Sitemap - 2021 - Asia Sentinel

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Bill to Raise India's Marriage Age Raises Furor

What’s With Filipinas and Porn?

Malaysians Save Each Other as Government Goes AWOL in Flood

Belated RIP for Indonesia’s Once-Feared Graft Watchdog

China Believed Using Singapore Media for Peng Shuai PR

Malaysia's Floods Expose Catastrophic Policy Failure

US Politics Slow Senate Ratification of Asian Envoys

Hong Kong's Potemkin Polls

Afghan Disaster Likely to Spread

Sarawak Polls More Than Just an Election Victory

Hong Kong Readies for an Electoral Charade

Indonesia Plays a Skillful Diplomatic Game

Innocents' Massacre Inflames Northeastern India

Opposition Stumble Gives Singapore’s PAP a Break to go for the Jugular

Big Plans for Vietnam's Vingroup

Jailed Macau Junket King Likely to Lose Russian Empire

With AUKUS, Washington Plays With Fire Down Under

Russian Nobel Peace Winner's Speech

BOOK REVIEW: Dispatches from the South China Sea: Navigating to Common Ground

A Courageous Journalist's Nobel Speech

Elderly Villager Arrests Backfire on Thai Government

Indonesia Cracks Down on Charitable Fronts for Terrorism

Justice Served in Malaysia

India Passes New Law to Regulate Fertility Industry

Vietnam's Communist Party Jails its Most Trenchant Critic

Malaysia's Najib Loses Criminal Appeal But Remains Free to Politick

The Challenge to Malaysia's Malay Supremacy Narrative

Hong Kong Under Beijing’s Heel

Beijing Power Struggle Enmeshes Ex-Officials, Beleaguered Property Companies

Blinken Visit to Jakarta a Sign of Rising Concern over China

Indonesian President’s Legacy on Line Over Omnibus Law

Cambodian Activist Monk Detained in Thailand Fears Deportation

Philippines' Presidential Sweepstakes Take Shape

Thailand's Troubled South Starts to Recover

Singapore's Succession Problems Continue

Peng Shuai’s Fine, Where’s Her Accused Rapist?

Getting Najib Off the Hook

India Politicians Woo Increasingly Important Women Voters

Antimicrobial Overuse Creating Superbugs

The Malayization of Malaysia

K-Pop Comes to Philippine Politics

Prominent Human Rights Lawyer Denied Entry to Hong Kong

Philippines Starts to Get Act Together on Covid

Vietnam: "Let Them Eat Steak"

Sri Lankan President Aligns with Nationalist Monks in Economic Crisis

Indonesia Pays the Price for Environmental Damage

Was Tennis Star Peng Caught up in Xi’s Power Politics?

ASEAN-China Summit: What to expect?

Malaysia's Opposition Coalition Must Radically Change to Survive

Hong Kong Tightens the Screws on Domestic Helpers

India's Farmers defeat the Modi Government

Hong Kong Starts Denying Visas to Foreign Correspondents

Bodies of Kashmir Victims of ‘Staged Encounter’ Finally Returned

Indonesia Blocks, then Unblocks Access to Asia Sentinel

India's Environmental Issues

Trouble in the Air in Delhi

Modi praised for climate reforms then upset Glasgow Pact

The Zimbabwization of Malaysia

Taiwan’s Exploited Domestic Helpers

Has Thailand's Junta Overcome the Protests?

Thailand: International Tourism May Take Years to Recover

China's Growing Troubles in Afghanistan

Thoughts of Chairman Xi Bode Ill for the Press

China Exports Its Dubious Traditional Medicines

Indonesia Tiptoes Closer to SCS Imbroglio

Obituary: Harvey Stockwin, 1933-2021

'Ketuanan Melayu' will Erode Malaysia’s Meritocracy

South China Morning Post May Come Under Beijing's Control

ACFTA Pact: Hardly Win-Win for ASEAN

Indonesia Restricts Press Coverage of Restive Province

BOOK REVIEW: The Gate to China: A New History of the People’s Republic & Hong Kong

Australia’s Defense Strategy Delusion

Malaysia's Crony Enrichment Plan

WWF Accused of Abusing Forest Dwellers

Vietnam Tests its Regional Chops

The Rise of the Kleptocrat

Japan Election Looks Likely Uneventful

No Cheers for Malaysia's Timah Whiskey

Beijing Power Struggle Sinks Red Princess’s HK Firm

Indian Art Auctions Maintain Pandemic’s Buoyant Trend

Indian Women Take on Drunken Mates

Trick or Treat: Najib and His Merry Band Could Go Free

South Korea and the Quad

Malaysia: Search For a Realistic Socioeconomic Strategy

Fleeing Malaysia to Live Free

Beijing Comes for Hong Kong’s Elite

Viet Leaders Find Former Envoy's Book Too Hot to Handle

Major Developments in Tuberculosis Fight

Costs Zoom for Indonesia's Delayed High-Speed Train

The Threat of Global Fertilizer Overuse

China's "Carrier Killers"

