Sitemap - 2008 - Asia Sentinel

China's Overinvestment Quandary

Taiwan's Chen Rats Out His Benefactor

Arts and Bards, Political Branch

Leaders Are No Longer Idols

India's Overprotected Politicos

Less Than Meets the Eye to Yuan Liberalization

Anchors Aweigh, China

UPDATE: Awami League Wins Bangladesh Polls

Pakistan's unruly intelligence services

The Muslim World Must Save Itself

The End of Thai "Democracy"

A Worst-Case Scenario for China

The Bakrie Empire and Indonesia's government

The Spectre of Competitive Devaluations

Korea's Missionaries Charge Ahead

Thailand Muzzles the Internet

Korea's Filipino Missionary Mania

Divergence Grows Between China and the West

China's Year of Living Precariously

Macau Tidbits

Are Malaysia’s Reforms Humbug?

Pale Horse, Pale Actor

Selling the Old School Tie in Asia

The Ghost of Christmas Future: Additional notes

The Ghost of Christmas Future

Tough Times for India's Oil Companies

In Madoff We Trust

Bicycling with the Police in Malaysia

Taiwan Scores a Disappointing First

Thailand's Economic Wreckage

Thailand's Democrat Putsch

Hubris and Improbity

Making a Meal of the Miele Guide

The Gaijin Stumble in Japanese Banking

The Importance of Tazawa

China Dares Deflation

Enzio's Update

Buyers' Remorse in Japan

No Safety in Internet Journalism

Thailand's Done Deal: Back to the Future

What's In A Name?

Defeating the tyranny of terror

India's Elephants in Peril

Kerry and the Credit Juggernaut

Asia's Top Tycoons Take a Haircut

Where's Dad?

The Amateurs and Mahler

Mumbai Massacre: the Dark Side of Globalization

India's Families Still Spend to say "I Do"

India and Space: The Launch of Chandrayaan

Indonesia's Merpati Flies Into Trouble

The Continuing Crisis in Thailand

Getting Pakistan Out of the Grip of Extremism

The US Economy's Bottomless Pit

Japan's Doing Better Than You Think

A Gem of Hong Kong

Thailand and the Coup for the Rich

A Grim Political Battle in Thailand

India's shifting policy on Burma

Enough is enough, act now

Mumbai's Multiple Crippling Ripples

Mumbai's Lessons: the terrorist perspective

Jihadi Terror in Mumbai

A Birth Control Battle Looms in Manila

Indonesia's Army Seeks to Divest

The Return of the Skyscraper Index

China Flexes its Newfound Economic Muscles

Hello Hong Kong!

Journalist shot and killed in Assam

Singapore Wins Again

Democracy Threatened at Bangkok International Airport

Explaining the Global Financial Crisis

Japan Keeps Politics in the Family

America's priorities in Asia

Amidst uncertainties, Bangladesh readies for polls

Malaysia’s Mongolian Murder Mystery Continues

Outflanking the Bush Administration

Palm Oil's Environmental Cost

Manila Gets Set for the Downturn

The Froth Recedes on India's Housing Market

Tired of Waiting, Turkey May Look to the Orient

An Old-Guard Indonesian Titan Falls

What to do about Burma

China Plays a Better Long-Term Hand

Rose of the Year 2008

Panasonic Reaches for the Sun

The Economic Time™ and Tide™ Wait for No Man

Protecting China's Red Princes

Simple Life, Simple Food

The Tamogami Affair

Singapore's Temasek Stumbles Again

A Missile Race in Southeast Asia?

The Great Reckoning

China-Vietnam ties remain more sour than sweet

China Gets it Right, the US gets it Wrong

The Job for the G-20

Asia's Press Moves From Shackled to Free

Burma Moves to Silence the Opposition

The Politics of China's Rural Poor

India faces meltdown woes

Rights of Reporters Affirmed

No Light at the End of the Economic Tunnel

The Rise of India's Saffro-Nazis

Does Malaysia Have a Newly Independent Judiciary?

