A Pictorial Record of Hong Kong’s Historic Protest

On July 1, after weeks of anticipation, Hong Kong’s rambunctious voters took to the streets, marching 4 km in broiling sun followed by drenching rain to protest an increasingly heavy-handed attempt by the Chinese government to rein in the territory’s growing aspirations for democracy. It is a full democracy that was supposed to be granted as a result of the Basic Law negotiated between the UK government and Beijing prior to 1997. Hong Kong has waited 17 years for universal suffrage while Beijing keeps pushing back the date – in accordance with a country where democracy is not practiced. It is estimated that more than a half million marchers followed the route from Victoria Park to the city government center in Admiralty.

Asia Sentinel interns Archie Hall and Nikki Woo accompanied the marchers. Here is their pictorial record of a historic event for the city.