Sitemap - 2007 - Asia Sentinel

Malaysia does an Allah Climb Down

Shangri-la Votes

China and India Make Nice

The American Consumer Merry-Go-Round Slows

Malaysia’s Religious Courts Win Again

These things could never happen… or could they?

Easy Profits for UBS Raise Eyebrows

Thai Economy Ready for Liftoff

Tokyo Can’t Buy Beijing’s Love

Malaysia Takes God’s Name in Vain

Korea’s Samsung Scandal Moves to New Phase

Pakistan’s Northeastern India Agenda

Thailand’s Generals Get a Slap in the Face

Happy Valley - An Extreme Makeover

Taiwan’s Tumultuous Election Campaign

Thailand At The Brink

Malaysia’s Big Money Railroad Hustle

Chancy Shopping in a New Bargain Basement

Enzio von Pfeil

Singapore Boosts Pay for Officials... Again

Thailand’s Democracy Drought

Australia’s Global Warming Dilemma

Korea: School for Scandal

Searching for Taslima

Death of a Journalist

A Gentrified Macau

The Day the Stars Fell on Tokyo

Tin Shui Wai: City of Sadness

Enough Talk on Burma

Malaysia Starts a Harsh Crackdown

Whither Malaysia?

An Asian Perspective on Greenhouse Gas Emissions

When Korea’s Yellow Sea Turned Black (slideshow)

India’s Classrooms Without Borders

Malaysian Police Continue Their Crackdown

More than a Chinese Fit of Pique

China economy

Malaysia Gets Tough

When Safety Is the Product

A Buddhist Tends to her Flock in Taiwan

India’s Press Comes Under Fire

Malaysia’s Judiciary: Here We go Again

Taking on Thailand’s myths

New look at Thai royal riches

No Squares at Qlub Qube

Who was Altantuya Shaariibuu?

A Nostalgic Journey

Justice Delayed, But Justice Nonetheless

High Stakes on a Greenhouse Gas Conference in Bali

An Extraordinary Christian Life in China

ASEAN destroys its own credibility

A Chinese Pyramid Scheme Built on an Anthill

Indian Justice Delayed is Indian Justice Denied

Tokyo’s ‘Human Accidents’

Philippine ‘Coup’ a Putsch of the Absurd

Malaysia’s Racial Policies Draw International Scrutiny

Malaysia’s Premier Vows to Go After Protesters

The US Fed to Asia: Heads we Win, Tails you Lose

Can Korea Inc. Investigate the Republic of Samsung?

Indian Discontent in Malaysia

Singapore Raps (video)

No Land for China’s Farmers

Thailand’s Drug-Company Stare-Down Faces an Uncertain Future

In India, a Tibetan Can Only Wait

The Once Mighty

Troubles mount for Temasek

China’s Bad Comrade Cops

Ailing Proton Looks to Mecca

De Bortoli Estate Grown Pinot Noir 2005

Economic Calamity? Calm Down

North-to-South Flow

Burma Gets Away With It Again at ASEAN

Pakistan's Opposition Parties Look to Each Other

Three Gorges Dam

America’s Bills Start Coming Due

Macau’s Golden Curse

Macau’s Perilous Lure for China’s Cadres

Fresh Dirt Muddies Malaysia’s Judges

In Praise of Autumn

Pie in the Sky By and By

Rebuilding the Legendary Silk Road

Thailand’s Royal Shirt Industry

Global: Dead Cat Bounces

Good News and Bad News

Sinhala Nationalism in Sri Lanka and the Elusive Southern Consensus

In Malaysia, Sarawak Has a Cash Register on the Port

Industry Comes Calling for India’s Housewives

Malaysia Demos: Sound and Fury, Signifying Little

Giving China’s Workers a Chance

Ginza Gets its Groove Back

Temasek Goes for Another Prize

Power vs. Rights

Malaysian Petitioners Defy Police

Electoral Dismay Prompts Malaysian March

To Go Fast Is Glorious

Restoration a Better Option

Judicial Freedom in Bangladesh

The Economic Time™ is just fine in China

China Rewards its Own

Mask of China: Frustration

Korea’s Samsung Scandal Deepens

Energy Peril

How Long Can Hong Kong’s US dollar peg last?

