Sitemap - 2019 - Asia Sentinel

Malaysian Allegedly Crippled in Hospital Awaits Justice

Malaysian Halal Abuses Alleged in Oz Abattoirs

Shaping the Political Narrative of Hong Kong’s Opposition

India’s Economic Gloom Dampens Art Sales

No Demonstrator Fatigue Yet in Hong Kong

Vietnam Utility Dares Mekong Devastation

BOOK REVIEW: Ways of Heaven: An Introduction to Chinese Thought

‘The Ampatuans’ Private Army and its Coddled Police Were Waiting’

Former Journalist Looks Back at a Filipino Tragedy

China’s Xi Jinping Doubles Down on Hong Kong

Vietnam’s Crucial ASEAN Leadership Role in South China Sea

Maguindanao Massacre Leaders, Others Guilty in Marathon Trial

Vitamin A-Rich Rice Developed to Cure Blindness

Singapore’s ‘Fake News’ Law Used Against Critics

Sihanoukville Re-Engineered: The Way Forward

Election blues in store for Taiwan’s China-sympathizers

Nightmare Climate Scenario Shines Light on COP25 Inaction

‘Najib Ordered me To Kill Altantuya,’ Malaysian Cop Assassin Says

Statutory Declaration of Azilah Hadri

Opportunity Cost of China-US Technological Competition

BOOK REVIEW: The Mosquito: A Human History of Our Deadliest Predator

Abe Among the Cherry Blossoms

No End to Indonesia’s Massive Environmental Disaster

Okays for Indonesian Plantation Said to be Faked


India’s Regime Launches Anti-Muslim Legislation

Manila Vulnerable to Major Earthquake

The Mighty Chinese Tourism Boom Slows

Promising New Drug for Children Living with HIV

Services Shield China From Trade War

Malaysia’s Year of Dashed Hopes

Prestigious Award for Asia Sentinel Editor

Japanese Bank Tries Garage Startup Strategy to Raise Money

Malaysia and the Lure of ‘Smart Farming’

Duterte Threat Against TV Network Sets up Congressional Clash

Saving the Mekong With Floating Solar Power

Mahathir’s 2020 Vision: Mixed Success

Economic Woes Drive Pakistan Back to Chinese White Elephant

Defiant Islamists Rally in Jakarta

US Torpedoes APAC Women’s Rights at UN Review in Bangkok

World Falls Behind in Effort to End AIDS by 2030

Malaysia’s Lagging Agriculture Sector

2019 Environmental Review: Southeast Asia

Weaponizing Chinese Outbound Travel

Hong Kong Vote Leaves Beijing With No Good Options

Fake News is What the Singapore Government Says it is

Global Migration Trends Exacerbate Tensions

How the UN Compact on Refugees Can Address the Rohingya Crisis

Swiss Banks Accused of Hiding Indonesian Billions

India Cyberscandal Triggers Civic Outrage

Malaysia’s Massive Foreign Worker Dependency

Philippines’ VP Robredo Gets the Best of Duterte

The Destruction of American Democracy

Malaysia’s Mahathir Abandoned by Ethnic Chinese

Japan’s Abe Delicately Navigates Three-Way Cold War

Popular Thai Opposition Leader Ousted but Escapes Prison

Medical Malpractice Nightmare in Malaysia

Alliances Under Stress: South Korea, Japan and the US

Indonesia Brings Back a Respected Public Figure

Can Malaysia’s Mahathir Survive Polls Humiliation?

