Three Gorges Dam

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"Chongqing": The city of Chongqing is the starting point of cruises along the Yangtze river that pass through the Three Gorges Dam.


"Destruction": All along the Yangtze river the damage caused by flooding and construction filled the air.


"Too little, too late": With billions of dollars spent on anti-pollution efforts, this pathetic one man cleaning crew was all we saw of these anti-pollution efforts in three days.


"Still some beauty left": The mini-three gorges are gorges away from the main Yangtze river. Smaller cruise boats take tourists to view caves and other cultural relics that have not (yet) been destroyed by rising water levels.


"Mighty dam": While the dam was impressive from an engineering point of view, the water pollution and silt buildup in the water visible to the naked eye was not.


"Slowdown": A series of locks have been constructed to deal with the rising water levels. This has often slowed down shipping movements to a crawl on the river.

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