Caught in a Torrent of Change

Island Battle

Damned Lies and Statistics?

Are They At the Money and the Best Choice?

Judge Dread in Malaysia

India’s Burma Problem

Where China’s Capitalism Got Its Start

Tycoon Politics Return to Thailand

Malaysian Sultan Blasts Judiciary

Sliding their way through slush

Rice and Chips

Indonesia Comes Alive

Generation Gap and Knowledge Gap

Japan’s Refueling Debate Reheated

Graham Greene

China and the World Outside

Thai politicians walking on eggshells

Show Me the Green

Mask of China: Pick your poison

Malaysia’s Judicial Tango

Building the Burmese Junta’s Telecom Infrastructure

India’s Asian Ambitions Face Risks at Home

King Duck Goes to His Taiwanese Reward

King Duck’s Last Reward

Hong Kong Sets A Bad Example for Richmond

Malaysian Judge Stands Up

The Big Beef

Remembrance of Things Past

Best Unwooded Sauvignon Blanc of 2007

Derrick Chang: Mask of China

Unwilling Sellers

A Different Kind of Thai Sex Bar

Wedding Wows!

Indonesia’s Neighborhood Disputes

What Do the People Want?

Mos images

Wall Street’s Accident Waiting to Happen

Responses to "A Tribute to My Primary School"

We’re Sorry Singapore, the Financial Times Says

Mask of China

Hong Kong’s Olympic Racism

India’s IT Sector Needs to Reboot

The Burmese Road to Ruin

A Falling Dollar Does Nobody Any Good

All Eyes Are On Thai King’s Health

Honors for the Dalai Lama Cannot Stem a Losing Tide

‘The quintessential BBQ red wine of the year’

A Tribute to My Primary School

A gloomy Look at the Global Canvas

Mask of China

The Falun Gong Shadow Over Direct Marketing in China

Whatever Happened to Altantuya Shaariibuu?

You Can’t Kill Confucius

Calling Mr. Condom

China’s Poor Eat Crumbs from the Rich Person’s Table

Donald Tsang's Policy Address - I Told You So!

Failing Grade: HK Leader Flunks Policy Test

Chinese Money Meets Filipino Politics

Testing Free Speech in Thailand

The World Closes In on the US

On the wind

Singapore and Burma: Such Good Friends

Golden Week Holidays - A Matter of Choice

No Creative Solution for Hong Kong

High Cost and Low Odds

Is Inflation Returning to Asia?

I like the Converted Version of the Song!

Burma’s Generals’ Lair

A Malaysian Inquiry Panel Goes Nowhere

Playing with Time

The Real, Sad Lesson of Burma 2007

A Sustainable Development Menu for Hong Kong

Where are Burma’s Monks?

All is not Well in Macau

Stagflation Revisited

US Economic Outlook

A Maiden Voyage for China's Property Law

Roaring Against the Mouse

Torture, Abuse Common in Burma’s Prisons

Little Expected From Inter-Korean Summit

Don’t Bank on Banks

Different Women, Different Fates

The business world beats a quiet path to a pariah’s door

Burma Protest Slideshow and Videos

Drama Hits Beijing Politics

Horror in Burma

China’s Burma Shame

Much Ado About Nothing

Cracks Showing in Burma's Junta

Malaysia’s Lawyers Demand Probe of Judicial Favoritism

Burma’s Junta Unleashes Force on Monks

new file

Best Bordeaux Recipe, Barrel-Fermented Semillon Sauvignon Blanc of Year

Thoughts About India

Burma’s Growing Dilemma

An Interview with Author Paul Handley

Beware the Ides of October

A Quick Peek Inside the Ayatollah’s Revolution

Myanmar Near the Tipping Point?

Burma’s Monks versus the Military

Graft in Malaysia’s Defense Ministry

No Car Day in Jakarta Means Lots of Cars

Helicopter Ben Earns His Wings

The Writing on the Wall

Tea Time!