The British Lion Turns Lamb

Six Months Later, Burma Still Suffers

China Acts with a Huge Bailout

The Art of Speech

China Closes down Overseas Mining Investments

Touching the heart of Malaysian Race Relations

Poison for the people, green food for the nomenklatura

The Yuan Revaluation Train has Left the Station

Nuke deal done, India Looks at a Gas Pipeline

Flying Down to Taipei

Singapore to Become Water-Sufficient

Repairing the Bush Disaster

Japan’s LDP Heading for Historic Defeat

No Easy Fix for Hong Kong's Economy

The Fallout From a Malaysian Murder Verdict

What lies behind Beijing's reservations about an Obama Presidency

Asian Views of America's Role in Asia 2008

Thailand’s Monarchy on the Firing Line

A Chilling New Anti-Obscenity Law in Indonesia

New Political Era for the Maldives

A Task Force to Save the Poor Rich

Vietnam Cracks Down on the Catholics

North Korea in the Slow Lane

Political Analyst Freed in Mongolian Murder Case

HSBC's TV Commercial

If I were an Indian Hindu

Press Freedom In Malaysia, Not For The Fainthearted

Indonesia: Economically Shaken but Not Stirred - Yet

Tension Continues to Rise in Bangkok

China Seeks to Feed Itself

The Return of Yendaka

Malaysia's Sclerotic Political Reality

Why Have China's Reforms Stalled?

Goodbye to All That: Wan Chai Under Threat

Indonesia at the Crossroads (Sigh) Again

Vietnam: Behind the Journalists' Jailings

Unlucky Shareholders

Prison Sentence for ex Thai Prime Minister Thaksin

New Delhi moves to pool oil firm resources

CITIC Pacific: Are there More Coming?

The X Generation Arrives in Taipei

Thailand’s Turmoil May Claim a Prime Minister

A Malaysian Murder Trial to Nowhere

English Skills and A Culture of Apathy

Thailand and Cambodia Agree to Cool Things Off

Dressing Up for Disaster

Southeast Asia Waits with Fingers Crossed

Outsourcing Firms Face Wall Street Blues

A role for Mecca in Afghanistan

Japan's Nobel Prizes

Indonesia's Government Saves the Bakrie Empire

Judicial Farce

Singapore Bankrupts the Singapore Democratic Party

The threat from protectionism

Grim Outlook for World Food

US Delisting of North Korea Deals Japan "Bush Shock"

Things Can Always Get Worse

Book Review: The End of Food: The Coming Crisis in the World Food Industry

Beijing Attaches Strings to buying more US treasuries

Random Thoughts

The Iceland Cometh

The US Congress Charges Commission

Indonesia's One-Man Wrecking Crew

Malaysia Returns to the Barisan Fold

Contradictions Plague Malaysia's Government

Thailand's Political Crisis Turns Violent

Book Reviews - Two Books, One Message

Thailand's Establishment Supports Chaos

Hanoi Pain

Ashes to Ashes

A Fresh Look

Anatomy of Greed

Time to Buy Back the Farm

A Dangerous Cash Crop

Double Trouble

Americans Were Right To Say No!

Nowhere to Go but Down

Bollywood's New Act

Keystone Cops

The Sultan of Zen

Justice For All?

Loving One's Own Is Not Enough

Burma's Democracy Roadmap Back on Track?

Anwar's Troubles Grow

Indonesian Radicals on a Ramadan Holiday

Bailout for Bankers, Sellout for Taxpayers

That's What Friends Are For

Indonesia's Poverty Trap

Paulson Goes All In

America and China Are So Alike!

Push to legalize homosexuality in India

Challenge of a Credible Bangladesh Poll

Malaysia's Anwar Moves Closer to the Endgame

Will the U.S. Follow Lehman's Footsteps?

