Sitemap - 2014 - Asia Sentinel

How to Upset Your Children

Asia Sentinel’s Top 10 Stories for 2014

Grave International Concern over Jakarta School Case

Thailand Blocks Overseas Opposition Voice

General Mills Conquers China’s Dumpling Market

Why Didn’t the HK Vetting System Find Raphael Hui?

Afghanistan: From Bad to Worse

Grim Annual Toll of Killed, Jailed Journalists

Can There be Such a Thing as ‘Peak Children?’

Thai Smuggling Ring Tied to Prince?

Lessons for Hong Kong in Macau

Hindu Nationalists Take Aim at Modi’s Reforms


Hong Kong’s Jimmy Lai Isn’t Going Anywhere, Thank You

Chinese Agriculture Goes Global

China's Banks Torture, Distrust Borrowers

Religious Law Threatens Malaysian Opposition Coalition

Opinion: Sydney Siege: Why Didn’t the Snipers Shoot?

1MDB’s Dubious Middle Eastern Connections

Coal to Remain King For At Least 5 Years

The Cow – Most Successful & Most Miserable of Species

Now you can choose to be referred to as he or she

UMNO Revolt Rises Against Malaysia PM

Hong Kong Protest Won’t Go Away

Problems Grow in Papua for Jokowi

Succession Tug-of-War Over Ousted Thai Princess and Son

The CIA Torturers Started at the Top

Moderate Malay Muslims Seek to Cool the Heat

Professor as Pretender

The World's Strangest Land Grab?

The Hong Kong Occupy Saga Continues

The Lessons from Typhoon Hagupit/Ruby

Aging Japan May Not be a Crisis

Opinion: Score One for Dr. M on Sedition

Rape Again Raises Ugly Head in Delhi Case

Jokowi’s Tough New Maritime Policy Takes Shape

COOL GOOGLE TRICK and how to never have regrets

Malaysia’s Investment Fund Disaster

Oil Price Sends Mixed Signal for Asia

Japan Launches New Space Probe

New Typhoon a Test for Philippines’ Aquino

In Foreign Bribery, Check the Big Boss

Puzzling Delay in Anwar Verdict

Opinion: Truth, the Forgotten Casualty of Hong Kong Protests

BJP Needs a Pakistan Policy History Lesson

TIMELINE: Life of The Disappeared Princess Srirasm

A Gilded Thai Palace Rife with Intrigue

Beijing Sends an Alarming Message on HK Visas

TIMELINE: Rise and Fall of Pongpat Chayapan

After 30 years, Bhopal Still Festers

Fun with barcodes, possibly illegal

Thailand’s Bar Girl Princess is ‘Disappeared’

Think Tanks with Chinese Characteristics

Shaking Down Manila

The Olympics and Asia’s Rise

Thai Prince Said to Trigger Police Purge

Hong Kong Sets Out to Furl the Umbrella

Myanmar High Court Turns Down Journalists’ Appeal

Sino-Japan Ties Improving?

Can Jokowi Tame Indonesia's Forestry Ministry?

Love For Sale in India

Indonesia’s Jokowi Benefits from Golkar Turmoil

Malaysia’s Najib Under Fire at AGM

Japan’s Election Without a Cause

Hong Kong Property Hits the Stratosphere

Grim Anniversary for Shocking Filipino Media Massacre

Woman robber shoots breast milk

Shhh… The Puppet Master Putin & Russia's Escalating Spy Operations

Thailand Junta Not Wearing Well

South Korea’s Press: The Illusion of Freedom

Trade and Transfats in the Pacific

Thai Junta Faces Headwinds Reflating Economy

Terrorist Cell Shocks India

Australia and China after the FTA

Jokowi Takes On the Oil Mafia

China’s Infrastructure Bank: Can it Fly?

