Sitemap - 2018 - Asia Sentinel

Philippine Rights Commission’s Landmark Climate Change Inquiry

Threats, Violence, Imprisonments Rise for Journalists

Women in Politics in Indonesia

Huawei Row Shows Geopolitics’ Effect on Near-Term Asian Economic Outlook

Why Can’t Korea Solve its Fertility Problem?

Once Again, a Stunning Filipina Miss Universe – or Half Filipina

Lacking ‘3Ms’, Prabowo’s Presidential Campaign Turns to VP’s Billions

Bumpy Road To Thailand’s General Election

Book Review: An Elephant on Your Nose

Book Review: The Conflicted Superpower

Now we know: Air Pollution Makes You Stupid

Draconian Viet Cybersecurity Law Due Jan. 1

Curbing Asia’s Corrupt Governments

Tiny Brunei Plays Off US, China

India’s State Elections Change the Political Landscape

Formidable Challenges Remain to Preventing AIDS Globally

US, Canadian Businessmen: Careful in China for Now

Why Did Huawei Exec Meng Have 3 HK Passports?

Recovery for Indian Contemporary Art

Taiwan’s Voters Pull Plug on Energy Sources

India, China Vie for Regional Influence

Singapore Steps Up Drumbeat of Charges Against Critics

Christian Missionaries and Their Mistaken Message from God

Dark Outlook for Poland Climate Talks

Anti-Chinese Sentiment Grows In Philippines

India Election to Test Modi’s Vote-Winning Power

China’s CEFC Crash has Growing Implications for China Leadership

Troubled Japanese Firm to Abandon Indonesian Banking Unit

Chinese Eyeing Antarctic Food Sources

Don’t Count Out Duterte’s ‘Death Squads’ to Go After Reds

Economy Flashing Warning Lights

China’s Politics, Production, People Meld Together

Has Hong Kong’s Pro-Democracy Movement Crested?

China’s Eyes on Papua New Guinea

Japan Toys Gingerly with Allowing in More Gaijin Workers

Philippines Abandons National Language at University

Moscow Returns to The Great Game

Singaporean Authorities Close Prominent Independent News Website

Hong Kong Law: No Longer an Umbrella for Justice

#MeToo Comes to Indonesia

The Mystery of US Defense Spending

Thailand’s Forthcoming Election: Real or Mirage?

Book Review: The Sustainable State: The Future of Government, Economy and Society

Book Review: Other Minds: The Octopus, the Sea, and the Deep Origins of Consciousness

Can Imelda Erase History Again?

IMF Backs Central Bank Digital Currencies

Fighting Money-Laundering for God

Alarm Grows Over World’s Plastic Refuse

India’s Ease of Doing Business Improves, but Economy Still a Worry

Britain Finally Recognizes India’s WWI Contribution

Concerns Grow over Philippines’ Duterte’s Rights Crackdowns

Taiwan Angers China With English-Teaching Plans

Bangladesh Polls Loom Amid Repressive Atmosphere

New Vaginal Ring Holds Promise to Reduce HIV Risk

The Environment in China: Inside the Middle Kingdom

Thai Diplomacy under a Dictatorship

Welcome to Malaysia’s Brave New World

Tough-Talking Minister Drives Indonesian Fishery Recovery

2018 in Environmental Review for Southeast Asia

Renewable Energy in Southeast Asia: Debunking Popular Myths

In Bid to Rewrite History, Modi Unveils World’s Tallest Statue

Hong Kong Connects to the Mainland

‘End Times’ Belief Spurred Indonesian Suicide Attacks

Beijing’s Squeeze on HK Endangers International Status

Circus Time in the Filipino Legislature

Singapore: Unexpected Wildlife Haven

Trump’s Open Season on Journalists

Why Democracy Has Failed in Thailand

US Outmaneuvered on Asia Trade – so far

Taiwan Set for Referendum Overkill

New Bribery Charges for Indonesia’s Lippo Conglomerate

China’s Belt and Road Initiative: The Sum of Messy Parts

India’s BJP Government Says No to #Me Too

Hong Kong On the Totalitarian Grease Pole

India Resists US to Preserve Strategic Autonomy

Wild Tigers in Asia: An Update

Trump, China, and the Future of the Global Trading System

The Debt Trap’s Jaws Close on Pakistan

Tokyo Tuna Market’s Closure Marks End of Era

Why Scientists Say 2040 is Doomsday

Indonesia’s Prabowo Campaign Slowed by Hoax

Thailand’s 2019 Elections May Not Be as Fixed as the Junta Hopes

Book Review: The Road Not Taken: Edward Lansdale and the American Tragedy in Vietnam