Burma’s Monks Won’t Go Away

Indonesia’s Unending Mud Mess

Cambodia Braces for a Mining Invasion

Malaysia’s Judiciary Embarrassed Again (Video)

Japan: why are you wasting your time and money II

Taiwan’s Explosive Referendum

Hong Kong Calling

Thailand’s Uncharted Waters

A Reality Show Featuring China

China’s Inflation Ticks Higher

Hong Kong’s Merger Muddle

Strategic Chess

Storm Looming

Low-Cost and High-Risk

American Consumers are Losing their Crown

A Partial Glimpse into Hong Kong's Reality

Fiery End to Phuket-Bound Plane

Political reasons for not climbing into the Taiwan market

Brunei’s Uneasy Glimpse of the Future

How Polyglot Can You Get?

Most Consistent and Best Quality - Price Rapport White Wine of the Year 2007

Speaking Up Against Injustice

The Short, Unhappy Life of Shinzo Abe

Thai Generals Pass the Torch

Now in The Cards: Hong Kong Inc.?

Estrada’s Conviction Not Necessarily a Victory for Arroyo

Is HKEx a Public Body or Private Club?

Time Takes a Hit in Indonesia

Another Korean Tycoon Gets a Free Pass

Estrada to Hear the Verdict

Japan: why are you wasting your time and money?

What did Najib know and when did he know it?

Viewing India’s Down and Out

HKSAR Government is Grossly Obese

Asia May Catch Cold After All

Flat Owners: Beware of Duress

China has raised its reserve requirements. So what?

China's Land Reform Quandary

Bangladesh’s Caretaker Government Stays its Course

China’s Pipeline Diplomacy

In Korea, Getting Out of Jail Costs Money

Burma’s Democracy Challenge Flickers Awake Again

Test of Sincerity is Between the Lines

Singapore’s Iron Fist Jails Opposition Leader

Asian Groups Take Advantage of Dollar Weakness

Volcanic Pleasures

Yudhoyono in Command

In a High Place

Drucker's Advice for China's Youth: Do No Harm

Asia’s ‘Financial Parking Lot’

Malaysia’s Politically Charged Murder Trial Resumes

Burma’s Democracy Challenge Flickers Out

Candy to Stop America’s Blubbering

Thailand’s Political Flying Circus is Back

American Newspapers Lose Their Nerve

English Skills in China and Hong Kong

China and the Subprime mess

Journalism Can Be Hazardous to Your Health

Big Win for China’s Clones and Doppelgangers

Singapore, Hong Kong and Inadequate Pension Plans

Malaysia’s First 50

Burma protests continue

Thailand’s Net Nannies

The Financial Black Hole

Hong Kong’s Cash Cows and White Elephants

Taming China’s Outlaw Police

Food for Thought - The Irony of Capitalism

A Poem by Mr. Xin, a Metal Worker

Vietnam's Easy Riders

Hong Kong's Luck O' The Irish

Return to sender: China’s poisonous present

Reminiscing.....(Part 3)

New World White Wine of the Year 2007

China's market outlook and what to do about it

A Different Missionary Position in Thailand

South Korea has a Burma Problem

Development and the Environment

Can Burma’s People Rise Again?

How to be a Godfather (Part 2)

Pier Movement has Deeper Meaning

Asian Godfathers: Money and Power in Hong Kong and South-East Asia

Putting Cambodian cuisine on the map

Zhuhai’s High-Life Legacy

Hong Kong Mental Health Volunteer Group

Problems in the East and the West

The Mainland’s Trojan Horse

Thailand’s Constitutional Merry-Go-Round

Two Steps Forward for Vietnam, Two Steps Back

India’s Louvre of Loos, its Tate of Toilets

Taiwan’s Unfriendly Skies

The Last Gasp of Resistance

The global financial crisis: Where we go from here

Are Property Booms and Busts Unavoidable?

The Tragedy of China’s Coal Industry

Reminiscing.......(Part 2)

It’s All Gumdrops

Another Kind of Asian Contagion

Hong Kong’s Lax Rules on Charities

Asian Market Panic

FEER answers Singapore Defamation Suit

Hersley-Ven Casero

Land Supply Shortage? What Shortage?

The Dam that Wouldn’t Die

We’ll Be Watching You

Independence Betrayed in Pakistan

China's Gini Coefficient and Market Economy

Taliban Do a Good Turn?

Married, with AIDS

Cherchez la Femme – China Style

Hu Ain’t Going Nowhere

Why Did Financial Markets Crumble?

