The China Alltop Site

While I was reading the comments section of a CNReviews blogpost about an idea of bringing a group of US bloggers to China to meet up with Chinese bloggers, I stumbled across the Alltop website which aggregates, amongst other things, blogs and news sites that cover China. I also learned that Guy Kawasaki, founder of the Alltop site, is one of the respected A-list U.S. bloggers (please forgive my lagging knowledge about the who’s who in the blogosphere).

Readers who have been reading my blog from the start will probably notice that it is evolving in such a way as to be focusing more and more on China issues. I, being a Hong Kong-born Chinese Canadian, have a natural interest in observing social, cultural, economic and political developments in China. Moreover, being an English-and-Chinese bilingual speaker, reader and writer and having lived both in Hong Kong and Canada, I feel that I have the ability to contribute a little towards promoting mutual understanding between China and the West. To be honest, it is not as though I had a plan from the beginning. Rather, it has been a continual process of trial and discovery. Above all, I was most inspired by the example of well-known blogger Roland Soong at ESWN, whose tireless and dedicated professionalism is admirable and unsurpassed.

As a habit, I spend a lot of time each week day scouring the internet for China-related articles that are written in Chinese (I had to familiarize myself with reading simplified Chinese as I had been taught, luckily though in hindsight, traditional Chinese in school). I would glance through the topical ones and select from these one that interests me most on any one particular day. Then I would translate it into English and post it on my blog at Asia Sentinel. Typically I would try to do two posts each week (my working pace is nowhere near the rocket speed at which Roland can spin out translated pieces).

Back to the China Alltop site: when I found out that this site specializes in aggregating blogs and sites that cover China, I emailed Guy to ask him whether he would be interested in adding my blog to his collection. Happily, he promptly replied in the affirmative. I must say that for anyone who has an interest in reading about subjects on China, the China Alltop site has pretty impressive contents. The site has also been added to my blogroll.

By the way, I would like to commend the efforts of CNReviews and The China Vortex in their attempt to organize meetings between U.S. and Chinese bloggers in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou this November in order to improve dialogue and build relationship. I wish them every success!