Growing Disaster of Trump Administration’s Foreign Policy

China Empties the Seas

Nonperforming Loans, Conflicts Slow March of India’s Petticoat Banking Brigade

China Must Solve Urban-Rural Divide to Solve Income Inequality

China and the Debt Trap

China Dams the World

Japan’s New Foray into Immigration Policy

India’s BJP Has a Good Week

Japan’s Small is Beautiful Spacecraft Finds a 1 km Asteroid

Bhutan’s Election Swings on India-China Relations

China Eats the World

An Inundated Japanese City Looks to Rugby for Renewal

Philippines’ Duterte Claims Another Opponent’s Scalp

Sino-India Rivalry Heats Up in Mauritius

Thailand: Southeast Asia’s Last Hope for Wildlife?

Australian architect Kerry Hill dead at 75

America First or America Isolated

Anwar, Malaysia’s Impatient Premier in Waiting

India’s Rafale Fighter Scandal Builds: Cherchez la Femme

Apology to President Yudhoyono and the Democrat Party of Indonesia

Hong Kong Billed as Best City -- For Top 1 Percent

Marcos the Plagiarizer

US, India sidle Gingerly Towards Each Other

Can Buddhism’s Middle Way Save Journalism?

China Wolfs Down Southeast Asia’s Wildlife

Gloomy US Update on Hong Kong

Recycling “Asian Wisdom” to Hong Kong’s Bosses

Trolls for Sale in the World’s Social Media Capital

India’s Rahul Gandhi: Passion, Pep, Not Enough Prep

Hip Replacement Uproar Only the Latest J&J Dispute

China’s Blackwater-Style Private Armies

Kim Runs Rings Around the Americans Again

US Pharma Giant J&J Faces Heat in India

In Malaysia, China Risks a Neocolonialist Tint

Can China Save Itself from Crony Capitalism?

Indonesia’s Election By-product: Trash

Cambodia: Last Hope for Indochina, or on its Last Breath?

Rahul Gandhi Develops Election Strategy in London

Bangladesh Catch-22: What Did They do With Shahidul Alam?

Shaken Indonesia Sets Out to Rehabilitate Lombok

‘Privatizing’ Afghanistan Into Disaster

Afghanistan’s Stunted Peace Process

Mahathir Shuts Down China

Food Safety and Political Legitimacy in China

Malaysia’s Sunway City: Sustainability Standout

Beauty Confidential!

Laos: Asia’s ‘Battery’ Powers its Own Extinction Crisis

Atal Bihari Vajpayee, BJP‘s Moderate Face Dies

US Social Critic Noam Chomsky Speaks on Thailand’s Political Situation

Letter from Hong Kong: Crypto Funds Whet Investor Appetite

Youth Bulge a Factor in Indonesia 2019 Polls?

Everything Rosy for Japan’s Shinzo Abe

Bangladesh Photog’s Arrest Ignites International Outcry

Creeping Islamism Plays Role in Indonesia’s VP Picks

Post-Election, a Traumatized Malaysian Press Feels its Way

Okinawa Governor’s Shock Death Complicates Fight Over Marine Base

Book Review: Laoshi’s Legacy: Emergence from Shadow

Java Gets a Transformative New Road

Where the Wild Things Were: Vietnam

Indonesia Presidential Nomination Thrown Into Chaos

Hong Kong Foreign Correspondents Club Under Threat

Mahathir and the New National Car

China Seeks to Woo India From US Containment

South Korea’s Manufacturing: in a Funk

Jho Low’s Super Yacht Back in Malaysia

Is Donald Trump More Rational Than We Think?

