How SEO and Digital Marketing Courses for Roofers Are Paving The Way In The Roofing Industry

SPONSORED MATERIAL With the advancements in technology nowadays, traditional businesses like roofing companies are shifting their gears towards taking advantage of the Internet, following the lead of many tech-savvy companies, as they, too, are benefiting from digital marketing campaigns. For local roofing contractors, the top digital opportunity is Search Engine Optimization or SEO, which is used to generate leads quickly and efficiently. Help Roofing Businesses Become Visible Online Roofing SEO refers to a series of digital tasks that aim to improve the ranking and online visibility of a roofing company on search engines, like Google’s search results. There are various SEO and digital marketing courses available today, like the ones featured at roofing –, to help roofers and roofing company business owners understand how to use SEO tools and strategies to make roofing marketing efforts successful. Roofing businesses can benefit from SEO and digital marketing courses through lead generation. For instance, if a roofing business is based in Dallas, Texas, SEO tactics can be used to attract more residents to avail of the company’s services. When homeowners usually search terms online, users enter “Roofer in Texas,” or “Roofing Company in Dallas, Texas,” choosing the top ranking results in Google. Shift Roofing Marketing From Traditional to Digital Trends Most roofing companies obtained leads through word of mouth or the Yellow Pages before the birth of the Internet. Door-to-door flyers were also effective in marketing roofing services in the past. However, today’s digital age makes online marketing more pronounced and aggressive, and flyers are shredded or dumped in the trash. Yellow Pages are burnt up in fire pits and word of mouth has transformed into online comments and reviews. People rely on mobile devices and review sites, like Angie’s List and the Better Business Bureau instead of newspapers or traditional print media. While people still value reputation, neighbors are no longer a go-to source. Most people believe the reviews of verified Google users endorsing roofing services. The word of mouth advertising that was effective in the past now travels at the lighting speed of fiber-optic internet connection. Added Competence Apart From Roofing Certification The roofing industry is now evolving, and as a roofing entrepreneur searches for effective ways to grow a roofing business, a business owner should also find ways to ensure that workers also grow and develop career-wise. According to the National Roofing Contractors Association, work retention and labor shortages continue to be a struggle in the industry, so the NRCA aids workers through its national worker certification program or NRCA ProCertification. The NRCA ProCertification is specifically designed to create a sustainable, competent, and top-performing roofing industry workforce. Today, experienced roofing workers can confidently demonstrate knowledge and skills to become certified and reputable roof system installers in various specific roof system disciplines and applications. Like the NRCA ProCertification, SEO, and digital marketing courses take care of the business side of things. Many of these courses also offer certification to trainees to ensure the achievement of short-term and long-term goals of a roofing company. Whether a roofing business owner aims to generate more leads, increase web presence or brand visibility, or boost consumer awareness about the latest roofing services a company can offer, SEO and digital marketing courses can help a roofing company thrive. Application of Effective SEO and Digital Marketing Strategies SEMrush, a leading SEO tool provider, through the SEMrush Academy, offers SEO courses, as well as courses involving content marketing and pay-per-click or PPC. The academy has SEO Fundamentals and Technical SEO courses, and roofing businesses can benefit from the free online courses to become an SEO professional. Greg Gifford and Bastian Grimm, two of the top SEO experts today, prepare the SEMrush courses. Another example of a free digital marketing course is Facebook’s Blueprint Certification. According to Facebook, the Blueprint Certification recognizes a marketer’s advanced-level proficiency with the products and services of the major social media platform. A trainee will earn credentials to be distinguished in the digital marketing world by becoming a genuine Facebook-certified professional. Another most-sought SEO trainer is Moz, wherein a trainee will learn how to effectively build links, use local SEO, Google audits and crawling, keyword research, social media marketing, international SEO, and SEO analytics and reporting. Roofing businesses can benefit from the courses offered by Moz Academy, particularly when it comes to local SEO techniques. Integrate SEO and Digital Marketing Plans to the Roofing Sector Based on the article posted by Roofing Magazine, roofing contractors are facing challenges in creating and implementing successful roofing marketing programs. Marketing can be elusive, frustrating, and confusing for marketing contractors because most people who are working in the industry are craftsmen and not marketing professionals. Roofing contractors need a good marketing plan, incorporating SEO and digital marketing strategies to drive a roofing business. A good plan should start with a solid web presence because most people are using the Internet to research about roofing companies, and roofing products and services before spending money. By developing and sticking to a targeted plan, it can simplify a roofing company’s marketing decisions and strengthen operations. Preparation is the key to achieve a good marketing plan through continuous learning. Short courses, like SEO and digital marketing courses can provide roofing contractors with the necessary knowledge, skills, and attitude to implement the best marketing strategies to thrive and become successful in the industry. Recognize the Important Role of SEO and Digital Marketing in the Roofing Industry Roofing SEO and digital marketing strategies are vast and complex, involving the use of social media marketing, email marketing, content marketing, and other types of online marketing efforts. While roofing contractors can join a local chapter or a group of a facility manager to promote commercial roof restorations, social media marketing can help business owners generate leads by creating a social media page or group and invite influencers in the roofing industry to gain potential clients and business partners. Indeed, SEO and digital marketing courses are highly beneficial in the roofing industry, giving roofing contractors and marketers more opportunities to gain potential clients and investors with a more credible, appealing, and solid web presence. This is sponsored material and does not necessarily reflect the editorial views of Asia Sentinel.