Famed Tourist Town a Test for Malaysia’s Next Polls

Child Marriage in India

Ethnic Minority Killings Trigger Kashmir Unrest

The 'Trilemma' of Korean Nuclear Negotiations

Malaysia's Problem with Racial Tension

Duterte Says No Vendetta Against Nobel Laureate Ressa

India's Tata Takes On an Albatross

‘Fat Leonard’ Talks

Did ‘Fake News’ Lead to 1965 Indonesia Bloodletting?

Malaria Vaccine a Revolution in Health Care

India’s Firecracker Ban an Explosive Issue

Pakistan Port City Erupts Against China’s BRI Project

‘Snowden Refugees’ Mostly Now in Canada

12th Malaysia Plan: Three Backward Steps

North Korea: Firing Missiles to Stay Afloat

As Duterte Announces Departure, Scandal Looms Among Aides

As Expected, Singapore Okays ‘Foreign Influence’ Law

Malaysia Introducing Harsh New Equity Restrictions

Vietnam's Shaky Truce with Covid-19

Singapore Sets a New Free Speech Trap

‘Shanghai Gang’ Seeks Xi’s Ouster

Cambodia’s Sand Dredging Scourge

Big Brother Coming to Malaysia?

Najib Redux

China Forces Huawei Swap Via Hostage Diplomacy

Aukus: Restoring the Regional Balance of Power

Indonesia's Covid Cases Plummet

India's Relationship Changes With Biden's US

India Scooter Factory to Go All-Female

Did Chinese Hackers Penetrate Indonesia’s Spy Agency?

Taliban Struggle For Diplomatic Recognition

AUKUS: Is Australia the Big Loser?

Thai Ruling-Party Fissures Threaten Premier

Malaysia: Corruption Cripples Healthy SMEs

Indian Officials Destroy Invaluable Rhino Horn Cache

Hong Kong’s Belated, Cautious Waste Cleanup Bill

South Korea's Democrats Attack the Press

World Faces Calamity by Not Immunizing in Poor Countries

Talibanizing Malaysia

We are not Afghanistan, Taiwan says

Indonesia Begins Early Prep for Presidential Sweeps

East Malaysia Strays from the Capital

Major Wildlife NGOs Under Fire for Inaction on the Ground

Australia to Go Nuclear

China Roils Waters in Indonesia's Natuna Area

Singapore Aims to Cripple a Press Critic

Beijing's Cautious Stance in Afghanistan

Hong Kong's Hair Clip Rebellion

India’s Modi Accused of ‘Disneyfying’ Massacre Site

BOOK REVIEW: Paradise Lost: Mahathir & the End of Hope

China's Growing Influence Reshapes South Pacific

Navigating Chinese Podcast Censorship

East Malaysia's Tide of Illegal Immigrants

Crackdown on Asian Press Freedom Continues

The End of the Yale-NUS Partnership

A Malaysia Splinter Party Fights for Survival

Malaysia's Bodek Culture

Afghan Refugees’ Sad Plight in Indonesia

No Relief from Malaysia's Free Speech Crackdown

The Extension of Rodrigo Duterte’s Toxic Legacy

Hong Kong's Minority Students in Uphill Language Battle

Malaysia's Opposition Strategy to Return to Power

Danang under Lockdown

A Harris Pat for Southeast Asia

Singapore Ends its Experiment in Liberal Education

Vietnam, US in Cautious Dance during Harris Visit

The Quad Will Sideline Asean

Malaysia's Leadership Crisis

Can Malaysia's New Government Survive?

Malaysia's Witless Opposition Flubs Reform Offer

The End of the Line

Can the Taliban Contain the Jihadis?