New Thai Premier's Olive Branch

Malaysia's Anwar Raises the Temperature

Indonesia Starts to Strangle on Success

Asia’s Closed Door to Immigration

Keeping East Timor's Catholics on Side

Malaysians Expect Big Protest Rally Monday

Hackers' Good Deed at Tsinghua University

Possible Power Change After Kim’s Stroke

Singapore Goes After Dow Jones Again

It’s 9/11 Time Again

Nuke Deal to Benefit India Business

An Environmental Mistake in India

Pakistan’s Tribal Challenge

Cooking up an Absurd Stew in Thailand

Rising Racial Tension in Malaysia

Chicken Soup for the World

Response to Shih Wing-ching's Essay

Malaysia's Lawmakers on the run

Down the Rabbit Hole With US Statistics

Pressure Builds on Singapore's System

The Lucky Country No Longer?

Indonesia’s Garuda Faces More Problems

Unspeakable Savagery Against Women

A Digital Trip Over Chomolungma

US Failure Breeds a Stronger al-Qaeda

A Pessimistic Debate on Kashmir’s Future

The Investment Banks Turn on Korea

Samak’s Shaky Hold on Power

Korea’s Buddhists in Revolt

The Unhappy Warrior

Who Will Suffer Least from a US Depression?

Malaysian Politics Descends Into Chaos

The Continuing Crisis in Thailand

Book Review - Out of Mao's Shadow

Nepal: Girls First, Goddesses Later

Malaysia Shuts Down an Internet Gadfly

China: No Time for Complacency

Seeking the Stork in Singapore

Thailand’s Premier Becomes an Unlikely Peacekeeper

North Korea Threatens Restart for Nuke Program

Anwar's Bid for Federal Power: Wishful Thinking?

Malaysia’s Anwar Wins Convincingly

Singapore Justice: a Moving Target

Anwar — Do-Or-Die By-election

Going for the Gold

China's Sea Turtles

Indonesia’s Big Muddy

Power and Politics: Dams in Sarawak

Just another Oil Shokku

Mindanao’s Wrecked Peace Deal

Behind the Gold Medal Haul

Digitizing the Himalayas

US slowdown hits India’s IT sector

Singapore’s Temasek Courts Disaster

Harsh Chinese Crackdown Coming in Xinjiang

Hong Kong's Culture of Concrete

Race and Religion on the Boil Again in Malaysia

Georgia’s Lessons for Asia

Out of My League

UMNO: Be Afraid. Be Very Afraid.

Protest Hide and Seek in Beijing

Bush's Speeches of Candor

Farewell, Solzhenitsyn

Clash of civilizations or calculation of interest?

Indonesia’s Ceaseless Corruption Campaign

Kashmir Teeters on the Edge

Anwar’s Sodomy Charge Complicates Political Struggle

M. Chapoutier Côtes du Rhône Rouge Belleruche 2006 – Southern Rhone Valley, France

Anwar Arrest Expected Thursday

Taiwan’s New Communist Party

The Decider Defuses an Island Row

Hong Kong As A Role Model for Shenzhen

Asia’s Inflation Dilemma

Economic Waves Imperil Vietnam’s Leaders

The Maestro Won’t Face the Music

Mouse Droppings: Hong Kong ’s Fading Magic Kingdom

Economic Woes Imperil Vietnam’s Leaders

China Farms Abroad

The Morass of Thai Law

Anwar Announces for Malaysia’s Parliament

One Country Two Cultures

Jihad Finds a Home in India

Anwar Arrest Looms in Malaysia: Report

Indonesia’s Retail Corruption

Beggars Aweigh

Were the Anwar Sodomy Charges Faked?

Anwar Sodomy Charges: Doctor's Report

Nepal’s Political Tightrope

Indonesia Reforms its Tax Structure

Plush Govt. HQ - Not Just An Image Problem

Bringing Najib to Malaysia’s Witness Stand

Indonesia: Progressing, But not Fast Enough

World Trade Negotiators on a Thankless Mission

Damage Control Needs Dexterity

Malaysia’s Najib Ducks a Court Appearance

War “Imminent” over a Disputed Cambodian Temple

Nepal’s Revolutionary Pratfall

Netizens As Locomotive

Is the Party Over in China?

