Sitemap - 2006 - Asia Sentinel

2 Killed 24 injured as series of blasts rock Bangkok

Religion and Democracy Threaten Beijing

Asia’s Communications System Begins to Return to Normal

Criminal Rape or Philippine Nationalism?

Asia’s Earthquake-inspired internet blackout

The Boxing Day Tsunami Two Years Later

Being a Hostess

Sexy Video Titillates Indonesia

Another Tar Baby for Hong Kong’s Investors

Don’t Blame Thailand for This Mess

Thai Junta Stumbles on the Baht

Hu’s Hit List Grows

Smells Like Kim Spirit

FROM THE ARCHIVE: Burma’s Generals on a Buying Spree

China gets it up on Tiger Power

The Director

Rolando Redux

The Philippines in a Holiday Mess

Indonesia, Malaysia push a biofuels cartel

Asean Caves In to the Bad Guys

Mr Paulson Goes to China

Top Editor Forced to Resign at South China Morning Post

Asean’s Tortoise-like Progress to Unity

Psst. Want a Western University Degree Without Studying?

Muting Thailand’s Protesters

Will Al-Jazeera Change Malaysia?

Teeny Tiny China

Japan's Pink Kink

War of Words Over a Sri Lankan Literary Festival

Fleecing Asia’s Homebuyers

Hello I Must Be Going

Enduring Mystery Surrounds a Hong Kong Tower Block

Eyeing the Neighbors With Distrust in Asia

Should the Philippines Cha Cha?

Thailand’s King Endorses the Coup

Taiwan’s Golden Boy Could be History

The Spratlys resurface

Time of Trial for Hong Kong’s US Dollar Peg

Milton Friedman’s Hong Kong Misconceptions

A Vicious Matriarchal Bangladeshi Standoff Continues

The Devil and the Dollar

Could Singapore Have Feet of Clay?

Southern Exposure

Taiwan’s Two Steps Forward, One Back Democracy

The Rising Dragon’s Environmental Disaster

Update: Political analyst freed on bail in Mongolian Model Murder

Lenovo's Long March

Teach Your Children

The Rising Dragon’s Environmental Disaster

No Time of the Sign?

Looking for Love

Richard Li Gets a Lesson In Singapore

Indonesia’s Supreme Court darkens Jakarta’s Year of the Bond

A Right Royal Mess?

Goodbye to all that

The Wandering Thaksin


UPDATE: Standoff at the South China Morning Post

Memories are Made of This

Of mangoes and mistresses

When Will the Party End?

No Joking Please, We’re Journalists

Look For the Union Label

Paying the Shin Tax

Premature Celebration

The Cesspit of Malay Politics

Comrade Condom

Murder and Politics, Malaysia Style

Her Majesty’s Former Servant

America’s First Quagmire

Atheists Arise

What the Thai coup was really about

Living Large

The Great Wall Goes Missing

Thailand’s New Nannies

Getting Out of Jail Free

Signs of Unease in Thailand

The Royal Shaft

China Makes Friends in the Gulf

Fresh Surprise

Gay Goodbye Bash

Slow Surfing in India

Gunpoint Democracy

A World Awash in Dangerous Liquidity

The Abdullah-Mahathir Quagmire Continues

Dead Dogs and Swedes

Have Sushi Will Travel

The Changing Roles of Women in Asia -- From Bedroom to Boardroom

The End of the Thailand Visa Run

Did US diplomatic blunders trigger the North Korean bomb?

Art-to-Go: China’s Masterworks Copy Center

Sex Scandal Rocks Kashmir


Peace Talks in Southern Thailand

The Unnatural Effervescence of Chinese Bank Stocks

Philippines: Off its sick bed?

Face Off

Here’s the Beef

We’d Rather Not Say

The Grey Man?

Cave Splendor

Taking Away Kim Jong-Il’s Nuclear Toys

Selling Snake Oil with the Bio-fuels

Respite from Hong Kong’s combat zone

Gimme Shelter

Malaysia’s Ethnic Reality Under Scrutiny

To Market, To Market

And Now What?

China and Iran: New Friends

The Spy Who Loved Us

China’s Need for an Eternal Enemy

Singapore under fire

Burkhas, Candy and Gold

Mass Murderer, Father of the Nation or Both?

Spokesperson for Ghosts

Rough Landing


No Setting Sun

Everybody Who Trashes the Japanese Over the Yasukuni Shrine Ought to Learn a Little History About It

What a difference a faith makes!

A Banking Star’s Inconvenient Singaporean Truth

Lee Kuan Yew stirs it up again

Thaksin finally bows out

China and the Pilot Fish to the South

A Great $4 Breakfast in Japan

Unplug Your Halogen Lamps!

