittal Exposes Australia’s Kangaroo Court System

Uzbek Political Change Lags as Economy Opens Up

Malaysia’s Grandiose Education Ambitions a Mess

UN Sustainable Development Goals for Asia at Risk

Origin of Pandemics: Not That Simple

Thailand’s Controversial King Outrages Subjects

Calls for Governments to Shut Illegal Wildlife Markets

UN Security Council Must Urgently Address Covid-19

Rohingya Refugee Camps Likely a Catastrophic Covid-19 Incubator

India Caught in Coronavirus Surge

Modi Seeks to Light Lamps of India's Loyalty

Covid and Southeast Asia: Not as Bad as it Looks

Covid-19 Drives Huge Jobless Bounce, Wrecks Consumption

The Collapse of Malaysian Private Universities

Lack of Testing Hamstrings Covid-19 Fight in Asia

Covid-19 Strikes Indonesia Amid Chaos

Erratic Thai King Earns Subjects’ Unprecedented Anger

Asia’s Air Transport Industry Collapses

New Chapter in Bitter Lee Family Dispute in Singapore

A Rural Vietnam Village Becomes a Symbol of Land Rights Conflict

Reshaping South Asian Geopolitics

The Passing of Pax Americana

Covid-19 Likely to Accelerate a Business Environment Revolution

2016 Terror Attack a Contradictory Sign of Japan’s Safety

Boris And the Virus: Can a Brilliant Blusterer Lead?