Betting on India’s government

Murder Most Foul

Just Supposing

Asia’s Good Walks Spoiled

Asia Flirts With the Inflation Devil

Success At An Odious Cost

Beijing’s Leaden Olympic Skies

Beijing’s Olympic Funk

Anwar Freed in Tense Kuala Lumpur

Anwar’s Arrest Raises Tensions

South Korea President’s North Korea Policy Backfires

Lights Out in Indonesia

Hong Kong Pain

Finding Bush’s Legacy in Asia

Outsourcing Less Harmful than Public Believes

Malaysia’s Premier Badawi Buys Some Time

When a disastrous regime continues

China and the US Presidential Election

Book Excerpts - Out of Mao's Shadow

Stagflation Sightings Multiply

China Set to Bump Up Taiwan’s Economy

Hong Kong Used to be Scared of Shanghai

Philippines Ferry Sinking: Recurring Disaster

Singapore’s Minister Mentor Slips Up Under Oath

Book Review: A Fresh look at China

A Disturbing Radicalism Comes to Indonesia

Mass Incidents and Information Openness

Thailand’s “New Politics” Charade

Cracks in China’s Armor

Things Looking Up for India's Trains

Balasubramaniam's Statutory Declarations

A Malaysian Private Eye Recants an Explosive Statement

Off-Loading India’s Air Hostesses

Hong Kong’s New Market Obsession

A Vote for Korean Objections to US beef

More Twists in Malaysian Murder Trial

Thailand's Political Crisis:

Japan’s G8 Meeting

Anwar Tries To Face Down His Accusers

What About The Truth?

A Spy Brought to Book in Indonesia

One Steel Mill Holds Key to the Nuclear Revival

Revisiting Malaysia’s Social Contract

White Collar Lifestyle

Malaysia’s Jungle Train Loses its Trees

Malaysia’s Neutralized Nuclear Threat

Malaysia’s Anwar Again Accused of Sodomy

President Rajapakse’s War Against the Press

Islamic Finance in Asia

Kim Jong Il Comes Sort of Clean on His Nukes

Overseas Chinese Deserve Love Too

A Cambodian Temple Roils Thai Politics

Philippines Ferry Disaster

Malaysia Plays the Illegal Immigrant Card Again

Book Review: Crisis in Central Asia

Breathing Room for Japan’s Fukuda

Nuclear Heat in India

The Internet As A Goad for Democracy

US Compromise on Beef Fails to Dent Korean Protest

Malaysian Deputy Premier's Wife Allegedly Linked to Murder

Factories Staying Put in China

De-stressing India’s Frazzled Students

Defying Malpractices is a Social Responsibility

Brunei on the Bounding Main

Taiwan Courts Big Brother

G-8 Dithers While the US Dawdles

Malaysia’s Badawi Faces More Pressure

Blood in Kashmir’s Water

Preparing for peace in Pakistan

Fortress Guam Gets More Crowded

Book Review - Wolf Totem

East Timor’s Unready Police

How Much is That Steel Mill in the Window?

The Long Journey Home

Malaysia Faces a Succession Crisis

Book Review: Islam in Indonesia

Islamic Indonesian Sect Becomes a Lightning Rod

Dangdut and Drilling in Indonesia

A Sri Lankan Rights Commission Goes Nowhere

India’s New Corporate Jet Set

Sex and the Single Chinese

Thoughts on a Sichuan Trip - Prelude

Monarchy gone, but no consensus on government

Hutchison Whampoa’s Italian Telecom Challenge

Russians Mine for Gold in Hong Kong

Korea in Crisis

Anwar’s False Promise on Fuel Prices

Farming Bird's Nests in the City

The Audacity of Independent Viewpoint

Political Tension Rises in Bangladesh

Civilians Become Cannon Fodder in Sri Lanka

Attacks Increase Against India’s Journalists

A Museum Director’s Death in an American Jail

Can June 4th Be Forgotten?