Indonesian Women Police Recruits Face Degrading Virginity Check

Taiwan Midterm Polls a Toss-Up

Vietnam’s Cable Car Mania

US Navy Muzzles a China Critic

Oz Premier Abbott Goes Tone-Deaf at G20 Meeting

Myanmar’s Rohingya: The Roots of a Tragedy

Merchants of Singapore - Great Southern Seafood Feast with Wine hosted by Yilgarnia 29 Nov


Jokowi Expands on his Maritime Vision

Putin Calls Oz Leader Abbott’s Bluff

Elected Women Must Redefine Agendas to Include Own Sex

Gold Demand Slumps, India Overtakes China

The Real Bank Robbers Got Away

The Significance of the US-VN Arms Deal

Critics Batter Najib Over Flawed Malaysia Fund

A Distrustful Taiwan Takes its Cues from Hong Kong

Jokowi Tells International Investors the Door’s Open

Singapore Blogger Collides with PM’s Lawsuit Machine

HK Court Order & President’s OK May End Standoff

Robert Parker’s Wine Advocate – Matter of Taste Singapore – Nov 22

Cultural Bias or Established Fact…How do you Know?

Another Rice Revolution in the Making

India and the Forgotten War

Sometimes the Perfect Body Isn’t

Modi Appoints a Bribe-free Minister

Afghanistan: What Withdrawal?


Islamic Women Challenge Malaysian Crackdown

Book Review: Farzana, The Woman Who Saved an Empire

Book Review: Hun Sen’s Cambodia

Book Review: Death Fugue

Don’t Trust Wikipedia on Indonesia

HK Gap with Mainland Wider than Imagined

South Korea: Headwinds and Crosswinds

US Annoys Friends, Influences Nobody on Asian Infrastructure

Pursuing the Philippine Hornbill through Jungle, Swamp and Kidnapper

Humor: Thai Junta’s Jobs for Dissidents Abroad

Indonesian Brothel Closures hit HIV prevention

Thailand’s Enduringly Crooked Police

The Rising Tide of Change in Vietnam

The Case for Cobra Gold

You will shortly write your last cheque

Opinion: Time for Thai Royals to Face Reality

India’s Modi Merges Myth and Reality

Stopping the Looming TB-Diabetes Epidemic

Modi Steps Up India’s Defense Preparedness

Surrogacy: Human Right or Reproductive Exploitation?

The House of Roosevelt, Shanghai: Wednesday Wine Nights

Sensational Murder Complicates US-Filipino Relations

Jokowi Seeks to Reclaim Indonesia’s Maritime Past

Beijing Seeks APEC Triumph

Final Appeal for Anwar to Begin in Malaysia

Conspiracy Oracle Backs Beijing from Bangkok

Burmese Reporter Dies in Army Hands

Proof that exercise is bad for you

Shinzo Abe’s Women Troubles II

Philippine VP Runs into Corruption Roadblock

Book Review: Kingdom in Crisis

Book Review: The South China Sea: The Struggle for Power in Asia

Interview Shows HK Chief to be Clueless

Indonesia’s Joko Searches for Honest Men

Womenomics in Japan

Taiwan to Join Submarine Race

Maldives’ Devil’s Pact on the Environment


Indonesia’s Joko Takes Center Stage

Thai Journalism In a Death Spiral

Burma’s Failed Promise

India’s Modi Tightens his Grip

Viable End Game Circumvented in Hong Kong

Vietnam’s Higher Education System Overload

Can Hong Kong Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying Survive?

Hong Kong’s Future: In Beijing’s Hands

Summits give Obama Venue to Address Asia Challenges

Burma to Begin Rice Exports to NE India

WHO Delegates Kick Tobacco Reps out of Moscow Parley

Hong Kong’s Endless Road to Democracy

Heartening Report on Global Hunger

TPP, China and the Future of Global Trade

Risk of Triad-Related Violence Grows in Hong Kong

Thailand’s Prayuth Becomes a Philosopher King

Sun Shines On India’s Solar Business

Huge Ponzi Scandal Unfolds in India

Okinawa’s New US Marine Base’s Underwater Nemesis

China–US Climate Change Deal Coming?