Afghanistan's Panjshir Resistance Reemerges

Afghanistan and Regional Geopolitics

Canada Tries Secret Trade – Huawei Exec for Accused Spies

Kamala's Magical Mystery Tour

China, Russia Stumble on Vaccine 'Soft Power'

Indonesia Turns to China in Vax Desperation

Murky Waters in a Chinese-Paid Dam on the Mekong

Duterte's Drug War Failure

India's Criminal Politicians

UMNO Back to Power in Rebuilt Malaysian Alliance

Fate of Accused Canadians Hinges on Huawei Heiress's Extradition

A Wary Asia Casts a Dubious Eye at Post-Kabul US

Malaysia's Political Crisis Deepens

Afghanistan: There Never Was a Plan B

US's Post-Trump Southeast Asia Doctrine

Covid Drives Muslim-owned IG businesses in Hong Kong

Malaysia's Thin-Skinned Politicians

What’s Next for Afghanistan

BOOK REVIEW: Hari Harilela: Made in Hong Kong

BOOK REVIEW: Nothing is Impossible: America's Reconciliation with Vietnam

Thais Increasingly Turn Against Prime Minister

The Doomsday Clock Ticks Louder

India's Poor Bear Brunt of Covid Crisis

Anwar Ibrahim Maneuvers for Power

Komodo Tourism Project Raises Local, International Hackles

Afghanistan: Cut the Red Tape

The Forgotten Issues of Climate Change

Hong Kong’s Tempest in a T-shirt

Barriers Remain to Ending AIDS

US, Indonesia, Continue to Bolster Military Ties

Mahathir Seeks Another Path Back to Malaysian Power

Mahathir's Shattered Legacy

UK’s New Aircraft Carrier Fails to Live up to China Seas Billing

Rajapaksas Turn Sri Lanka into a Family Affair

US-China Tensions Remain High

'Birdshot' Blinds Hundreds in Kashmir

Vietnam Tries to Fight Off the Delta Variant

BOOK REVIEW: Young Soeharto: The Making of a Soldier, 1921-1945

US Defense Secretary's Troubled Southeast Asia Visit

Chaos in Thai Home Food Delivery Industry

Is it Too Late to Stop Climate Change?

Malaysia Seeks a Covid-19 Endgame

Afghanistan: No Peace without a Clear Vision

Entry of Chinese Workers to Indonesia Spurs Anger

Malaysia's Premier Political Party in Decline

China Seeks Regional Help in Managing Afghanistan

US, Allies Pile Pressure on China

Covid and the Disaster of Philippine Education

India's Coercive Population Laws Under Fire

Saffronart Leads Indian Auction Results

Asia's Waters and Marine Life in Deep Trouble

Vaccine Debacle in Thailand

Covid Widens Thai Class Divisions

Malaysia's Political Crisis Reaches the Boil

Japan Invades US via Baseball

Women's Rights a Struggle in Indonesia

Modi, Looking For Reboot, Reshuffles Cabinet

Malaysia Under Growing Stress

Pakistan's Afghan Dilemma

Australia Opens Gate for Asean Ag Workers

Singapore's Controversial Internal Security Act

Could There Have Been Another Course for China?

NGOs' Sorry Record in Saving the Cambodian Environment

Elderly Apparatchiks Shun CCP Birthday Party

Xi Kickstarts a Jittery CCP’s Second Century

Asean Splinters Over Myanmar Condemnation

Modi Seeks to Shake International Censure Over Kashmir

China Pokes its Nose Into the Middle East

Pakistan Searches for Better US Ties

Indonesia's Covid Problems Reach Crisis Level

Sri Lanka Becoming ‘Sinhalese-Only Country’

Muhyiddin's New Tool to Shore up Power: University Boards

China Struggles With Costs of 1-Child Policy

With Apple Daily’s Death, Hong Kong Press Feels the Lash

Australian Government Goes After Whistle-blowers

Malaysia's Clinical Trials Quagmire

Consumer Giants’ False Promise of Plastics Cleanup

Chinese Himalayan Encroachment Raises Delhi's Concern

China’s BRI: Stalking Horse for Military Expansion?

Ho Chi Minh City Looks to Get its Own Back

Crisis, Pain, and Political Instability in Malaysia

Executives of Outspoken Hong Kong Newspaper Arrested

Indonesia Turns to Europe for Arms

Singapore's Islamic Council Faces Potential Corruption Charges

Duterte ‘War on Drugs’ Failing, UN Figures Show

Pandemic Cripples India's Working Women

Could China's 'Tigers' and 'Flies' Include 'Watchdogs?'

China Seeks to Mend Fences in Indonesia

Mystery Trip to UAE by Malaysia's King

BOOK REVIEW: The Chinese Communist Party: A Century in Ten Lives

Police Killing in Philippines Stirs Outrage

A Renowned Indian Artist at Work

The Chaos in Global Supply Chains

National Unity Government: Desperation Malaysia Ploy?

