Sitemap - 2009 - Asia Sentinel

Burma's Arms-Selling Friends

Xinjiang - China's Palestine?

Nepal Veers Closer to Disarray

A Corporate Drama of Perfidy

Indonesia Drops the Ball on Radical Islam

Cory Aquino and the Philippines Magical Democracy

UMNO Stalwart Questions Malaysian Aide’s Death

Japan’s Growing Role in Vietnam’s Development

The Cracks in China’s Foundation

China Pops the Bubble?

Repeating History after Ignoring It

India's Feeling Frisky

A Deadly Education System

Koizumi's Feisty Daughters

Xinjiang's Troubled History

Another Throttlebottom for Macau

Indonesia's Jihadi Threat Evolves

Thailand on the Mend?

To Purge Terror, Indonesia Has to Get Tough

Implications of the Jakarta Bombings

Singapore's Goodbye Guy

U.S. Fed in the Hot Seat

Bollywood Meets Hollywood

Another Questionable Death in Malaysia

Internationalizing the Yuan

HSBC and the Negative Equity Rich Man

Hungry World

North Korea's Kim Succession

'Genocide' in Xinjiang

'Change Tokyo, Change Japan'

Venal Chinese Corporates

Hu Gets a Black Eye in Urumqi

El Niño Could Be a Disaster for the Poor

Budgetary Retreat in Delhi

Top China Advisor Sees Possible New Korean War

Anwar's Long-Delayed Trial to Begin

Unhappy Hong Kong

Indonesian Elections Won't Derail Stability

The China Barrier

A Chinese Intellectual's Arrest

Squabble over a UN Position

Declaration of Anti-Green Dam Site Host

The French Connection

A Rich Country With Poor People

Six-Party Failure on North Korea

Finding Indonesian Tolerance

Is Iran More Democratic Than Thailand?

Forced Sale is the Antithesis of Free Market

Cracks in Malaysia's Opposition Coalition

Kim Jong-Il's Fighting Sailors

Some Thoughts on Chinese Traditions

Indonesia Driven by Politics of the Past

Asia's Sorry Human Rights Record

Asean And Rapid Global Change

BRIC threat to US Dollar Reserve Currency

Michelle Obama and Burma's Suu Kyi

Chinese yields cast doubt on 'V' bottom

A Whistleblower Brings down Shenzhen's Mayor

No Country for Old Men

Internet With Chinese Characteristics

Another scandal mars Indian defense

Manohara in her Own Words

An Agenda for Growth

Markets Float on a Tidal Wave of Cash

Who Needs a Peace Treaty?

Legal Aspects of the Deng Yujiao Case

North Korea's Tunnels, Guns and Kimchi

Is Indonesia's anti-corruption court in danger?

Another Kind of Orient Express

India's Disappearing Vultures

In Praise of Song Poet Su Shi

Philippine Politicians Still Dancing over Charter Change

Another Editor for Hong Kong?

Singapore's Sham Political Reforms

Working out the Islamic Banking Knots

Singapore: Buy High, Sell Low II

A Tiananmen Exile in Los Angeles

A Story About Tang Poet Bai Juyi

Chinese Daily Breaks Tiananmen Taboo

Chinese Daily Breaks Tiananmen Taboo

Changing Focus in Pakistan

Pressure grows on Burma's Junta

Twitter Tweets Out in China

Nyah, Nyah Nyah

Thai Politics: Back to Normal?

Reappraising North Korea

Roadblocks for Rio Tinto

Thai Government Gets Away with Murder

Tiananmen Disappears from Esquire

When Excessive Force Is Not Excessive

Indonesian Teen Model Escapes From Malaysian Prince

A Malaysian State's Suspect Investment Fund

North Korea’s Nuclear Tantrum

Indonesia, Malaysia Face Off at Sea

Mahathir and Najib in Divorce Court

On the Anti-Graft Front, Hong Kong Can Teach

Vietnam Emerges from the Crisis

Terrorists: Human Rights or Double Standards?

Judge and Jury

Papua New Guineans Attack Chinese Immigrants

Police Say Gang Swindled Rp 20 Billion From Top Brunei Official

Malaysia's Massive Iskandar Project

The Edict that Never Was

A Song To Remember

South Korea's Lee Must Walk a Fine Line after Predecessor's Suicide

Manila: The City that Might Have Been

Malaysian Police Crackdown

India's Outsourcing Industry Faces New Challenges

Riding the Bakrie Roller Coaster

Media Control in China Has Changed in Nature

Can Sri Lanka's Civil Society Be Rebuilt?