A Pleasant Interlude in a Mongkok Park

The China Alltop Site

A Buddhist master straddles the Taiwan Straits

Malaysia cuts fuel subsidy

Singapore Update: Dissidents Go Directly to Jail

A Song for the Sichuan Quake Orphans

Book Review: The New Asian Power Game

Singapore Update: Dissidents Go Directly to Jail

Waterlogged Jakarta

Thailand’s Political Tensions Continue

Asia Times Online Clipped by Libel Charge

Conflation of Liberty and Shamelessness

The Atomic Genie in India’s Bottle

Hong Kong’s REITS and Wrongs

In Malaysia, Signs of Government Reform

Rice Shortage: Crisis or Hype?

China Strives To Be Understood

Women Battle the Breadline

A Chinese Woman in PAS Country

An Ill-Starred Anniversary for Japan’s Narita Airport

Corruption charges threaten East Timor's development

Indonesia Prepares an Islamic Bonds Industry

Is Indonesia Slipping Back from its Historic Tolerance?

China's Fourth Estate - Chance for Reform

Singapore to Dissident Leader: Shut Up

The Dollar's Dead Cat Bounce

Asian Fuel Subsidies Distort the Energy Market

Scenes from the New Socialist Countryside

The Trouble with Sugar

To Be Blind Is To Be Callous

China’s Disasters by the Number

The Ominous Promise of Natural Disasters

Korea’s Flailing President

The Japanese Way of the Rope

Mahathir Quits the United Malays National Organisation

Malaysia’s Prime Minister Goes after his Nemesis

The Answer for China’s Inflation

Indonesia Loses a Human Rights Voice

Toothless Competition Law

Hong Kong Loses an Independent Watchdog

Two Crusading Journalists Arrested in Vietnam

Malaysia’s LingamGate

Bangladeshi Immigrants Stoke Terror in India

Time for Compassion

The BRICs (and Mortar) of the New Global Economy

North Korea’s Nuke Logs: Propaganda or Substance?

A Tale of Two Devastated Countries

Despite Disaster, Burma Has a Forced Vote

Malaysia Ponders How to Handle its Bloggers

Hong Kong Shame

Asia Sentinel Singed by Olympic Torch

Asia Faces an Inflation Quandary

Thumb your way to a fortune on the phone

Survival Strategy: the Human Face of North Korean Hunger

Chinese Youth Need Own Group Belief

Malaysian Political Blogger Charged with Sedition

North Korea’s Grim New Famine

India’s Outsourcing Blues

Success in the Offing for Hu Jintao’s Tokyo Visit

China Waves the Flag

Death in Saigon’s Cholon District

Time to abolish Thailand’s lèse majesté law

RICEPEC: Thailand’s Dangerous Idea

Rhinos Slaughtered in India’s Preserve

Hong Kong’s Bureaucrats and the Stock Exchange

China’s Cybersnoops Scour the World

Misplaced Passion (Part 2)

Misplaced Passion (Part 1)

Malaysian Deputy Premier Denies Murder Links

European Union and China Drifting Apart

Burma’s Junta Seeks to Legitimize Its Rule

Japan and Russia: Common Interests Drive Them Together

The Public Open Space Conundrum

No Room at India’s Inns

Psst, Malaysia’s Got a New Rice Bowl

Rice Smuggling Threatens Indonesia, Philippines

A Random Walk Down Connaught Road?

Bridging the East-West Gap

A Thai Stands Up for Sitting Down

A Guru for All Nations

Malaysia’s Exim Bank: A Morass of Bad Loans

Global Food Crisis and Corporate Titans

Korea’s Samsung Faces a Revolution Over Resignation, Scandal

Koreans, Condos and a Rare Unspoiled Philippine Forest

Readings on Tibet

From Tibet to Tiananmen

Will Rice Depart from Asia’s Tables?

In Cambodia Urban Renewal Takes A Nasty Twist

A Tale of Two Chinese in Italy

Reason Lost in Angry Voices on Tibet

The End of a Korean Dog’s Life

Malaysia’s Besieged PM May Concede Power

Toshiba Goes Nuclear

The Conqueror of China’s Wild West

Thai Political Beat Goes On

Is Advertising Worth It?