Manny Pacquiao Eyes Philippine Presidency

Malaysia Needs a Covid-19 National Blueprint

China's Empty Maternity Wards

Hong Kong's Booming Migration Industry

The Plight of Malaysia's Indigenous Peoples

Indonesian Anti-graft Watchdogs to be Ousted Over President’s Objections

India's Kashmir Stranglehold Extends to Government Employees

Apple Daily Asset Seizure Ominous for Hong Kong Commerce

Malaysia’s Planners See Yet Another Mirage

China Seeks to Keep Afghan Jihadis in Afghanistan

Modi Lost in India's Covid Crisis

Could Lightning Kill 18 Elephants in a Single Strike?

Free Speech Dying in Malaysia

Hong Kong’s Political Refugees Face New Perils

Outlook Grim for Hong Kong’s Democracy Advocates

Growing Threat of AI Weapons

BOOK REVIEW: Grandma’s Gangsta Chicken Curry and Gangsta Stories from My Hippie Sixties

Suspect Test Used to Boot Indonesian Graftbusters

The Winners From the US-China Competition

Thailand Tries to Tighten Screws on NGOs

Cambodian Government Uses Covid to Silence Critics

The Disgrace of India’s Women’s Health

Top Malaysian Cop Accuses Home Minister of Political Spying

Grim Reaper Waves Scythe at Singapore’s Flagship Newspaper

The Failed Promise of Malaysia’s New Economic Policy

Fears of Conflict Escalate in Indonesia's Papua

Hong Kong Racism on Display over Vax Demand for Domestics

The Coming Battle for Malaysia’s Heartland

A Lee Dynasty in Singapore After All?

Heads roll as China’s Xi tightens grip on Fintech Firms

Modi’s BJP fails to win West Bengal

A Beleaguered HK Press on Press Freedom Day

Japan’s Radioactive Water

South Korea Between Two Giants

Developing Asia Begins Turnaround, ADB Says

India’s Modi Concentrates on Politics as Covid Rages

Taiwan Reassured by Biden’s Support

Malaysia’s Stolen Democracy: Local Government

ASEAN Delivers Toothless Warning to Myanmar

Indonesian Sub Tragedy Sends Several Messages

Sedition Threat for Activist Mocking Malaysia’s Queen

‘Miss Congeniality’ Starts a Filipino Revolution

Hong Kong Media Fall to Pro-Chinese Owners

Indonesia’s Ambiguous Rice Policies Hurt Farmers

Post-covid Greenhouse Gases Expected to Soar Upward, Report Says

Hong Kong’s Flag Carrier Cathay Hits Turbulence

India’s Women Farmers Find Their Voice

Afghanistan Fearfully Awaits Taliban’s Islamic Emirate

BOOK REVIEW: Exercise of Power: American Successes, and a New Path Forward in the Post-Cold War World

Beijing Shows its Contempt for its Hong Kong Commitments

Malaysia Fades in Covid Fight

Indonesia’s KPK Apologizes for Calling Singapore Spade a Singapore Spade

Asean Has to Expel Myanmar

The Afghan War’s ‘Boat People’

Thailand’s Covid Setback

Singaporeans Wonder Who Will Lead Them Next

Hong Kong Seeks to Stem Illegal Wildlife Trade

Hong Kong Hides Investors’ Identities from Public Scrutiny

India Debates Wages for Housewives

Cleaning Up the Scars of US War in Vietnam

Growing Crowdfunding Blunts Singapore Leader’s Libel Tactics

Five-Year-old Viet Protest Still Reverberates

Women in Indonesia Increasingly Joining Jihad

Hong Kong’s Electoral Changes Pass Power to Beijing

Indian artists focus on the drama of The Last Supper

US Social Media Giants in Trouble

Indonesia Ventures Cautiously Into a Defense Pact

Covid Explodes in Philippines as Crisis Mismanaged

India Covid-19 Cases Surge in Second Wave

Asia’s Birds Under Threat

Thai Authorities Throw the Book at Students

BOOK REVIEW: The Powerful and the Damned: Private Diaries in Turbulent Times

China-Backed Duterte Crony Gets Telecom Award

Singapore Opposition Figure Seeks Crowdfunding Against PM’s Libel Judgment

Reformers Seek to Block Duterte’s Dynasty Aims

Malaysia’s GLCs: Development Tools or Corruption Vehicles?

Southern Thailand’s Phantom Insurgency

China Sends Duterte an Ominous Present

Where are India’s Women Lawmakers?