Man fighting bug almost destroys Japan

The Farce of Thai Corruption Cleanup

Hong Kong: Wear A Yellow Ribbon

Southeast Asia’s Points of Light in a Murky Democratic Dawn

Sotheby’s Appetite for Indian Art

Thailand’s Coup and the Threat of the King’s Death

Polio cases surge in Pakistan

World Wildlife Population in Shocking Decline

Hong Kong Pressure Abates

Is South Korea Really Developed?

US-Viet Weapons Deal: No Room for Human Rights

The Death of the TPP

IN PHOTOS: Hong Kong protests

China Uses Triads Against Democracy Movement

India’s Modi Draws Huge US Crowds


Resign Ultimatum Passes in Hong Kong, Protests Unresolved

Understand What Hong Kong Wants

HK Protests Damage Leung and Xi

Argument: The Road to Improved US–Vietnam Relations is Economic Reform

Is Brunei’s Shariah Threat Real?

Hong Kong: Best and Worst-Case Scenarios

Holiday Killing 101: Checklist for Thai Authorities

A Doctor Accuses His Profession of Dangerous Dishonesty

HK Police and Officials Botch Protest

South China Sea Disputes Need More than Principles

The ISIS Threat in Indonesia

China Can’t Back Down

Xi is on the Wrong Side of History in Hong Kong

Japan’s Leading Newspaper under Siege

Indonesia’s Political Disgrace

India Gets to Mars but Can’t Mine Coal

US and Vietnam to Discuss Curbing China’s Sea Claims

WTO’s Latest Talks Stumble Into Chaos

Silk Road Diplomacy – Twists, Turns, Distorted History

Tencent on a Tear

China Pledges a Pale US$6 million For Climate Change

Hong Kong’s Mega-Rich Kowtow in Beijing

China Warning Batters Philippines Tourism

China’s Infrastructure Bank Moves Ahead

Reality Bites Indonesia's Jokowi

Malaysia Tightens the Sedition Screws Again

Thai Tuna Behemoth Looks Abroad for Acquisitions


Hong Kong's 'Umbrella Revolution'

India, China Agree Deals Despite Face-Off

Police Brutality in Vietnam

Book Review: Unknown Tale of Chinese in WWI

The US, Vietnam and Shifting Alliances in Asia

Robert Parker Grand World Tour Coming to London Oct 31 & Nov 1

Malaysia’s Sultans Return to Power

China Breaks its Promise to Hong Kong

I Love Coffee, I Love Tea

Thai PM Prayuth Picks a Loose Cannon

Indonesia’s Bare-Knuckle Politics Target Democracy

Cambodia’s Preah Vihear: Development Still on Hold

Deep thoughts about evil

Book Review: Free Trade’s Ardent advocate

Vietnam Quickly Shutters ‘Land Reform’ Exhibit

Book Review: The Art of Symbolic Resistance

HK Tycoons Go Ivy with Harvard Gift

Chinese Pilots Push Back at US Spy Planes

Thailand’s Disgraceful Human Trafficking Record

A Chinese Author Takes On China

Zamboanga’s Forgotten Survivors

China Gets it Wrong

Cracks Show in Tibetan Buddhism

Modi Embraces Abe

Singapore’s Vaunted CPF under Fire

Bottle-Feeding Asian Mothers Risk Infant Health

Cloud Hacks More Than Just Nude Pics


Sedition Axe Falls on Malaysian Press

Bulls Return to Indian Art Market

China’s Mooncake Crackdown

Hong Kong, City of Broken Promises

Graft Probe Claims Indonesian Energy Czar

China-Taiwan Relations Turning Sour

Beijing’s Order to HK on Universal Suffrage Violates Basic Law

China’s New Propaganda Campaign

Super Typhoon + Manila = Disaster

China Lays Down the Law

Malaysian Government Nails Opponents with Sedition Act

Thai Junta Names an Aging and Conservative Cabinet

What’s Behind China’s Anti-Price Fixing Campaign?

Jokowi’s Sea of Troubles

On Scene: China's 'No' to Hong Kong


Beijing to Hong Kong: Drop Dead

Modi’s Energetic First 100 Days

Why Can’t the Philippines Cha-Cha?