Beijing Hardens Its Line

Beijing Hardens Its Line

Capitalism and Income Inequality

Hong Kong’s Ailing Telecom Company Comes Up for Air

Globalization’s Tipping Point and Tibet

The Assault on Free Markets

No Chaos in China for the Olympic Torch

Hong Kong Bourse Needs Stronger Watchdog

Malaysia’s Prime Minister Under Fire

Long road after Bali breakthrough

In Bhutan, It’s a Rocky Start for Democracy

Tangled up in Bumi: Disgraced Former Malaysian Banker Linked to Irish Premier’s Fall

Kudos to Dr. Seuss

Can South Korea’s Lee Complete His Revolution?

Barefoot Women Light Up India

Nepal: Himalayan Women Get Set For the Fray

Singapore's Great Escape Continues

Did Tata Bite Off More Than It Could Chew?

White Out: Asia’s Rice Price Crisis

US Interests Face a Challenge in Pakistan

Man Must Make His Choice

Bail me out Bennie

Malaysia’s Changed Political Landscape

Thailand’s Messy Telecom Loan to Burma Returns

Japan: Fukuda on the Razor’s Edge

Dissolution déjà vu in Thailand

India’s Tata Grabs an Icon

Mother-Tongue Teaching A Flop

India Cuts a Deal with Burma’s Junta

A One-Child Daughter of China

China’s Generation Without Women

A Onetime Political Star Returns to Malaysia’s Stage

Malaysia’s Badawi Faces a Precarious Future

Taiwan’s Kuomintang Return to Power

Romancing the Koran in Indonesia

Singapore’s Languishing Lawyers

China’s Olympic Image Trap

A Matter of Privacy

India’s restrictions hamper Tibetan movement

The Tibet Riots: Hu Jintao is the Biggest Loser

Life Gets Tough for Asia’s Sovereign Wealth Funds

Free Market and Fairness

Coming Home to Vote in Taiwan

Will China Be Good to Baseball?

A Pox on All Their Houses

Malaysia’s Nervous View of the Future

Oz Cricket Team’s French Cut

Could India and Bangladesh Be Friends?

Indians Click to Say ‘I Do’

Philippine remittances could slow

A Debt of Gratitude

Malaysia’s Market Gets Nervous

Kuomintang Cruising Towards Easy Taiwan Win

Tokyo: Something in the Air

Malaysia’s Political Earthquake

Indonesia’s Commodities Curse

Malaysia Goes to the Polls

Henriot Millesime 1998 - Champagne, France

Will Sabah Change Shirts in the Malaysian Elections?

Keeping Pakistan's Military Out of Politics

Thailand: Removal of capital controls suggests that you remove your capital ASAP!

Singapore Reels over a Missing Fugitive

Burma's democracy process mired in deceit

Asia Sentinel Writer Wins Fellowship

Indonesia’s Digital Divide

Thailand to Restart War on Drugs

How Deep Will Korea’s Samsung Scandal Go?

Chinese Corporate Culture

A Big-time Burmese Drug Trafficker’s Singaporean Connection

A Jihadi Limps Away from a Singapore Jail

Thaksin Returns to Face the Music

This Malaysian Election May Not be a Lock

Rich Get Richer in Hong Kong

Politics Ensnares the Bank of Japan

A Tell-All Book about Rupert Murdoch

Asia and Inflation

Pandora’s Box: Shariah Law in Indonesia

A Nest of Potential Assassins Eye Each Other in Pakistan

Thailand’s cheap AIDS drugs under review

Korea’s New Pro-Chaebol President Takes Office

Hong Kong's Polarizing Fortunes

Hong Tang, Spring Festival 2008

Thai Democracy, the Senate, 6th October 1976 and the South

Malaysian Newspaper Forced to Shut Up

Korea’s Conservative Wants to get Cuddly with Washington

A trip around the markets

A Kosovar Wasp’s Nest for Asia

A “Peaceful” Poll in Pakistan

Bad Biofuel Policy Boosts Asian Inflation

Philippines + Scandal = Life Goes On

China’s Olympic Battle Plan

Bird's Nest and the Laborer

Dubai’s Labor Ghetto

The great Indian stock market tumble

The sleaze behind the sleaze of Hong Kong’s sex photos

Careful with That Wine Bottle

A Battle of Style and Gender

What was Samak thinking?

