Declaration of Anti-Green Dam Site Host

Here is my translation of an excerpt of the forum post:-

"The mainstream voice of this forum seems to be that it is not opposed to Green Dam – it is only opposed to certain people who wave the flag of ‘democracy and human rights’ to oppose Communism. It is of the opinion that Western media reporting is infiltrated with ideologies. I don’t know whether my conclusion is accurate or not…..

You (this forum) have really placed a lot of emphasis on 'staying alert and guarding against the ideological infiltration of enemies in the West'. It even goes so far as to oppose everything that the West, especially their media, approve. We all know that the major part of China’s existing culture was imported from the West. Even the revolutions in China were based upon Western theories. In times of internal and external conflicts, it was the effort of generation after generation of revolutionaries equipped with Western culture that has brought us to this present day. So we see that not everything from the West is flawed. I think on this point everyone here can agree. I hope that while we remain ‘skeptical about everything’, we can at the same time refrain from ‘negating everything’.

I am not very clear about what ‘democracy’ and ‘human rights’ are. I loathe discussing these abstract things. The West says that democracy is good. The Chinese government says that Western democracy is not suitable for China and that only socialism can save China. At the end of the day, I don’t know what democracy is all about. I only want to focus on the fact as it is. When a great number of people are skeptical about a policy, someone from inside the government should come out and explain its standpoint. Even if they say that it is something that involves national security or that it is classified state secret, that is much better than to remain silent.

In the case of Green Dam, indeed the Internet is a chaotic place and frankly, it is not very suitable for under-age youngsters. The MIIT (Ministry of Industry and Information Technology) has for many years tried to bring it under control and issued various orders, including a registration system, an anti-vulgarity campaign and of course the Great Fire Wall. A lot of the measures are controversial, like the registration system which requires the licensing of every website, similar to the licensing of motor cars. The logic behind this system is a valid one, but licensing without scrutinizing just renders it meaningless.

With Green Dam, the motive is also commendable, as it is important to protect our young. But what would the actual effect be? I would think that computer literacy of the majority of kids is better than that of their parents, and it would likely be a case of the kids supervising their parents rather than the other way round. I don’t know whether this project is worth 40 million yuans, but common sense tells me that it is not. If the MIIT is faced with skepticism from me alone, it can very well ignore me. But when a large number of people are expressing their doubt, the MIIT is still doing nothing but keep silent. Under another act of correct guidance of the Central Publicity Department, the media are required to keep silent too about the issue. The slogan of the old days that says ‘the people have discerning eyes’ seems to have become one that says ‘people are ignorant fools’. I don’t know whether this can be called undemocratic. But I know that this is not my ideal kind of government."