Pessimism over Justice in Philippines’ Maguindanao Massacre

North Korean Hack on Indian Nuke Plant A Security Shock

FBI Corruption Probe Links Saipan Governor, Casino Operator

With US-China Trade Pact Near, Economists Count Losses

Indonesia: Avoiding China’s Debt Snare

Malaysia’s Corruption Watchdog Faces Questions Over Effectiveness

Hong Kong Administration’s Inaction Breeds Daily Chaos

India Pushes a Breakaway Balochistan

Palm Oil Industry Tainted By Activists’ Murders

FBI Saipan Raids Raise Corruption Questions

Thai Deep South Violence Could Signal Resurgent Conflict

Documents Allege Corruption in Malaysia’s Halal Certification Process

Farmers, Merchants Force Modi’s Hand on Trade Pact

Philippines' Vice President Dares a Duterte Trap

The Malay Search for ‘Dignity’

South Korea’s Media Crisis

Malaysia’s Fugitive Jho Low Carries Cypriot Passport

Malaysian Education Minister Muzzles Corruption Inquiry

Chinese Income Dislocations Could Be Ominous

Blowing Hot and Cold Over the South China Sea

New Law Hamstrings Indonesia’s Graft Watchdog

How Laos Lost its Tigers

BOOK REVIEW: Endeavour: The Ship That Changed the World

BOOK REVIEW: The Boundless Sea: A Human History of the Oceans

BOOK REVIEW: Vanni: A family’s struggle through the Sri Lankan conflict

Thailand’s Erratic King Stretches the Mandate of Heaven

Modi’s BJP Fails to Meet Expectations in Two By-Elections

JAKIM’s Halal Crisis Deepens

Malaysia’s Mahathir Dares Trade War with India Over Kashmir

Malaysia: Return of the Cronies

The Challenge of Regulating Cryptocurrencies

Indonesia’s President Jokowi Preserves Modest Clout in Cabinet

Malaysian Civil Service’s Cancerous Culture

Lawsuit over Sri Lankan Editor’s Death Dismissed in Los Angeles

Fugitive Financier Jho Low’s Spectacular Yacht on Sale Again

Indonesia’s Democracy in Danger

Renewable Energy Production Surging, IEA Says

The Battle for Marawi: Raising the Stakes in a Fractured Land

Indonesia’s Jokowi Likely Loses Control of Presidency

Modest Gains Against TB, World’s most infectious Disease

Southeast Asia Discovers it Can’t Say No to All Waste Imports

Weekend Read: Coming To Asia For Golf?

Indonesia’s Jokowi Dares Public Anger Over Corruption Watchdog’s Fall

Malaysian Bank Founder’s Assassination Remains a Mystery

Trump and Afghanistan Post-Syria: Maybe Goodbye

France Finally Starts to Unravel a Huge Arms Scandal

Indonesia at 2020 Dubai Expo: Growing ties with the Middle East?

OECD’s Futile Campaign Against Fat

In Indonesia, Politics is All in the Family

ASEAN Starts to Notice China’s South China Sea expansion

China’s United Front Gains Ground in Germany

Malaysia’s Halal Crisis

Thai King’s Absolute Reign

Indonesia’s Jokowi Suddenly in Political Danger

Online Casino Royal Vegas: A Quick Overview

Threat to the Mekong River is Critical, Critics Say

China Risks Imperial Image With Belt and Road Initiative

Pressure Continues on Indonesia’s Jokowi Over Graft Watchdog

INFOGRAPHIC: Taxation Around the Globe

Hong Kong and Beijing: A Tale of Two Cities

Leaderless Hong Kong to Hide Behind Colonial-Era Laws

WTO Sounds Alarm on Global Trade

India’s Foreign Minister Leads Diplomatic Offensive in US

UMNO-PAS will win the next general election

Glimpses of America From Down Under

Dates, Times, Calendars— The Universal Source of Data Science Trauma

Indonesia’s President Under Unaccustomed Fire

Trump’s Visa Moves Threaten US-India Relations

Philippines’ Risky Bet on Gaming Industry

Post-Election Thailand: Cold War Continues

Women and the Future of Work

Succeeding Malaysia’s Nonagenarian Premier

Indonesia Vulnerable to Economic Downturn

Indonesia Hit by Widespread Protest

Climate Change-Induced Migration

Malaysia’s Sarexit Nightmare

Malaysia’s UMNO Hatches a Controversial Alliance

Trump, Modi Woo 50,000 Indian Americans

India’s Migrant Expulsion Crusade Feared to Cause Chaos

ASEAN’s Infrastructure Dilemma

Has Edward Snowden Killed the Spy Novel?