China ‘Invites’ US into Indo-Pacific Infrastructure

China Finds a Use for Sri Lanka’s Hambantota Port

Thailand’s Junta Invents a New Coup D'état

New Malaysia Government Drops Sedition Charges Against Cartoonist, Others

Indonesia’s Hazardous Water Transport

Duterte Resuscitates Disgraced Philippine Ex-president Arroyo

What will Imran Khan’s Pakistan look like?

Global AIDS Program Threatened by Trump Fund Cuts

The Sinicization of Cambodia

India’s Modi Caught in Rafale Fighter Price Mess

Viet Activist Fights to Save Huge Cave System

Indonesia Seeks to Democratize its Schools

Indonesia’s Jokowi Still Looks Good for 2019, Polls Say

Hong Kong’s Young Leaders ‘Map DNA’, Miss Governance

Arm-Twist Democracy in Pakistan

Japan: Reluctant Asian Counterweight to China

Nepal Brings its Dalits into its Forest Preservation Plan

Rahul Gandhi’s Most Effective Speech

Taiwan, aka. “Pangolin Island”

Indonesian Anti-Terror Squad Arrests Hundreds

Beijing Says No to Hong Kong Independent Party

Making Sense of Kim Jong-un’s Choices

Thailand’s Kra Canal: Economic and Geopolitical Implications

Trump’s China Trade Negotiator Hit with New Ethics Questions

Firebrand Indian Imam Becomes a Malaysian Flashpoint

Rivers in Peril: Restoring the Lifeblood of Cities

Beijing Cultivates Diplomacy and Soft Power in Africa

Manila’s Mystery Red Banners

The Fall From Grace of Aung San Suu Kyi

Indonesian Paper Giant Allegedly Disguising Ownership in Other Companies

The Global Hunt for Malaysia’s Stolen Billions

Asian-American Stereotypes Stunt US Success Rates

The Philippines Sets Out to Commit Political Suicide Again

Malaysia: Time to Pay the Chinese Piper?

US Arm-Twists India Over Iran Sanctions

China’s Belt-Road Initiative: Too Much of a Good Thing?

Incredible Shrinking Japan

Japan’s Incredible Shrinking Royalty

Indonesia’s Lippo Group Sees Off Creditors Amid Bribery Allegations

India’s Supreme Court Backs AAP’s Right to Govern in Delhi

Projected Pension Cuts Outrage Taiwan’s Military

End of The Line for Malaysia’s Najib

Gay and Betrayed in Catholic-Majority Philippines

'Unseen Thailand' Slogan: Unintended Meaning

South Korea’s Conservatives in Eclipse

Indonesia’s Ruling Party May Face Trouble in 2019 Elections

Health Care in Asia Outpaces Inflation

The Post-Marawi Decline of Abu Sayyaf

Duterte’s Stance Uncertain Over Foreign Environment Funding

Developing Countries Face Environmental Funding Cuts

Crackdown on Filipino Vagrants Echoes Ugly Drug War

Bribery Issues Overshadow Indonesia Polls

Taiwan’s Crumbling Canyons

Shock and Awe Won’t Work in a Trade War

Indonesian Police Clear Controversial Cleric in Sex Case

Media and Politics in Southeast Asia

Indonesia’s Cyber-Vigilantes on the March

US Trade Threat Spreads to India

Why did Viet Police Forcibly Grab US Student?

New Surveys Show Ripoffs for Hong Kong’s domestic helpers

Illusion of Security From Singapore

Japan’s New Uncertainty Post-Sentosa

The Chinese Python Reaches for Hong Kong

Malaysia Starts to Count the Cost of Corruption

Trump’s Attack on US Allies

India Eyes Papua Coal Reserves

Saffronart Online Art Auction Beats Christie’s

When Mother Earth menstruates

A Balinese Teen Learns to Dance

Indonesian Giant Lippo May Face Debt Crisis

Viet Regime Backs Away From Fight it Didn’t Need

Former President Attacks Modi’s Nationalism

Hope for a Blacklisted Cambodian Park?