HK Graftbusters Raid Influential China Critic

Hong Kong Under the Heel

India’s Big Fat Online Wedding

Pegasus Bay Sauvignon Semillon 2012, Waipara, New Zealand

Indonesia Wins Gamble Over Ore Export Ban

Thai Threat Kicks Off US Academic Debate

Blowing the Lid off China’s Food Safety

Washington’s Stuttering Foreign Policy

Chinese Medicine: Fraud or Oriental Magic?

Danger Grows for Environmental Activists

Rethinking Asia’s Retirement Systems

Macau Cracks Down on Democracy Advocates

The Red Beatification of Xi Jinping

Women Find a Place in Afghan Police

Asia Isn’t as Rich as it Thinks it is

Japan Joins the Great Arms Bazaar

High Stakes in Myanmar’s Peace Process

Indonesian Court Says No to Prabowo Presidential Bid

Hong Kong-Shanghai Bourse Tie-up on Track

Is it Goodbye to the 'Barren Rock?'

Mahathir’s Case Against Najib Detailed

Thailand’s Crooked Army

Hope Fades in Burma Search for Buried Spitfires

E-commerce and the gay couple who clicked to buy a baby

Thailand’s Junta Grinds Exceeding Fine

Notes from the Street

Former Malaysian PM Mahathir Turns on Najib

Is the UN’s peacekeeper selection process flawed?

IN PHOTOS: Marching to Limit Hong Kong’s Electoral Franchise

Thousands in HK Say ‘NO!’ to Occupy Central

India’s Modi Gets Moving

Indonesian President’s Son Implicated in Scandal

Macau Down, Although There’s Still Action

The Perils of Popularity for Jokowi

Who did Thai Media Baron Sondhi Offend?

Will the US Arm Vietnam?

The BRICS Feel their Oats

Thai ‘Reform,’ 1984 Style

Malaysian Prime Minister’s Mystery Holiday

Philippines Catches an Alleged Murderer

Refugee Aid Switches to Cash

Malaysian Opposition Crisis Boils Over

Standing Up to China on the South China Sea

Japan and China Compete for Latin American Clout

South Korea’s Alpha Women Myth

China’s Bitcoin Entrepreneurs Bet the House

‘Jilboobs’ Raise Clerical Hackles in Indonesia

Philippine President Aquino Loses the Plot

US-Vietnam: Weapons for Reform

'White Terror' Behind Hong Kong Web Closure?

Thailand’s Lapdog Legislature Convenes

Indonesia’s Prabowo Thunders On

Come Fly With Me: Executive Jet Travel in China

The Ultimate Nigerian Scam Letter

Southeast Asia Supplying Jihadists to Middle East?

The China That Can’t

Tale of Two Middle Classes

China’s Growing Military Sway in Latin America

Russia–China Dalliance no Threat to the US

The Middle Kingdom Comes to the Hermit Kingdom

A Thai Political Detainee’s Story of Abuse

Calm Transition Shows Indonesia Outshining Thailand

Australia’s Sticky Plastic Money Trail

India’s e-Commerce Market Explodes

India, Bangladesh and a Sensible Border Dispute Settlement

The End of China’s Onerous Hukou System

Malaria Parasite Feared to be Mutating

Haiyan Resettlement Stalled Over No-Build Zones

Truffle Wine Dinner (Singapore) presented by Merchants and Towerhill Estate

Crisis for Anwar’s Coalition

Australia ‘Gags’ a Massive Banknote Scandal

Japan, India Link Over Aggressive China Policies

Indonesia’s Joko: Role Model for Asian Pols

Thailand’s Yingluck to be Charged?

Can Climate Change Hurt Your Health?

Cancer – Up Close & Personal

Hacker Havoc Against Hong Kong Activists

Leaks Confirm Attacks on HK Press

Philippine Population Officially tops 100 Million

Cambodia in Peril from Mekong Dams

Gender issues can be so confusing

Prabowo Subianto: Indonesia’s Opposition Leader?