Industry’s Appetite for Veggie Burgers

Indonesia's Anti-Graft Body Emasculated by Legislature

The US Leads the Afghan War into a Blind Alley

Nervous Multinationals Eyeing Hong Kong Exit

China’s United Front Makes Landfall in Oz

Outside Kashmir’s Central Jail, Tales of Midnight Arrests

Book Review: Has the West lost it? A Provocation

Southeast Asian Nations Grab Each Other’s Dissidents

HK Protest Shifts in New Direction

Malaysia Faces Youth Unemployment Crisis

Malaysia’s Public Universities Falling Behind

Racial Slurs Spur Papuan Independence Demands

War and Peace: the Paris Peace Agreement

Sharply Slowing Economic Growth Hits Modi’s New Term

Australia Stumbles in its Pacific “Step Up”

Community-led Conservation in West Kalimantan

Kashmir Diary: Residents Under Siege

Online Editor Defies Singapore Prime Minister Lee

South Korea’s Anti-Japan Campaign Alarms Allies

India Struggles to Profit from US China Trade Spat

US Should go Easy on Vietnam

Kashmir Beyond Kashmir

Hong Kong is a Nation

The US’s Trade War Fallacy

East Asian Regional Security Architecture Falls Apart

Another View of Indonesia’s New Capital Plan

Death Sentence for Thai ‘Death Island’ Defendants a Mockery

Indonesia’s New Capital: New Nusantarian Era?

Massive Dam Complex Threatens Bhutan’s Philosophy

Malaysia’s China Reset

Trump’s Mistaken ‘Art of the Deal’ Squeezes South Korea

Jammu and Kashmir: A Diary of the Siege

US Finally Sells Taiwan F-16Vs

Japan’s Options with North Korea

Malaysia Seeks to Evict Islamist Radical Preacher Zakir Naik

What’s in a PhD?

Indonesia’s Grand Dame Megawati Asserts her Clout

New Bank Indonesia Deputy to Lead Reform

The Driving Forces Behind China’s Agri-Food FDI

Crisis for Tiny Porpoise Deepens

Cambodia’s Tonle Sap Lake Under Threat

Golf in Asia: Under the Microscope

Beijing Threatens Philippine Offshore Gaming

Leadership Collapses, Hong Kong Disintegrates

US's Sorry Record on Catching ‘Spies’ and 'Terrorists'

Hong Kong Declares War Rather Than Dealing With Issues

The Other Side of Hong Kong’s Tsuen Wan Neighborhood

Singapore in ‘Brownface’

Rethinking the Food System to Meet Climate Change

Singapore Could Get its First Real Election

Indonesia's Outages Spur Outrage

Ketuanan Melayu: Power and the Deep State in Malaysia

Constitutional Coup Ends Kashmir’s Historic Rights

The Perils of Opposing the Thai Government

A Way Forward for Hong Kong CEO Carrie Lam

Myanmar’s Environmental Challenges

Hong Kong’s Disappearing Leader

Australia’s Home Affairs Super-Agency Under Fire

Modi Government Seeks to Defang Right to Information Law

Malaysia’s Monarchy and the Deep State

Confucius Institutes: Soft Power Not Necessarily Soft

Hong Kong Protests May Give Marx the Last Laugh

Hong Kong Government Effectively Abdicates

Complex Dynamics Cut Efficacy of Moon’s North Asia Policy

New India Tiger Numbers But Increase Unclear

Philippines Continues March Towards Duterteship

Pakistan’s Imran Khan Traverses an Afghan Minefield

Malaysian Wildlife Under Threat

Japan-South Korea Trade Spat Imperils North Asia Affairs

Is Asia Serious About Running the IMF?

