Responses to "A Tribute to My Primary School"

I have copied below messages from emails received. Please just note that I’m nowhere near what some of them made me out to be about writing….

From So Chun Hoi:

“After reading the article of Alice, I think many of us are eager to meet our Math teacher Ng Sir at the coming event, but it is heard that he will not join this gathering, may I suggest every one of us to send him an email requesting him to come.”

From Mak Sui Man (Rachel Poon):

“Hi, all, I did not find time to read Poon Wai Han's blog until this wee hours of the day. and, once I read it, I got so excited and could not help responding though I was supposed to get up to rush through a few things.. I was in 6C and of course would not have a clue about 6B. Yet, Alice, you have helped me put into words of pictures the sweet memory I had for my beloved primary school. Thank you so much. I am so proud of having authors in our class of such calibre- you and Kan Mo Han who writes Chinese books.

A few things of curiosity:

1. I remember having the' fatal' exams all in one day. folks, pl share our memory bank

2. I tried to guess the little five, are they Wong Woon Sing (which cannot be wrong), Fung Miu Han, Lee for Lee Tat Yee? , Chiu for Chiu Yat Sing? Have I got them all wrong?

3. I wonder whether Ng Sir is reading our mail. If he had, he could not but feel our love and respect for him. (pl. note that I have deliberately deleted his address on this mail). Apparently not a regular user of the internet communication, he has been a very quiet reader if he had been reading. I do wonder how he felt about us. Actually I have been procrastinating about writing him a personal letter to thank him specially for being one of the most important persons to give me the 'magic wand' that cast a life-changing spell in my life.

I do have a frantic idea to suggest, for those who shared the gratitude of Alice and me: could we each write a piece of our memory about him to make into a booklet or something and send to him. Wo and Winnie, I am not proposing this as part of the big event as you may feel it would make it look unfair on other teachers [that is why I tried to exclude other teachers on this mail too]. But I am curious of how Ng Sir touched the hearts of different students and do want to find a platform to share mine [and I do not have a blog]

Btw, how I wish all these could reach a few of our classmates like Wong Hing!

Also, anyone has contact with Chow Po Ching who is the Chinese teacher to 6C and possibly 5b?

I really have to go now.”

From Leung Sing Sze (Angela Fu):

“Thanks for sharing a beautiful friendship story of the “Little Five”.

Throughout primary school, I thought little boys were put on earth to annoy girls and I couldn’t wait to get to an all girls’ middle school. Was I narrow!!”

From Wong Tai-chu (Sabina Chan):

“I didn't know we have such a famous author (Alice poon) attended our old primary school. I live in Washington state, but I come up to Richmond (Vancouver) every weekend. Unfortunately I can't attend the reunion but would like to see photos. Somehow I really don't remember what year I graduated from EHR. I was graduated from high school in 1967, so I think I must belonged to the class of 1962 then. My triplet brothers, Wong tai-hang, tai-cheung, tai-kwan and my youngest brother, Wong tai-Kai, also graduated from EHR. may be one of you remembered us. I left HK in 1970 to attended the University of Washington and hate to say it, I totally don't remember the old school days and would like someone to fill me in.”

From Rolland Lau Hoo-Kwan:

“Hi Sabrina, Just trying to help filling you in. My name is Lau Hoo Kwan. I have a class photo to 62AM Class 6A but you are not in it. But I DO remember your name the names of your three brothers (They must have been quite famous back then being triplets.)

So, I guess you are graduate of 62AM but not Class 6A. Hope this help. Sorry that you couldn't make the reunion.”