Bitcoin Grows on Asian Users

Thai Junta Writes Its Own Insurance Policy

Media Censorship in Vietnam

Rare Good News for West Papua

Stateless in Hong Kong and Happy to be

The US Harms Its Global Prestige Over Israel

Breaking the ‘Silos’ of Drug Use

It’s Official – Sort of: Jokowi Wins

Najib Waffles Over MH17 Disaster

Vietnam in the Shadow of China

When writing a balanced report is wrong

Double Tragedy Could Spell the End of MAS

Philippine President Aquino’s Popularity Fades

Religious Leaders Seek to Cope with AIDS

India’s Modi and Jaitley Slow Off the Mark

Thai Military Shows Yingluck the Door

Japan Faces Another Summer of Power Shortages

Cambodian Opposition Figures Headed for Jail

Visa Enforcement Tightens for Thailand’s Expats

Is it Time for an Asian Environmental Miracle?

Johor Sultan Narrows the Singapore Strait

Could Prabowo Steal Indonesia’s Election?

Is China Only Playing Catch-Up in the South China Sea

Manila Braces Vainly for Another Typhoon

Hong Kong Struggles over Fake Democracy

China and South Korea: 'Like Mouth and Tongue'

Southeast Asia Steals Indian Pharma

Europe’s Ruling on Google: Much Ado About Nothing

China’s Challenge in Africa: Avoid Blame of Neo-Colonialism

A China Veteran Looks to Africa

Lethal holidays for all the family

Thai Academic Protests Attempts to Isolate him

All’s Not Well in the Rice Market

Harsh Islamic Law Loses Momentum in Malaysia

Thai Government Strips Overseas Dissidents of Their Passports

Jokowi Unique in Asian Politics

Vietnam War’s Tragic Legacy

Emerging Asia Should Brace for Higher Global Rates

Altantuya Comes Back to Haunt Malaysia

'Revolution' in Indonesia

MHealth Explodes in Developing Countries

Sex Education Gets a Filipino Green Light

Indonesia Nervously Awaits Presidential Polls

Indian Capitalism Under the Microscope

Mainland Takes Charge in Hong Kong

Thailand to UN: We’ll do it Our Way

A Badly Needed Green Lung for Hong Kong

Scientists find that atheists don't exist

China’s 'New' Language of Diplomacy

The Lessons of Japan’s Financial Crisis

Book Review: A Look Inside a Secretive North Korea

Indonesia’s Prabowo Shows his Hand

Ethnic Violence Spreads in Myanmar

A Pictorial Record of Hong Kong’s Historic Protest

Thailand is Not Argentina

Hong Kong’s Big Parade

Time for the US to Get Tough on Vietnam

Gang of 4 Big HK Accountants Wrong on July 1

Narendra Modi makes his first big prime ministerial speech in English

In a Prabowo Presidency, Indonesians Would Get a Volatile Package

Thai Game Plan: Drive Shinawatras into Exile

Being an ANNOYING PERSON is now a crime in some places

Modi’s More Nuanced Than You’d Think

Beijing Rescues HK’s Occupy Central Movement

Visa Wellington On a Plate - 15 to 31 August

Narrow Race, Rising Tensions in Indonesia

Sri Lanka Once Again on the Brink

Islam: Up for Grabs

Laos to Continue to Develop Divisive Mekong Dam

An Arms Race Explodes in Asia-Pacific

Asean Lawmakers Blast Human Rights Commission

Counting the Human Cost of the Thai Coup

The Dangerous Nexus Between Hepatitis C and HIV

Hong Kong FCC in Controversy Over Thai Coup Speakers

US Hacker Indictment Flawed

Opinion: Poverty Eradication Goals are ‘a Cruel Joke”

The Threat of Dams Grows on the Mekong River

India’s Morality Police Get Into Action Again

A Daring Paradigm for the New Silk Road

My career as a counterfeiter

The global rice market winks at El Niño and Thai problems

Prominent Plant Pathologist Lashes Out at GM Critics

China: Winners From Thailand’s Coup

Indonesian Election Too Close to Call

Another China Drillship Moves South

Hyper-Royalists Infect Thai Society

The Strange Tale of Thailand’s Last Executioner

American Folly in Iraq

Zheng He May Not Have Been So Adventurous

China, Japan, Ratchet Up Tensions

Unhealthy Diets Threaten Global Health

Philippines’ Pork Barrel Scandal Names Three Heavyweights

South China Morning Post Turns to the Mainland

Would Nehru do to Congress what Murthy’s done to Infosys?