Malaysia’s Border Problems

The Battle to End AIDS

As Other South China Sea Nations Defy China, Duterte Capitulates

Malaysia’s Governing Coalition Goes Utterly Wobbly

Who’s Behind the Triad Attacks in Hong Kong?

Indonesia’s Twisted Justice System and Innocent Defendants

India Startups Go Big for Outer Space

Divorce in Malaysia’s Kelantan Shines Light on Royal High-Jinks

Thailand’s Government a Junta by Any Other Name

China Threatens Taiwan Sub Program

India’s Big Cats in Danger

Book Review: Honorable Exit: Valor amid Saigon’s Fall

Malaysia’s Special Branch and the Deep State

World Breathes a Sigh of Relief on Food Production

Mahathir Exacerbates Malaysia’s Racial Divisions

Unfazed by UN Drug War Probe, Duterte Remains Defiant

The Revolt of Japan’s Konbini

Duterte’s Culture of Corruption

India’s Huawei Dilemma

Modi’s Gov't ‘Nudges’ India Towards US$5 Trillion Economy

Indonesia’s Prabowo May Join Government

Malaysia’s Reformers: ‘Accident on the Way to Happen’

Hong Kong Youth Learn Peaceful Protest Fails

Trump's "Long Planned" Visit at the DMZ

A New Definition for Southeast Asia

Hong Kong’s Demonstrators Protest Themselves Into a Trap

International Concern Grows Over Duterte Subversion of Democracy

Hong Kong: Xi’s Problem at the G-20

When Being a Whistleblower Gets You in Trouble

Asia’s Beauty Spots Under Tourist Attack

Malaysia’s Islamic Schools Face Festering Problems

Taiwan’s DPP Seeks to Lure Companies Home from China

Taiwan’s DPP Profits from Hong Kong Protest

Book Review: Speaking Out in Vietnam. Public Political Criticism in a Communist Party-Ruled Nation

Shanghai Cooperation Organization Stymies US in Afghanistan

Mahathir, an Old Hand at Finding Western Conspiracies

Duterte Again Kowtows to China

Malaysia’s Deep Islamic State

Kivlan Zen: Mastermind of Jakarta Riots?

The Aftermath of Hong Kong’s Rebellion

A Thin-Skinned Thai Dictator Cracks Down on Satire

Singapore Wins Regional Financial Hub Race by Default

Hong Kong Government’s Massive Miscalculation

Malaysia’s Coming Defense White Paper: Blueprint for a New Era

Hong Kong's Legal Firewall Hacked

Splintering Global Supply Chains: Asia’s Worst Nightmare?

Hong Kong in the Dragon’s Embrace

Business Starts to Vote With Its Feet in Hong Kong

Powerful Ring Behind May Jakarta Riots

Tropical Insect Populations Crashing?

Outrage in Hong Kong

Sotheby’s scores with 30 original works and a record sale

Malaysian Public Universities Are Still Going Backwards

How SEO and Digital Marketing Courses for Roofers Are Paving The Way In The Roofing Industry

Into the Heart of Sumatra

The War on Whistleblowers

India Hopes to Capitalize on US-China Trade Friction

Aung San Suu Kyi Fans Racist Flames in Hungary

UN Call to Probe Duterte’s Drug War Likely to be Ignored

China Can’t Wean Itself Off Overseas Coal

Thai Parliament Reinstalls Coup Leader as Premier

Indonesian Minister’s Anti-VPN Call a Threat to Free Speech

Taiwan Turns to Agriculture to Loosen China’s Embrace

Surprise Chinese Naval Visit Unsettles Sydney

Asia Loses Confidence in US Leadership

'Cobra Phenomenon' Impacts Thai Politics

Malaysia’s Mahathir: Early Promise Dims

Home Minister Amit Shah tops India’s New Government

The Costs of Trong’s Crusade against Viet Corruption

Financial Tail Now Wags Economic Dog

Malaysia’s Reform Government Loses Traction

Philippines Awash in Laundered Money

Cycle of Violence Upends Kashmir’s Tourism Industry

Thai Baton Passes From Dictatorship to Elected Dictatorship

Why we should care about Julian Assange

Rahul Gandhi Opens Door For Indian Political Change

Prabowo Supporters Believed Behind Jakarta Electoral Violence

Indonesia’s Model Election Ends in Belated Violence

Victorious Modi promises a ‘New India’