Blacklisting US-Listed Chinese Firms Backfires

Indonesian Females Increasingly Oppressed by the Hijab

Indonesian Lawmakers Bulldoze Government to Okay Dubious Vaccine

Malaysia Fights the ‘Allah’ Case all Over Again

Southeast Asia’s Wildlife in the Age of Covid-19

China’s CPEC Hits a Pothole in Balochistan

Myanmar Crisis: ASEAN Reliability’s Final Test

Democracy Collapses into Repression in Southeast Asia

‘Longer Telegram’ Sets Up Unnecessary Clash with China

Human Rights Lawyer Takes on Hong Kong

Beijing’s Steady Drumbeat of Repression in Hong Kong

Bloody Sunday for Leftists in Philippines

Indonesian President’s Harsh Language on Imports

BOOK REVIEW: Infiltrating Society: The Thai Military’s Internal Security Affairs

Thailand Increases Speed Limits to Cut Road Crashes

India’s Startups Thrive Despite Pandemic

North Korea in the Biden Era: Strategy and Trajectory

Jakarta Floods Again as Governor Dithers

Taiwan Formulates a Poisoned Shrimp Defense

The Wild, Woolly World of Cybercrime

Corruption, Inattention Mar Covid Programs for Indonesia’s Disabled

Poverty, Malaysia’s Hidden Crisis

Beijing Goes for Slavish Loyalty in Hong Kong

Singapore’s Coronavirus Bet Stumbles

World’s Losing Battle Against Fake Products

Japan’s Ruling Party to Women: Look, Don’t Talk

Philippines’ Duterte Loses Out to Two Iconic Women

Double Blow to Press Freedom in Malaysia

Indonesian Billionaire Tax Evader Tanoto May Duck Charges Again

China, India Back Away from Himalayan Standoff

Biden Administration Outlines a China Strategy

The Dark Side of Crazy Rich Asia

Power and Corruption within Malaysia’s Leadership

BOOK REVIEW: My Story: Justice in the Wilderness

Storm Clouds Grow for Asia’s Palm Oil Behemoths

China Removes Another Shred of Hong Kong Identity

Protesters Refuse to Back Down in Myanmar

SBY Dynasty Hopes Stumble on Nepotism in Indonesia

Juntas in Thailand and Myanmar

Rajapaksa Family Rule Undermines Sri Lankan Democracy

Citizen-night Cacophony Aftermath of Myanmar Coup

Manila’s Airport Fiasco

Billions Disappear from Formerly Hot Conglomerate Under Beijing’s nose

Vietnam Party Congress: Better Red than Right

Radical Government Plan to Reboot India

Malaysia’s Next General Election Could Reset Politics

China’s Luconia Shoals Gambit Part of a Larger Picture

China Militarizes Coast Guard in South China Sea

BOOK REVIEW: The Man Who Ran Washington: The Life and Times of James A. Baker III

BOOK REVIEW: Invisible China: How the Urban-Rural Divide Threatens China’s Rise

The 15-Year-Old Who Taught Me About Suicide

Combating Vaccination Fear in Asia

Obama Redux in Asia

India, China Spar Over Nepal

Thai Hire-Purchase Firm Group Lease Faces More Chaos

Vietnam’s General Secretary Trong Maneuvers to Stay on Top

Asia's Dirty Halal Business

Turning to the Pharmacopeia in Indian Colleges

Pakistan’s Military Take Charge

Philippine Military Set Sights on Prestigious Campus

2021 a Testing Year for Thailand

‘Calamitous Year’ For Vietnamese Democracy

Xi’s Anti-Corruption Campaign Needs Work

Trump Pardons Reach All the Way to Malaysia

Venerable HSBC Loses its Way

No ‘Decoupling’: Taiwan Increases Economic Reliance on China

Sikh-Led Demonstrations Oppose Modi’s Crony Raj

Jargon Hurts the Poor

Indonesia Plays it Safe in US-China Conflict

World Questions Whether China’s Covid Jab is Safe

Cambridge Adds Malay Studies Post

Mixed Response for India’s Massive Vax Rollout

Singapore’s NUS Press Accused of Ditching Thai Anthology Under Pressure

Helping the Earth Repair Itself

Malaysia’s PM Assumes Emergency Powers

Vietnam Moves to Save Mekong Delta

BOOK REVIEW: In the Dragon’s Shadow: Southeast Asia in the Chinese Century

Re-Arrest Likely for Most Hong Kong Dissidents

BOOK REVIEW: Jakarta, History of a Misunderstood City

South Vietnam’s Flags at the Capitol Riot

New Highways Endanger some of Asia’s Most Precious Habitat

Hong Kong Crackdown Nets Lawmaker Claudia Mo, dozens of others

China: Manufacturing Consent in South Africa

Is Singapore Ready for an Indian PM?

Military Drawdown Forces Afghan Actors Into Political Embrace

Unlimbering Global Anti-Trust Weapons Against Big IT

Thailand Faces a Likely 2021 of Turmoil