The Bangkok Coup: Shock and Awe

Iraq Crisis Could Slow Afghan Pullout

Beijing’s Tentacles Enwrap Hong Kong

Mind control for beginners

Mahathir Thwarts Sultan’s Power Grab

US Myanmar Policy Stalls

The Revenge of Jokowi

New reality for Vietnam-China relations

In the Wake of Typhoon Haiyan

The Sommelier’s Palate - Fabien Duboueix CSW CSS - Sommelier at Joël Robuchon Resorts World Sentosa, Singapore

Asia Sentinel Honored at Top Press Awards

China’s Corruption Crackdown Gets Serious

Dead Pigeons

Sino-Russ Strategic Relations

Jokowi Tops Prabowo in Indonesian Debate

Hong Kong and Venality in High Places

Welcome to the Thai junta! We’ve got fun and games

Ascending Mount Edward

Modi Must Now Deliver What India Needs

Thai Generals Go After Exiles and Academics

Malaysia Tries Appeasement With China

Godzilla’s New Stomping Ground

Three beautiful terms KILLED by the internet

Post-Snowden, the US Reaps a Security Whirlwind

Thai Army Tries to Put a Happy Face on Coup

Will Modi Deport Non-Hindu Refugees?

Opinion: The Paracels Standoff – a Month on

The US Needs to Get the Small Things Right Too

Malaysia PM Sues an Online Gadfly

Denying Access to the Enemy in Warfare

Industrialization Hits Laos

Requiem for Rahul?

Escalating the Mekong War on Drugs

25 Years: From Tiananmen to Today

Five stories of movies coming true

Remembering Tiananmen

Thai Society Maven Uses Neutral Post to Justify Coup

Social Media Uprising in Singapore

Thai Journalist Speaks out on detention

The Tide Goes out on Southeast Asian Democracy

The Global Pivot to China

Vietnam: Turning Point?

A Rising Political Star Dims in Malaysia

Diet Wars Over - Mediterranean Wins… Fats Vindicated but Sugar Guilty of Health Crimes

News, Journalism & Media Sustainability

Going Negative in Indonesia

New Asia-Pacific Collective Defense Needed

Book Review: Unbalanced: The Codependency of America and China

Playing chess with a person from outer space

Aussie Mining Billionaire May not be a Buffoon

One of Malaysia’s Most Illustrious Sultans Dies

Tragedy in the Himalayas Stirs Revolt

Thai Junta Goes After the Press

Thailand’s Military Settles Into Power

A Critic Returns to Malaysia

Modi Names Cabinet Ministers

Myanmar’s Military: From Menace to Mediator

A New Political Star in Malaysia

Surveying the Wreckage of Thailand’s Monarchy

Russia Resets its Foot in Afghanistan

My colleagues moan about my desk

‘I Deny the Legitimacy of the Thai Coup:’ Academic

Thai Coup: Even-Handed or Long-Term?

Could the Viet Violence Against China Turn Against Hanoi?

Timor-Leste: Lessons of a Failing State?

China Accelerates Meeting of Top Leaders

Vietnam Faces 'Finlandization' from China

Western Fashions Still Run on Exploited Asian Labor

Jakarta Closes Notorious Stadium Nightclub

Hong Kong Concern Over Beijing’s Financial Embrace

Japan and the South China Sea Conflict

Who Wins in Thailand’s Military Crackdown?