Philippine Opposition Faces Rebuilding Over Next Three Years

Indonesia, Switzerland Agree to Track Laundered Money

Singapore’s Dirty Financial Secrets

Sowing What the Indian Army Reaps in Kashmir

Hong Kong’s Sovereignty Under Threat from Extradition Bill

South Korea Defense Purchases: Filling a Bottomless Pit

Paul Wolfowitz’s Neocon Blueprint for US Strategic Action

Fears of Violence Fizzle in Jakarta

Taiwan Spreads Diplomatic Wings Through Regional Health Care

Malaysia Demands Belt and Road Transparency

Modi’s Toilet Initiative Challenges Society

Finding Holes in the Great Chinese Firewall

Labor Union Funds Add to Goldman’s 1MDB Woes

Duterte Wins Big in Midterm Elections

Brunei’s Sultan Backs Away From Sharia, But Not Very Far

Reducing Slave Labor in Asia

China Climbs Down on Global Terrorist

Malaysia’s Greatest Crisis: Loss of National Pride and Unity

Modi Could Bring India ‘Five (or 10) Years of Pain’

Scathing Report on Junta’s Rigging of Thai Election

Ghost of Indonesia’s Bank Century Scandal Reappears

Thailand Runs a Laughable Farce of an Election

Deep in Oz Politics, Stirrings of Unease Over China

Is Malaysia ISIS’ Next Southeast Asian Hub?