Panic and Pandemic

June 4th Is A Matter of Conscience

China Deepens its Taiwan Ties

Singapore's Lesson: Buy High, Sell Low

A Filipino Journalist and a Hit List

California Dreamin'

The Face on the Ace of Spades

Indonesia Clears the Decks for a Presidential Election

Malaysia's Politicoes Continue to Duke it Out

Guarding the Philippines Coastline

70 MPH Becomes an Internet Catch Phrase

Pakistan, Taliban and Global Security


Japan's Agent of Change Disappears

Indonesia's Dirty Courts

The People's Republic Turns 60

Is Bubble Reinflating the Right Way to Go?

An Australian Company's Hot Potato

Farmer plans to become first Communist president of Taiwan

The Temperature Cools in Kashmir

Christian Coup Foiled in Singapore Women's Club

The Nano Story: Government's Cuddly Embrace

The Futility of Western Sanctions against Burma

A Proper Use of Obscenities

Malaysia Political Tension Ratchets Up

The Crimebuster and the Caddy

On the West Sumatra trail

To Dump or not to Dump

Can Civil Society Thrive In China?

Indonesian Islamic Bonds Gain a Foothold

UPDATE: ADB Rediscovers its Role

The Rich World's Dash for Food Security

Law Abiding Is Not Chinese

Tachilek, Burma

A year after Nargis

Are We Neglecting the Food Crisis?

China's Gold Ambitions

Don't Count Your Recoveries Before They're Hatched

Crackdown in Siem Reap

Taiwan's Uneasy China Embrace

The Wrath of Public Opinion

America's Banks: Too Big to Survive

Khmer Rouge Trial Threatened

Questions for Najib over a Missing Model

India's Great Election Circus

Mister Sandman, Bring Me Some Sand

Southeast Asia's Foreign Workers

Overseas Workers' Uncertain Future

Sic Transit Gloria

Two Blog Posts Make A Beichuan Suicide Look Suspicious

Ahmadinejad and the Israeli Conundrum

My Translation of A Li Bai Poem

The Right to Die in Singapore

China Readies for a Health Care Revolution

Mahathir's Return

Leavening China

Indonesia's Muslims Position for Power

Bad Idea To Park Your Money In Stocks

Asean's Patthaya Fiasco

Beware Who Your Friends Are

That Somali Pirate Attack

Chinese Civilization and Democracy

Thailand's Troubles Grow

China's Philanthropist

Tibetan Buddhism's Permanent Home

The Debate Over a Thai Republic

Hostage to the Dollar

The Carousel of Fraud

The G20 Parachute

A Hotter Potato in Northeast Asia

Altantuya's Killers Judged Guilty

Malaysia's By-Election Muddle

Thailand's Hearts and Minds

El Nino is Coming

The Shining Prize: Solar Power

Indonesia and Transnational Islamic Extremism

Is "Unhappy China" Just A Show?

A Truth and Reconciliation Commission for China

Malaysia by-elections: Opposition Victory Call?

Journalists Take the Brunt of Violence in Assam

Mumbai Massacre Kicks off an Arms Race

China's Controversial Rio Tinto Bid

Tragedy and Farce in Hong Kong

Satire Lost In A Foreign Language

The Prince and the PR Man

The Bubble Bursts

What led to the 2008 crash?

Visible and Invisible Walls

The panic of 2008

The Fault Lines Emerge

Najib It Is

Must A Girl Marry?

Slumdog Country?

Destroying the Glacier to Save it

Indonesia's unlikely – and steady – democracy

China's Medical System Defeats Taiwan Pioneer

The Malaysian Mystery of ValueCap

Adam Smith, Meet Kim Jong-Il

Why Corruption Will Never End in China

A Hazing Murder Roils India

A Mining Plan Tests Vietnam's Policymakers

China's Post-Dalai Lama Endgame

The Confession that Never Was

Sirul Azhar Statement

Nostalgic Images of Hong Kong

Text of Dato' Zaid Ibrahim's speech

Malaysia Politics in Turmoil

Rio Tinto Deal Blows Up

Malaysia Firms Up a Bit of Territory

Another Day in the Lion City, Almost

A Lost Symbol of the Rich

New Charges by Singapore Against the Wall Street Journal

Quick, Before The Quagmire Sets

Hong Kong Keeps it Among Friends

Ego and Freedom

In Megumi's Footsteps

Citigroup's Dead Cat Bounce

Indonesia's Flying Circus

Indonesia's Hot Potato

Formula That Blew Up Wall Street

Malaysia's Rulers Want Lese Majeste Law

Lawmaking Peril in a Raucous Democracy

Again, What Did Najib Know and When Did He Know It?