Indonesian Politics: Last Minute Deals

Modi Chooses his Cabinet

Mahathir says Maybe the CIA Got MH370

Report Card on Japan’s Shinzo Abe

China Miscalculates with its Drill Rig

Why radioactivity will kill all Asians

Megawati Says She's Still the Boss

India’s Modi and the BJP Crush Congress

Taiwanese Investors Bear Brunt of Viet Riots

Thai Military Says Knock Off the Violence

Another Allah Case Arises in Malaysia

China–Vietnam Oil Rig Confrontation: An Opportunity in Crisis

Malaysia's PM Tries to Contain a Political Crisis

Indonesia's Jokowi Joins Up with Golkar

US Backs Away from South China Sea Confrontation

El Niño and Politics Grip the Global Rice Market

China Feels Pinch of Indonesian Ore Ban

Obama’s Incredible Shrinking Foreign Policy Agenda

How Ping Pong Changed the World

Thailand's Pressure Cooker Politics

China: Let the Deleveraging Begin

Modi’s Volunteers Flood Varanasi

How a talking chicken made my day

Where’s China’s Apocalypse?

Haiyan Victims Still Scramble for Survival

A New Gandhi Steps in to Try to Save Congress

Saintly (Sort of) Singapore Songstress Stirs Court Case

Myanmar and the Stone of Heaven

Yingluck’s Out. Now What, Thailand?

Barack Obama Visits Asia

Malaysia’s Rosmah Goes Hollywood

Swank UK Hotel Bid Backed by Malaysian Gov't?

Viets Gamble Vainly on Appeasement in South China Sea

Taiwan Executes 2 on China Cops' Feeble Evidence

Endgame for the Gandhis?

Sea Shepherd or Sea Scandal?

Oz’s Abbott Crosses Indonesia Again

Manila Gets Its US Protector Back


Mr. Obama’s Asian Vacation

Malaysia To Chop Off Hands?

Elderly Lee Kuan Yew Ailing?

Singapore’s Smart Army

Hubris Wrecks a Huge Hong Kong IPO

The Dangerous Mr Modi

Why Indonesians Don’t Flee Volcanos

The Philippines Gets a B+ Report Card

Thailand’s Political Prisoners

Waving the Bloody Shirt in China and Japan

Indonesia Draws a Line in the Sea

Was Manila Hostage-Taker Mendoza Mad?

It May Take a Village After All

Why I am giving up being politically incorrect

Obama’s Cynical Malaysian Sojourn

Do You Need the World's Most Secure Email?

Obama’s Mission Impossible: Japan and the TPP

Civil War Looms in Afghanistan

Could a Bird Avert a China-Japan War?

Hong Kong Faces Tragedy with a Double Standard

Murder of a Thai Poet

TPP’s Future is Uncertain

Some Reform in US International Food Aid Program

Fears Overblown in China’s Residential Property Market

Illegal Logging Raping Papua New Guinea

Myanmar’s Military Goes Back to the Barracks

Can Modi Govern India?

Irate Singaporeans Want to Stomp STOMP

Obama Visit to Japan a Test for US

Seven stupidest things said by officials

Accelerated Anwar Case Seen as Insult to US

Murder at the China-Vietnam Border

World Population Trends Signal Dangers Ahead

Protectionism Grows in China

Maintaining America’s Roots in Asia-Pacific

Yangon Lights Up

Malaysia’s Karpal Singh Dies in Car Crash

Journalists in Thailand Face Prison for Quoting Pulitzer-Prize Report

Vietnam Getting its Economic Act Together

Generational Change Destabilizes Thai Politics

Leveraging the TPP for Human Rights in Vietnam

Can the ‘Stans Come Into Their Own?

Obama Sets Date for Visit to Tarnished Malaysia

Climate Change: Does Southeast Asia Care?