Malaysia Goes Electioneering

The Face at the Window: A Glimpse Into North Korea

Political Crony Writes Malaysian Judicial Decision

East Timor in turmoil

StanChart Leaves Investors Out in the Cold

Malaysia’s Exim Bank in Probe

Lots of Detours in Burma's Roadmap to Democracy

Hong Kong’s royalty skate through another scandal

Reporters Sans Security

Naked Edison Chen and Friends Light Up the Web

Lessons from Two Celebrity Tales

Casualties of a civilizational war

They’re Paving Paradise, Again

Understanding the Yield Curve

Bill Guerin, Farewell

Asia’s Economic Silver Lining

Thaksin’s shadow party takes aim on the military

The Orchid and Confucius

Roiling the waters in the Spratlys

High-altitude flood warning

Chinese bank emerges from the shadows

Uncultivated Reading Culture

China’s Stock Markets Aren’t Insane

Hong Kong's Second Newspaper Gets a Second Wind

Photos: Chinese New Year Cleaning in a Public Housing Flat

Get Out! Malaysia Tells Migrants. Again.

The Arroyo Imbroglio in the Philippines

Badawi's State Of Euphoria

Steel Mill Killing Mars Progress on Thai Industrial Disputes

Can Malaysia judge its judges?

Global Complications for Sovereign Wealth Funds

Blogs vs. Traditional Media

How much power does the Thai King really have?

Accountability for Suharto’s Crimes Must Not Die With Him

Caught in a Chinese Box

America Loses Another Industry

Live it Up, Asia!

Asia Won't Get Away Clean

An American General’s Upbeat Afghan Assessment

The Inflation Beast

The Flying Dutchman at Home in Hong Kong

Malaysia’s Budget Carrier Sets its Sights High

Hunting the Luxury Man in Shenzhen

Hong Kong's Bureaucrats Amass a Huge Windfall

USA: The Crisis Continues

Nam Ngum Hydropower Cascade Threatens Poverty Reduction in Laos

Who’s Bombing Burma?

Thaksin’s Friends Are in Power

Malaysian Trial Drones Into Oblivion

Mitchell Watervale Riesling – Vertical 2000 to 2006

A Recipe for Disharmony

India’s Pink Posse

Taiwan Does the Presidential Math

Japan’s Dilemma

Thailand’s Southern Rebels Return to Spotlight

Malaysian Yumpies Just Wanna Have Fun

Death won’t End Suharto’s Malign Influence

The December of Indonesia’s Patriarch

Family Feud, India Style

Asia Ponders Its Astounding Foreign Exchange Reserves

Rights Are Not Automatic

Cautious Courtship at the Hong Kong Toy Fair

Thailand’s Coup by Stealth or Something Else

Kim Jong-il Nears his End-game

Taiwan’s Ancien Regime Poised to Return

Will Rupert Murdoch Knuckle Under to Singapore?

Enzio's Clock: Economic Update for 2008

China Commands the Economic Waves to Stop

Barack Obama

China’s Next Cabinet Shapes Up

Malaysia’s Warring Chinese Politicians

Mask of China: Xinzhi New Citizen School

The US Economy: Eyes Wide Shut

Petronas's Pandora's Box

No Allah After All for Malaysian Christians

Worries About Thailand’s Invisible Hand

Banking on the Sex Trade

Book Review - "We Deserve Better" by Hemlock

Sex-Tape Scandal Spices Up Malaysian Elections

Thaksin Was Rejected by the Thai Majority

The Afghani Way of Banking

Viewing Pakistan from India

Pakistan and Feudalism