Notorious Delhi Rape Case’s End Means Little for Women’s Safety

Regional Roundup: Asia Dares Covid Disaster

The Changing Nature of Thailand’s Deep South Insurgency

Taiwan’s Covid-19 Tactics Prove Island’s Military Preparedness

Despite Focus on Coronavirus, AIDS Still Looms

BOOK REVIEW: Hate, Inc.: Why Today’s Media Makes Us Despise One Another

BOOK REVIEW: China's Russian Princess

Nations Face Hobson’s Choice Over Coronavirus

COVID 19 and the Decline of the American Narrative

Myanmar’s Slim Promise of Democracy Fades

Sotheby’s Beats Virus with Successful New York Sale

Hackers Seek to Exploit Asian Coronavirus Fears

Indonesia’s Insurance Crisis Spreads

Asia and Covid-19: Progress Report

‘Koronavairusu’ or ‘Koronauirusu?’ Japan Learns English

Thai Generals’ Legitimacy Continues to Plummet

Malaysia’s Pakatan Harapan: History’s Blip

Indonesia Tries to Corral Coronavirus

Malaysia’s New ‘Backdoor Government’ Might Work

Covid-19 Statistics: Reality and Illusion

Muhyiddin Yassin’s Malaysian Quagmire

Islamic Radicalism Blossoms in a Rural Malaysian State

India’s Existential Climate Threat

Malaysia’s New Political Landscape

Singapore Seeks Answers for Failing Fertility Levels

Bay of Bengal Filling With Plastic Trash

An Unprepared Indonesia Announces Coronavirus Cases

Political Betrayal, Treachery, and Political Hara-Kiri in Malaysia

China Readies the Boot in Hong Kong

Malaysia ‘Returns to Dark Ages’ with Racial Coalition Taking Power

Duterte Drubs Broadcast Network, Endangering Press Freedom

Afghan Peace Pact May be Another Sad Mirage

The Myth of a Single Asia: Part 3

Unruly Malaysian Political Scene Could End in New Polls

Trump, Modi Revel in Mutual Praise, Adoring Crowds

Indonesia's Once-Powerful Graft Watchdog Losing Favor

The Myth of a Single Asia: Part 2

How Malaysia’s Political Coup Failed

Chinese Students in the UK: Isolated With or Without Covid 19

The Myth of a Single Asia

Malaysian Politics in Deeper Chaos as PM Mahathir Resigns, then retakes reins

Malaysian Premier Stages Daring Move to Stay in Power

Street Dissatisfaction Could Spell Trouble for Thai Junta

Lee Sister-in-law Latest Victim in Singapore’s Bitter Family Feud

Malaysia’s Anwar Calls for Probe into Medical Sector Corruption

Bleak Outlook on Trump's India Visit

BOOK REVIEW: The Tibetan Suitcase

Cambodia Confronts Double Whammy From Tariffs, Virus

Thai Court Orders Popular Opposition Party Disbanded

Philippines’ Duterte Runs Into Opposition on Threat to End News Foe

The Global Crisis in Credibility

Chinese Investments at Risk in Angolan Anti-Graft Campaign

A Chastened HSBC Comes Home to Hong Kong

Chairman Xi Sends Apparatchiks to Tame Hong Kong

As Saudi Tilts Toward India, Pakistan Seeks New Allies

Donald Trump, Rodrigo Duterte Wreck US Influence in Asia

Controversial Hospital Sale in Malaysia Draws Questions

J Trust Asia Loses Bitter Battle in Singapore Court

Cultural Evolution and Thailand’s Deep South Troubles

Modi’s BJP crushed in Delhi Election – Again

Malaysia’s Looming Food and Water Catastrophe

Philippines’ Duterte Seeks End of Broadcast Foe

Indonesia’s Garuda Caught in New Bribe Charges

India Art Fair Boosts Market After Disappointing Auctions

Indonesia Seeks to Jump-Start Economy with Massive Regulatory Reform

Defeating the Hackers in Asia

Malaysia’s Mahathir Again Turns a Blind Eye to Corruption

The Tragedy of the Trump Presidency

Singapore Confidence Exposes Hong Kong’s Failure in Health Crisis

Patients betrayed: Malaysian Medical Council Protects its Own

Duterte’s Water War Foe Seeks Cover Through Sale

A Detailed Look at a Spectacular Malaysian Scandal

Hong Kong’s Tragic Mishandling of the Coronavirus

The Coronavirus: Pandemic Panic and Racism

What might cause the Afghan talks to fail?

Edward Snowden’s Warning Cry

BOOK REVIEW: The Hong Kong Letters

BOOK REVIEW: Kashmir’s Untold Story: Declassified

Overhauling Malaysia’s Democracy

India’s Weighty Litfest Funding Endangered by Criticism of Modi

Hong Kong’s Coronavirus Lunar New Year

China, India Vie for Myanmar’s Affections

Thai Premier Prayuth’s Honeymoon Period Wanes

Patients betrayed: Malaysian Medical Council Protects its Own

Mass Protests Greet India’s Modi in First Major Challenge

Thai Government Signals Modest Progress with Malay Muslim Rebels

China BRI Ventures Run Into Trouble in Kazakhstan

Concern Grows in Indonesia over Environmentalist’s Arrest

‘African Queen’ dos Santos Allegedly Stored Stolen Millions in Disgraced Cyprus Bank

Anatomy of Malaysian Corruption: The State Level

Hong Kong and Singapore: Uncertain Future

Asia Sentinel is now on Substack

Scandal over ‘Africa’s Richest Woman’ finds Way to Hong Kong

Pakistan Edgy Over US-Iran Tension

Indonesia Insurance Sector Dangerously Close to Imploding

Who will lead Vietnam in 2021?

British Sleuths Must Reveal Info on Cyprus Bank Scandal

India’s New Citizenship Law Shakes Northeastern State

The 70-Year Old US-South Korea Alliance in Danger

Kashmir Diary: Foreign Envoy Visit Brings no Relief

Islamic Assault on Malaysia’s Higher Education

INFOGRAPHIC: Who Accepts Bitcoin Payments in 2020?

The Population Bomb has Dropped

Curing Malaysia’s National Psychosis

US Lawmaker Blocks US Envoy to Indonesia in Arcane Spat

Release of Najib Tapes Shakes Kuala Lumpur

Thailand in 2020: Stirrings of Democracy

Indonesia Calls China’s Bluff on South China Sea Claims

India Shoots the Moon in its Space Sector

China Accelerates Naval Building Effort

Questions Over Hong Kong’s New Beijing Liaison

BOOK REVIEW: The Back Channel: A Memoir of American Diplomacy and the Case for its Renewal

Potent New Challenge to Beijing’s Nine-Dash Line

Indonesia Expects Sharp Policy U-Turn in 2020

Outlook for Asia 2020: The Lessons of 2019

Malaysia’s Najib Survives Murder Accusations – for Now

Cybersecurity Skills Gap in Asia

Indonesian Graft Watchdog Case Arrests Raise Immediate Suspicions