NGOs Face Danger in Aid to Myanmar’s Rohingya

Chinese Mistress’s ‘Confession’ Kicks Off Internet Furor

Indian Tycoon Bucks Congress’s Image

Income Inequality Rises in Asia

Thai Rice Subsidy Program Ends With a Whimper

India’s Grain Drain

Book Review: The Chinese Labour Corps

Jokowi’s Party Fails to Overwhelm

China Grants Long-Awaited Cross-Border Stock Trading

Foreign Investors Face Myanmar Gamble

Bangkok’s Uneasy Calm Masks Succession Struggle

Philippine High Court OK’s Historic Birth Control Law

Hong Kong’s Bureaucrats Rewrite History

Govt-Backed Malaysian Newspaper Crosses Line with CIA Charges

The Right to Free Speech in Australia

Hong Kong: China’s Obstreperous Adoptee

When Chaos Trumps Security

Don’t Bet Against the Greenback Yet


Bangkok Faces Crisis From Competing Rallies

Filipina Reformers Collect Powerful Scalps

Indonesia’s Legislative Polls About Corruption, Not Islam

US Nears Defense Pact with Philippines

Myanmar Bans Foreign Fishing From Its Waters

Hong Kong Art Gallery with a Social Mission

The Sommelier’s Palate - Jasper Kok, Sommelier at The Sanchaya Estate, Bintan, Indonesia

‘Oh Viva Da Nang, Dan Nang me, Da Nang me, went out to get a rope and hang me…’

Malaysia Government Approval Dives

Singapore’s Impotent Immigration Policy

The US Looks Good as Obama Heads to Malaysia

Taiwan’s Sunflower Occupation

Indonesia: Southeast Asia’s Natural Leader?

Michelle Obama’s China Visit a Disappointment

India’s State of Denial

More US Cyber-Spying?

All Roads Lead to Beijing

The Implications of Bloomberg’s China Stance

India’s Anti-Dowry Law: Tools to Harass Husbands

Historic Peace Agreement in Philippines

Poachers Killing India’s Rhinos

Why Emerging Country Gloom is Mistaken

Malaysian Airlines’ Troubled History

China’s Import Dilemma

India’s Aam Aadmi Party May Still be a Force in National Polls

Civil War Looms in Afghanistan

When the Boss Hacks

Stopping Violence Against the World’s Women

Beware the Dreamstealer…

The Meaning of Jokowi for Indonesian Politics

Concern Grows Over SEA Handling of Avian Flu Virus

Change Coming in Thai Political Crisis?

MH370's Spirit Doctor

Why Should Obama Visit Vietnam?

Myanmar Stop-Go on Free Press

To Urbanize, China Needs More People

Australia’s Abbott Turns Chainsaws Loose on Tasmania

Here Comes ‘dot NGO’

Getting Burned in China’s Currency Markets

Huxley vs. Orwell: China Today

China Presses Claim on MH370 Search

Is Offshoring Dead?

"Fated and Fateless" Excerpt Part 2

Li Keqiang’s Dilemma

Spratly Islands and Crimea: The Fight for Self-Interest

Chinese Government Caught Flatfooted by Separatist Attack

Jokowi Gets the Nod to Run for President of Indonesia

Japan Has a Friend in Tehran

Mishaps Mar Malaysia’s Handling of Flight Tragedy

Hong Kong’s Autonomy Erodes Further

Critical Year Ahead for Afghanistan

Mahathir Behind Rush to Justice in Anwar’s Case?

Thailand’s Lethal Muslim Conflict

Book Review: Lost Enlightenment: Central Asia’s Golden Age from the Arab Conquest to Tamerlane

TIMELINE: Anwar Ibrahim's sodomy case

"Fated and Fateless" as a Goodreads Giveaway

Malaysian Plane Mystery Trumps Politics

A New Security Alliance for Asia-Pacific

New Hurdles for Myanmar’s Already Hobbled Press

"Fated and Fateless" Excerpt Part 1

‘Killing Fields’ Producer Turned Trade Rep Backs Hun Sen

Afghan Biscuits, Isle of Capri Tomatoes and Broken Heart Gin

Anwar ‘Guilty’ Again in Malaysia

Malaysia Sodomy Case Flawed from Day One

Vietnam Joining Technology Race?

Stopping Violence Against the World’s Women

Billions at Stake for Taiwan Over Mainland Visa Chops

China’s Annual Party Conclave Goes Modest

Japan’s Troubling Denial of Comfort Women

Afghan Biscuits, Isle of Capri Tomatoes and Broken Heart Gin

Expect Justice Long Delayed in Philippine Pork Barrel Case

Asia Shares a WWII Hangover with Ukraine

India Polls Set for April 7

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