Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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Happy Holidays from Asia Sentinel’s editors and correspondents across Asia! We plan on taking a few days off until January 2. We look forward to resuming our coverage of economics, politics, business and social issues across the region and we look forward to you, our loyal readers, to continue supporting us.

With the Christmas season on us, and presumably in the spirit of giving, we are again asking our readers to help us. We can’t afford to continue the quality journalism we deliver without the funds to pay our contributors. It is quite gratifying to have grown remarkably in our new format and we welcome you all to keep reading our in-depth coverage of Asia. But we need a larger income stream and while surprisingly lots of readers have responded, we are asking you to join them as paying subscribers.

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We are offering rates of $10/month or $110/year to all current Asia Sentinel readers. To keep reading us daily, and to get smarter about Asia you will need to subscribe to the paid version.

Thanks for your encouragement throughout 2020, a disastrous year for us all. We’ll see you next year!