Reminiscing .....(Part 1)

Chinese Classic Painting called "Along The River During Qingming Festival"

The Long Wait for Justice in Thailand

The US Market’s Pyramid of Lies

Malaysia’s Sultans Seek to Get Their Own Back

Rhinos at Risk in Indian Preserve (story and slideshow)

It's China's Choice!

Japan’s Democracy Comes of Age

The Risky Road to Pyongyang

Former Hong Kong Xinhua Boss Explains his Defection

Cambodia in the Spotlight

Undhof Salomon Pfaffenberg Riesling 2005

Will America's Sub Prime Woes Hurt Asia?

Hong Kong’s Stock Exchange Hiding Information in Plain Sight

Deranged, in a Lamma Sort of Way

Switzerland comes to Shenzhen

Rot and More Rot in Malaysia’s Judicial System

Singapore’s Temasek Hits Hard Going

News of Her Own

Trapped by Religion in Afghanistan

Hong Kong Turns Activist

Cambodia’s Dengue Fever Crisis

Malaysia’s Attorney General Hears No Evil, Sees No Evil

Murdoch Takes a Journalistic Icon

Happy Birthday to US!

The Pakistan Army’s First Victory

The hidden costs of biofuels production

Rumor Nation

Elite Malays and Mixed Marriage

Indonesian Radical Leads Campaign on Anti-Terror Police

Thailand: Excess supply of money and excess supply of goods

Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places

Korean Pastor Killed by Taliban

Such Good Friends, For Now

Party at Prem’s

Enzio’s Clock

Hong Kong’s Literary Follies

The passion of Gan

Thailand’s Baht Soars Higher

Hong Kong Pulls Up the Drawbridge

A Grand Korean Inquisition

Eurasian Crossroads: A History of Xinjiang

No Way Out: India’s Burmese Refugees

Vietnamese Catholic Leaders Show Some Backbone

The Rise and Fall of a Korean Success Story

China Is not the Problem

The false promise of biofuels

A Tale of Three Tribes

Vietnam Joins the Amateur Idol Brigade

Hong Kong’s Latest Democracy Fraud

Prosecution Setbacks in Mongolian Murder Case

Giving Back

Korea Invades the Philippines

Thailand on Spin Cycle

Flying in Indonesia May Be Hazardous to Your Health

A Second Chance in Cambodia

Up in the air without a paddle

Dr. Enzio von Pfeil

In Bangladesh, Relief Turns to Worry

Maybe Najib Rides it Out

Malaysia’s Opposition Pulls Up Lame

Hong Kong’s Media Ignore Falun Gong’s Marchers

Witness Recounts Threats in Malaysian Murder Trial

By a Correspondent on the march

Thaksin’s score card

Indian Men Put on a Pretty Face

Some seriously troubling questions in Malaysia

Hong Kong 10 Years Later

Najib and Altantuya: A Picture Connects Them

Malaysia’s Pipeline Dreams

Malaysia’s Missing Witness

Canadian Hong Kongers

Asia Remains Cautious a Decade on From 1997 Crisis

Singapore and Indonesia Squabble over Defense Pact

A Court Clears a Mahathir Crony

Free Trade End Game in Seoul

Taiwan’s Politics are Growing Up

Not in My House: Corruption in Vietnam

Cambodia Loses an Independent Press Voice

Kim Jong-Il’s Libyan Solution for his Bomb

Fury, Scorn and Murder in a Malaysian Courtroom

Is Beijing in Donald Tsang’s Future?

Vietnam Gets Tough on School Cheats

An earful of criticism, but will Vietnam listen?