Thailand's Royalists Strike Again

India's Pistol-Packing Mamas

Trouble for the Switzerland of the Orient

Hong Kong Hoards the Cash

Shameless Officials, Poor People

UMNO Breathes Its Own Exhaust

Tibet Starts to Hot Up

French Irony

Trust No One But Yourself

Whatever Became of Hambali?

Malaysian Paralysis

An Amazingly Odd Language (Part 2)

Indonesia's Bluenoses Stymied

For Club and Country

An Amazingly Odd Language!


Hong Kong's Budget Blues

India Seaports Security Concern

The old Asian Way Excuse

The UBS Irony

The US Predicament Grows

National or Global Interest?

China's Korean Car Wreck

A Good Man in Africa

Tigers die in India's Nature Preserve

A Lone Wolf of a Child

A Photo Scandal Roils Malaysian Politics

Bangladesh's Challenge

Indonesian Biofuels Subsidy Row

The Curse of Securitized Debt

A Haunting Exhibition in Hong Kong

Americans' View of China After 2008

Criticizing Malaysia's Royals

A Difficult Defense

Rio Tinto and the Chinese Option

Murky Politics Govern India's Election Commission

Asia Sentinel Correspondent Accused of Insulting Malay Sultans

Cold War Cuisine's Incongruous Outpost

A High School Student's Nightmare

Japan's Comeback Kid?

Human Rights Watch Criticizes Malaysia

Myanmar's Outrageous Racism Excused

No Hearts and Flowers in Islam

China's Corrupt Police

Malaysia's Opposition Faces More Trouble

Red Siam Manifesto

Bleak Outlook for South Asia Terrorism

Why Aren't Regulators Co-opting Whistleblowers?

India's response to terror

Apres Ho Ching, Le Deluge?

Malaysia's Opposition Continues to Defy Sultan

A State Coup Kicks off a Malaysian Melee

UN Envoy Leaves Burma Empty-handed

Air Algae

The Chinese Internet - Sea Changes in 2008

The Trouble with Indonesian Biofuels

Thailand's New Government Staggers Forward

Malaysia's Opposition Faces Increasing Tension

After the Dalai Lama

A Chinese Novelist's Perspective on China's Young

China Sets Out to Build a CNN

India's Diamonds Lose Their Lustre

Judging the Judges

Goodbye George Bush...

Enzio's Crisis Prescription

Biofuels: Indonesian Dilemma

Bullet Trains to Nowhere?

Let's Just Cross Our Fingers!

Mugabe Finds a Home in Asia

India Braces for Elections

A Cat Can't Look at a Queen

Go, Gambari, But Don't Expect Much

Can Hong Kongers Relate to "Cape No. 7"?

A Military Out of Control

China and the US in a Delicate Dance

Human Rights Watch Blasts the Bush Administration

Unconvincing Speech

How Much Security for Employees?

Cashing in by Doing Good in Cambodia

The Goldilocks Bailout?

Details of Ungpakorn's Lese Majeste Charges

Nepal: Prachanda in troubled waters

I Lost My Kidney/To a Guy Named Sidney

An Awards Dinner's Unlucky Year

2009 - Time for China to Remember?

Thai Activist Ungpakorn Faces Charges Today

Morning in America?

India Addresses Sexual Inequality

The US Mainlines a Credit Fix

Malaysia's Opposition Coalition Wins Again

Big Trouble for Bigeyes

Ominous Exodus from Chinese Bank Shares

Burmese Expatriates Bid Farewell to the First Lady

Over the Cliff We Go

Death of a Journalist

Did Somebody Say 'Money Politics?'

Like Minds, Like Words

Thai Critic Ungpakorn to be Charged with Lèse Majesté

Indonesia's Not-so-Human Rights

Til Death - Or Prison - Do Us Part

Is Badawi Bailing Out his Friends?

The Financial Services Industry's Free Lunch

Japan's Toyota Shokku

Global Power Shift – West to East?

Book Review: King Hui

Human Flesh Search - An Anti-Corruption Tool?

Rescuing India's Tourism

Challenging Year ahead for Malaysia

Hu Jintao takes personal charge of fight against Charter 08

Keeping the Trading at Home in Hong Kong

A Pompous Quagmire

Tigers No More

Indo-US defense lockstep

Rage and Outrage Amid Political Modernism

Bonds in 2009: Tough Call

The Journalism Education Gap