A Second Chance in Thailand

Malaysia's political money trail

Singapore's war on the press continues

Ex General to Lead Thailand

Suit Surgery

Getting to Know You

Quiet on the Set! Action!

Thaksin Isn’t the Only Loser

Malaysia’s Royal Police Defy Their Boss

To Thailand's Ruling Military Council: Leave the Press Alone

The Mists of Yogya

China: Major Problems and, Like it or Not, the Communist Party is Going to Provide the Solution

The East Is Praying

Letter from Vietnam

1975: The Day I Left Saigon

Who is Solving the Political Killings in the Philippines?

Indonesia’s gusher of gas, mud and graft

The Coup and the Palace Endgame

Time to Invest in Thailand?

Cowboy—Get Out of Town!

Thailand: Not So Fast

Thailand: No Elections for a Year

“There Wasn’t Any Choice”

Throwing the Bums Out

The Rules of the Game

Military Coup in Bangkok

Legal Warfare

So how wide is that new Airbus?

Singapore: Inside the Lion City, Part 5

Singapore: Inside the Lion City, Part 4

A Lion City Primer

Taiwan’s Golden Boy Stumbles

Bangkok: It’s the Sauce, Stupid!

Singapore: Inside the Lion City, Part 3

Australia in Denial of Racism

Inside The Lion City, Part 2

Singapore’s Moment at Center Stage

The King Never Smiles: Book Excerpt

Revival, Renewal and Reinvention: The Complex Life of Thailand’s Monarch

Royal Maneuvers

Indonesia’s growing drug problem

Taxis – China’s Deep Throats

Favored Curry

Going Upstream

Bangkok’s Best Crabs

Hong Kong Heart Break

Abramoff and the Saipan Sweatshops

Was Your IPod Made in a Sweatshop?

So if China sneezes, what does the rest of Asia catch?

A Bad (Constitutional) Joke in the Philippines

A Stately Pleasure Dome

Pirates of the Middle Kingdom?

Bali: Trouble in Paradise

Under Spicy Crab/Chilli Crab Under the Bridge

If America sneezes (economically), does Asia still catch pneumonia?

Divest or Die

Pampered People

Linking Laos

Ferdie’s Looking Good, Considering

Stop the Press

Lost Son of China

The Gong Show

His Brother’s Keeper

How is Thailand doing in its fight against AIDS?

The Rush to Bilateral Pacts: Throttling Trade While Trying to Promote It

Stability Comes to the Killing Fields

Welcome to My Neighborhood

Skewed Justice in Indonesia’s Tainted Courts

Mimi’s Dream Race

Going for the Girls?

Lies, Damn Lies and Singapore

Doughnut Invasion: Krispy Kreme Takes on the Asian Market

Total Impact

A Lobbyist Comes to Call

History Repeating Itself

Goodbye, Mr. Chen?

Some Good News From Taiwan

Undoing the Damage

Beyond Campiness

Thaksin in the Dock

New Press Restrictions Put Singapore in Reverse


Heading for trouble: Asia's Unruly Stock Markets

Dwindling Tribes

How many countries recognize Taiwan these days?

Hong Kong's Power Elite and a Company's Collapse: Ocean Grand

The High Cost of Elitism

Hong Kong’s Free Range Cows

Macau As It Was

Thai End Game?

Where has the hope gone?

A Dirty Job

Seeing Red

Railroading Hong Kong's Development


The Melody and Mimi show

And Now For Something Completely Heavy

Remember Stagflation?

A Down Under Baedeker for Pinot Noir

The Wandering Palate: Pinot Noir Doesn't Fight Back

How many Khmer Rouge leaders will be prosecuted in Cambodia?

Bangkok’s Very Cool Sushi

Down and Out in Delhi

In One Place

Take it to the Bridge

Yin Ping Vietnamese

Salaryman’s Heaven in Hong Kong

Shanghai 369 Restaurant

Hong Kong’s Little India

Sagar Restaurant

Touch of Glass

You Are Not Alone. Ever

The East is Reds...

After Selling PCCW, in which industry will RICHARD LI find his future?

After Selling PCCW, in which industry will RICHARD LI find his future?

Those Blue Tights Look Awfully Familiar

Jazz in a Crowded Place

Ignorance Reigns in Blair's Britain - and That's Bad News for Asia

What Next, Rolando?

Better Than Inedible

Your Feedback

Where to Find Hong Kong's Best Dumpling

Southern Exposure

Grace Notes: Philippines Musicians on the Road

Grace Notes: Philippine musicians on the road

"Everything we eat must die"

A Broken System: Hong Kong Property development

Bhutan and the Brown Trout