North Korea – Back to the Talks

Philippine Elections: More of the Same

Hu Jintao’s PLA Personality Cult

Taiwan’s Weak Diplomatic Hand

Smuggler's Paradise

Don’t Count Your Conspiracies Before They Are Hatched

Thailand's Thaksin Freeze Out

Indonesia's Religious Frontline

China’s House Cleaning is Just Skin Deep

Shenzhen Confidential

China’s Scarlet Letter

Hong Kong Needs Accountability Not Consensus

Thailand’s Coup Fallout

Indonesian Shootings Could Force Military Reform

Tracking China

Singapore's Two-Faced Judiciary

The Blackstone Rangers Ride High in China

A Business School for the Indian Poor

Hong Kong’s Overflowing Pork Barrel

All in the Family

Indonesia’s Yudhoyono Gets a Black Eye

Mongolian beauty’s Malaysian Murder Case Postponed

SMS Texts Energize a Chinese Protest

Bhutan’s Plans for Democracy Exclude Hindu Refugees

Thaksin’s Party's Over in Thailand

Once a Muslim, Always a Muslim in Malaysia

The URA’s Response

Forcible Removal

Shanghai’s Lightning Train Comes to a Stop

How Hong Kong Really Works

Bailout Alert in Malaysia

China’s Blurry Line Between Fake and Real

A Killing Season

A Newly Diplomatic China Courts the World

Pirates of the Thai Kingdom

L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon

The Asian Development Bank Faces Radical Change

The Chinese Panda Ambles into an Olympic Thicket

Dodging Sectarian Strife in Indonesia

Korea’s Boffins Establish a Kimchi Scale

Thailand Gets ‘Net-Tough

Getting Internet Giants to Face Up to China

Digging up Malaysia’s Racial Past

Education Survives Amid War in Sri Lanka

Tiananmen Square

Illness slows Mahathir’s attacks on his successor

Bars and Spikes

Lessons in Counterinsurgency

Tearing the Urban Heart out of Hong Kong

The Rise of Thailand’s Third Branch

Arroyo on the Line in Philippine Polls

Down the Hatch

Hong Kong’s Babes in the Woods

A Hong Kong Aristocrat’s Link to Insider Trading

Taming the Strong Women of Bangladesh

The Scrum on the Beijing-Shanghai Train

Beijing and Taipei Drop the Torch

Shackled by the Neck

Modern-Day Comfort Women Face a Hell on Earth

The Drug Wars

How Not to Kill a Story

Born to Rule

The Threat to the Wall Street Journal

Hidden Darkness: Child Sexual Abuse in India

China has an Africa Problem

China’s Values Vacuum

China's Baby Steps Bubble

Consolidation Threat to Venerable Hong Kong Newspaper

Smoke, Smoke, Smoke That Cigarette

The Flying Tigers of Tamil Eelam Buzz Sri Lanka

Asia’s Religions Struggle with Change

How Now Tao?

Thais Debate Making Buddhism the State Religion

Doing the Impossible: Quitting Islam in Malaysia

Hong Kong Devil Cop Takes the Rap

Journalism Loses an Icon

Singapore, Indonesia Finally Settle Extradition Treaty

Hu Jintao Seeks to Clean Out the Beijing Stables

China’s Cautious Olympic Diplomacy

China Gets Punk’d

Australian Magazine Kills Profile of Wendi Murdoch

Nailing China’s Nail House

Bhutan Learns to Vote

The insanity of America’s gun culture

No Tiresome Competition Here

A Bridge too Near?

Wen Jiabao’s Softly Softly Approach to Japan

A Filipina’s Happy Slip is Showing

Thailand’s Bittersweet Victory over Big Pharma

Pakistan is the Spanner in South Asia’s Works

China’s Unknown Housing Magnate

China’s Middle Class: Not What You Think It Is

The Chinachem Code: Can it be Cracked?

Yudhoyono Paints Himself into the West’s Corner

Online China Goes to Japan for Porn

Some Asian Governments Want to Control Those Pesky Bloggers

Nina and Teddy: The Drama’s Final Curtain

Manila’s First Gentleman Stirs a Libel Hornet’s Nest

The Korea-US Trade Deal

Could Thailand be Getting Ready to Repeat History?

Vietnam: Awash in Money

A Japanese Scientist Lights Up the World

Malaysia’s Deputy Premier Najib in Trouble?

Taiwan’s Year of Electoral Tumult

Thailand Sings the Post-coup Blues

Taiwan’s Pork-barrel Politics and an Unwanted Road

Politics and Free Expression in Indonesia

Korea’s Baby Crisis

Hong Kong’s Electoral Farce Also Shames the Media

Book Review: How Countries Compete

Are Hong Kong bankers clearing a path for forest destruction?