The Dangers of the Thai Deep South

Modi’s Egocentric Foreign Policy

China Expands its Global Military Footprint

Proposed Extradition Law Alarms Hong Kong

Indonesia’s Election: The Rise of Political Islam

Behind Malaysia’s Royalty Challenge, A Long History

Finding a Great Mandarin Course in Singapore

London Sleuths Face Trouble for Reporting Bank’s Criminal Activity

Journalists Say Singapore Fake News Bill Stifles Press Freedom

Myanmar Press Crackdown Gains Speed

Electoral Reform Crucial for Malaysian Reform

India Caught in Coils of Washington’s Iran Policy

Philippines Cracks Down on illegal Gaming Workers

Fight Against Malaria Reaches Tipping Point

Cambodian Officials Charge Japanese Executives with Fraud

The Deep Forces Preventing Reform in Malaysia

Malaysia’s Military: Getting Out of Its Own Tracks

Social Problems in China Have Reached a Dangerous Point

Violence Flares Amid Myanmar’s Faltering Peace Dialogue

The Chinese Dragon Sticks its Nose Over the Myanmar Border

Philippines’ Duterte’s Popularity Soars

Ruined by War, a Stricken Philippine Town Starts to Reawaken

Indonesian Authorities Seek to Cool Prabowo Election Protest

Illegal Charcoal Trade Wrecks Myanmar’s Bulwark Against Cyclones

Indonesia’s Jokowi Takes Control of Parliament

Indonesia’s Jokowi Handily Defeats Contender Prabowo

Chronicle of a Murder Foretold

Book Review: Implosion

Book Review: The Future Is Asian

Realignments Transform Malaysian Political Landscape

Japanese Conglomerate’s Officials Threatened With Cambodia Arrests

Stark Economic Impact of Oceans Choked by Plastic

How Social Enterprises Can Serve Asia’s Underserved

Hong Kong’s Umbrella Movement in the Dock

Afghan Peace Talks: ‘Minus-Kabul’ Process

India’s Massive National Elections Get Underway

Lost Malaysian Hopes and the Pakatan Catch 22

Collapsed Talks Lead Philippines to Seek New Approach with NPA

Philippines’ Duterte Finally Tells China Enough is Enough

ADB Report Highlights Growing Risk of Natural Disaster in Asia

Former HK Chief Exec Meets His Match

Singapore’s ‘Fake News’ Law Impacts Go Global

Hong Kong Faces Implementing China’s Extradition Law

Thai Junta Unsettled by Unexpected Youth Movement

Malaysia’s Genting Does 'National Service' on Jho Low’s Superyacht

Rising Islamic Fervor Plays Role in Indonesia’s Presidential Polls

Singapore’s ‘Fake News’ Law: Protection For US or Them?

Restoring Forests the Natural Way: The Best Bargain Ever

Shocking Revelations in Malaysia Tied to Police

Taiwan’s New Submarine Project Faces Questions

Singapore Joins the ‘Fake News’ Parade

Southeast Asia’s Moderate Muslims Look the Other Way as Brunei Doubles Down on Shariah

Japan: The Sun Also Rises?

Did Brunei Sultan’s Iniquitous Past Stir Shariah?

US President’s Steel Hopes Stumble on OECD Projections

Capturing Product Niches For E-commerce, Shopify and Dropshipping

One & a Half Cheers for EAT-Lancet... We are Saved!

Ailing Japanese Conglomerate Seeks Troubled Viet Bank

‘Quit or Die’ Smoking Policy May Not Work

The Retreat of Southeast Asia’s Rhinoceros Species

The Best Proactive Approach to Preventing Terrorism

Book Review: Definitive Dual Account of Malaysia’s 1MDB Scandal

Book Review: Remembering Shanghai, A Memoir of Socialites, Scholars and Scoundrels

Duterte Steps Up Harassment of News Publication

Alleged Fraudster’s Art Auctioned in India

Singapore: Indonesia’s Money Laundromat

South Korea’s Corporate Giants Under the Gun

Thailand’s Election: Black Eye in Poll Junta Tried to Rig

Only 10 of 'World’s Cutest Fish’ Remain

US’s Exit From TPP Means Its Pacific Clout’s at Risk

India’s Ban on Imports of Recyclables Exacerbates a Global Crisis

Australia’s Disgraced Cardinal: Paradoxes, Ironies & Martyrdom?

Davos: Sex and the Provisionally Single Exec

Thai Election 2019: New Government, Same Story

Huawei: The Hi Tech Geostrategic Gambit

China’s Massive Gig Economy

Can the US Salvage the Quad?

Murderous War on Defense Lawyers in the Philippines

Fighting the Global Trade in Fakes

Rebuilding Afghanistan

The Future of Bitcoin: Illusion and Reality

Boomer & Millennial - Hear the Centennials!

Draconian Drug Campaigns Failing in Southeast Asia

Island-Building in the Singapore Strait: Is it Necessary?

Could 7-Eleven Become 7-Five in Tokyo?

Chinese Offshore Gaming Drives Filipino Economy, Causes Tensions

Converting Indonesia’s Vehicle Fleet to Gas

India’s Modi Wraps Himself in the Flag

Bangladesh and Climate Change: Recipe for Disaster

Malaysia’s ICC Membership Too Hasty?

