Asia Sentinel Would Have Told Ferdie to Land on Boracay

Instead, Ferdinand Magellan, the great Portuguese navigator, landed on Cebu, where the native chieftain Lapu Lapu ended the first circumnavigation of the earth with his death. Advance intelligence is important, and Asia Sentinel seeks to tell you what will happen before it happens. Magellan could have been sitting on a white sand beach sipping a mai tai and wearing a puka shell necklace. But no.

We might have been a little late for Magellan, who met his end in 1521, but not for you. Our job is to analyze the events beyond and behind them to let you know what the issues are and how they may affect you. Asia Sentinel is edited and written by professionals with decades of experience dedicated at getting to the story behind the story in Asia, holding governments to account, investigating the region’s most important political, economic, and cultural issues, and providing the most thoughtful coverage of Asia in the English language. 

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