The Time has Come

We have been telling you that we would go behind a paywall by August 1. We are now not just asking our readers to help us out but making it a requirement.

It is quite gratifying to have grown remarkably in the new format and we welcome you all to keep reading our in-depth coverage of Asia. But we need a larger income stream. And while surprisingly, lots of readers have responded already, we are asking you to join them as paying subscribers.

New readers will be able to continue to access Asia Sentinel for free for an introductory period to learn what we do. As for the paid version, we will offer at least five daily updates a week or more, and continue commentary and analysis from me and Philip plus reportage from our longtime correspondents who are spread across the region, offering news, analysis and opinion on national and regional issues in Asia. We are independent of all governments and major media enterprises.

We want as many of you as possible to stay with the daily and so we are offering charter rates of $10/month or $110/year to all current Asia Sentinel readers. Our prices will increase in August. If you are a particularly strong believer in the work that Asia Sentinel does, you have the option to commit to a ‘Founding Member’ subscription at a higher rate than the standard options.

To keep reading us daily, and to get smarter about Asia, you will need to subscribe to the paid version.

Thank you for all your support and readership so far, and we look forward to working for all of you.