Swallowing Hong Kong

Indonesia’s Flagging Prabowo Supporters Go After Election Commission

Book Review: Anand Panyarachun and the Making of Modern Thailand

BOOK REVIEW: Empire of the Winds

International Women’s Day: Women in India

Man Vs. Machines: Understanding The Dangers Of Artificial Intelligence

Understanding Jinping Thought

Major Thai Party Dissolved, Hampering Opposition

Manila Kowtows to Beijing

South Korea and Japan: Unhappy Partners

India Nurtures Afghan Relations, Bypassing Pakistan

OECD Paints a Bleaker World Economic Picture

Malaysia’s Reformers Stumble

Malaysia’s PAS Backs out of Libel Suit, Pays Off

Reckoning with Graying Asia

The Afghan End-Game Unfolds

Nuclear Powers Allow Kashmir to Fester

Ominous Signals for World Trade Growth

Allies Not Out of America’s Line of Fire

The Reporter Who Fought Lee Kuan Yew and Mahathir

Duterte Suggests Renaming His Country

Malaysia’s Mahathir Overpowers Coalition Partners

US-India Trade Spats Imperil Bilateral Relations

Waiting for the Global Renminbi

Kashmir Bomb Awakens Indian Outrage

Smear Campaigns Flood Indonesia Ahead Presidential Election

Mahathir Using Council to Edge Anwar Out?

Philippines’ Duterte Seeks to Smash Crusading News Site

Up Periscope: Malaysia’s Sub Scandal Resurfaces

Delhi Art Fair Looks for New Owner

Former Thai PM Thaksin’s Audacious Plan Blows Up

A Political Tsunami in Thailand

Thai PM Thaksin: 13 Years in Exile About to End?

Japan Says Get Ready for Flying Cars

India’s Secularism Endangered by BJP Citizenship Bill

Scandal-Scarred Middle Eastern Bank Loses Case

Asia's Environmental Apocalypse 2019?

Thai Election: Junta vs. Pro-Democracy Supporters

Chinese Target Chinese in the Philippines

China’s Belt and Road: Environment’s Enemy?

US-North Korea Round Two: US’s Prerogatives

Taiwan Fears China Could Cut Undersea Cables

Malaysia Begins All Over Again

South Korea: Your Tired, Your Hungry, Your Yearning to Be Free Needn’t Apply

Triumph, Then Tragedy in the Philippines

Can Japan’s “Lost Wolves” be Reintroduced?

Hanjin Failure in Philippines Has Disturbing Implications

China, India Bolster Defenses Despite Reconciliation Attempts

Asia’s Factory Workers in an AI-Driven World

The Indonesian Work Force’s Changing Paradigm

China’s Sharply Slowing Economy Worries Asia

Hong Kong’s New Journalism Museum: Is This For Real?

Scathing Midterm Report on Philippines’ Duterte

Indonesia Graft Probe Bars Subject From Leaving Country

‘Empty Forest Syndrome’ Creeps into Northeastern Cambodia

DNA and the Globalization of Humanity

A Suspicious Hong Kong Awaits a Mainland National Anthem

Singapore Says Indonesians Sought Arrest Without Okay

Indonesia’s Anti-Graft Watchdogs Face Bomb Terror

Did the Philippines’ Pork Barrel Ever Disappear?

Malaysia’s Departing King Leaves Seeds of Political Crisis

Delhi Conference Bolsters UK’s Brexit Case

The Slow Development of Inclusive Education in Indonesia

An Unprepared Indonesia Learns a Bitter Tsunami Lesson

US Military Brass Retire to Wallow in the Defense Trough

Politics Drives India’s Rules Curtailing E-Commerce

A Defiant Singaporean Decries a Government Crackdown

Book Review: Two Journalists Look at How Modern India Works

Book Review: Insane Mode

Singapore’s Lee Family Feud Bursts Into Open Again

Post-Withdrawal Afghanistan

Challenging Duterte: Maria Ressa and the Philippine Media

EU Offers Cyber Protection to the World

Will the US-China trade war help Vietnam escape China’s hold?

East Timor: an Ecological Paradise Rises from the Ashes of Occupation

End in Sight in Afghanistan?

Bali Cops Said to Breach Singapore National Sovereignty

Japan’s Authorities 'Manhandle' Nissan Supremo Ghosn

‘Decarbonization:’ Realistic Goal for Island Nations

Trapping Asia into a cliché