China's Priorities on Display

Black cat, white cat, it’s who wins the race

Bearding the Lion City

South China Morning Post Editor Departs

The Macau Bank Deal: Hear No Axis, See No Axis

Free Trade and the Filipino Maid

Palawan’s Sea Gypsies Under Threat

Malaysia’s Losing Battle Against Corruption

Philippine Elections Under Fire

The Sky Isn’t Falling – But Your House Might

Suharto Scion’s Channel Islands Treasure Hunt

Hong Kong’s Lies and Damned Lies

What China Might Have Been

China’s Bull Market Bullsh*t

Pan-Asian Beauty Battle

Have We Seen the Back of the Singapore Girl?

Malaysian Mongolian Murder Figure gets a new trial date

Listen Up, Hong Kong, Here Comes Macau

A Corruption Trail Leads to Jiang Zemin

Tracking the North Korean Supernote

Why Hong Kong is Going to the Dogs

Sand in Singapore’s Gears

Morality, Spies and Chastity Belts...

Waiting for the Global Financial Drama

Royal Wealth (continued)

Thailand's Royal Wealth

Lawyers Defend Singapore Conference Choice

The Sea Gypsies of Surin Island

The Sea Gypsies of Surin Island

Hong Kong’s Racial Bias

India and Burma: Such Good Friends

Mystery Inside the Hong Kong Police

End of the Line for Taiwan’s Political Star?

No Surprise Here: Singapore’s Lee Family Wins in Court

World Lawyer Gathering in Singapore Attacked by Swedish Lawmaker

Some Korean Lessons for Iran

Philippines Release Report on Political Killings

The World’s Lawyers Come to Singapore

A Test for the Australia-US alliance

Multiculti Melange

Arroyo Backed into a Corner Over Assassinations

The Meek May Inherit the Earth, but not the Mineral Rights

Zhou Zhengyi Has Lost His Best Friend

Indonesia’s Central Sulawesi May be Primed to Explode

Nobel Laureate Launches New Political Party in Bangladesh

Saving the Heart of Borneo

The Blood Politics of the Philippines

Muhammad Yunus’s New Crusade

Asia a Tough Market for Internet Commerce

John Howard: Armchair Warrior

The Luperci Begin Taking Back Their Holiday

North Korea Strikes a Deal on Nukes

Righting Mao’s Wrongs

A Pakistani Philanthropist’s Uphill Mission

North Korea Pushes the West's Buttons

Mall Rat

Are Asian Newspapers Under Siege?

Li Ka-Shing: Oh, the shark bites/With his teeth, dear…

The developing world’s curse from deep wells

Anwar’s Long-Shot Gamble

Hong Kong Newspaper Drama Continues

Hong Kong Broadcaster Reverses Stand on Cancelled Show

Jakarta’s Filthy Man-Made Morass

Blank Air in Hong Kong

Blank Air in Hong Kong

Leashing Thailand’s Cops

Indian Hubris Creates a Mountain of Debt

Literary Mayhem in Hong Kong

Who lost Vietnam?

Will China's Tax Policy Throw Property into the Deep Freeze?

Singapore’s Shifting Sands

China’s Raging Bull

Borrowing in Yuan and Investing in Bucks

Long Live the King!

China’s Chip Shot into Space

Safe at Any Cost?

Smoker’s Paradise

London Calling

India Strengthens Military Ties with Burma

Malaysian murder a tale of love gone wrong

Thailand's Singapore Problem

Japan lets more than just interest rates stagnate

Japan lets more than just interest rates stagnate

Malaysian Justice is a Waiting Game

Like Father Like Son, Macau Style

Hu Jintao Gambles on the West

China’s Growing Deep-Sea Ambitions

Xinjiang Deaths Raise Troubling Questions

Malaysian Murder Gets Stickier for Ruling Party

Thailand Moves Against Foreign Firms

The High Risk of Travel in Indonesia

Flight Plans

Treachery in Shanghai!

India Fever Overheats

Rough waters in Thailand

Rough waters in Thailand

Greetings, Citizen

Off-Line City

Good Eats

Are North Korea’s Reform Bottles Half-Empty?

Thailand’s Bombing Mystery Gets Murkier

The Lesson George W. Didn’t Learn

Confusion in Thailand Over Bomb Attacks