Indonesian Campus Arrests Underscore Student Radicalism

Japan Riveted by Scandal in American-Style Football

Manila’s Troubling Subservience

Is Thai Strongman Prayuth’s Power Slipping?

Could Poland Sabotage Climate Talks?

US Mounts Major Global Anti-Money-Laundering Campaign

India’s Modi Off to Indonesia to Counter China

Eradicating Poverty in Indonesia

Symbol of Defiance in Thailand

Modi’s India at 4: Troubling Hindu Nationalism, Varying Success

The Girl Who Knew Too Much

Modi Credibility Hit by BJP’s Karnataka Bribe Offers

Malaysia Gets Change, But Can it Handle It?

Thai Strongman Prayuth Plays Coy on Electoral Campaign

Indonesia Tries to Clean up Elections

Malaysia’s Najib: Long Political Career Ending in Disgrace?

India’s Karnataka Assembly Polls Generate Political Intrigue

China’s South China Sea Grab Now Complete, Report Says

A Critic Looks at Malaysia’s New Press Freedom

Walmart-Flipkart Deal a Sign of a New India

Crypto Investment Bank Debuts in Hong Kong

Rebuilding Malaysia: Titanic job

Philippine Supreme Court Ousts Chief Justice Duterte Called an ‘Enemy’

Facebook is Hurting Democracy in Myanmar

The Doctor is back. Can Malaysia be cured?

Stunning Victory for Democracy in Malaysia

The Coming Anti-China Indo-Pacific alliance

US Protectionism Plays out in Bonn Climate Talks

Trouble on Sumatra’s East Coast

Thailand Junta’s Constitutional Masterpiece

Duterte Takes on the Filipino Press

Malaysia Faces a Tense Election

Like AIIB, the Asian Development Bank Struggles to Find Quality Borrowers

China Blows Warm on Taiwan

Indonesia’s Social Forestry Program

Myanmar’s Repression Coalition Fractures

Vietnam Tightens the Screws on the Internet

Philippines’ Duterte Knuckles Under to Kuwait

Xi and Modi: After Wuhan, What?

Call for Big Oil to Step Out of Bonn Climate Talks

Indonesia’s Unequal Higher Education

Now You See it, Now You Don’t – Country Fund Disappears

Will the Paris Climate Agreement Work?

Liberal Education for Sale in Singapore

China’s Xi, India’s Modi Start Talking Again

The Moral and Intellectual Bankruptcy of the Thai Middle Class

Vietnam’s Trong Cleans Out the Party

Mahathir's Last Hurrah

Guides to Asian Stock Valuations Now a Puzzle

Malaysia’s UMNO Faces Election Ouster, Sort of

Kim Wants Peace Treaty, not Denuclearization

I’m the King of the Commonwealth...!

US Authorities Write End of Huge Crime Ring

Indonesia’s Homegrown Militants Re-emerge

Graftbusters Said to Probe Bank J Trust Fraud

Blockchain for Microstates

US Prosecutors to Renew Battle to Seize Huge 1MDB Yacht

Re-energizing the Commonwealth

Modi hits a winning streak in London

Bitter Pill: Western Pharma’s Stunning Profits

Japanese Rookie Electrifies American Baseball

Malaysia’s ‘Fake News’ Crackdown Begins

Chinese Students Increasingly Find US a Hostile Place to Study

The Bankers are at it Again

India’s Modi in Human Rights Squabble as Commonwealth Summit Nears

Adultery, the World Says, is Wrong

Child Marriage: Southeast Asia’s Misery

Philippine President’s Clash With Women in Power

Russia Funded Syria’s Destroyed Chemical Weapons Complex

The Endangered Last ‘Blank Spot’ on Indochina’s Map

Developing Asia Exporting Too Much Capital

India Seeks Expanded Commonwealth Role

Book Review: Nuclear Blues

Rogue Bank Helped Fleeing Kazakh Fugitives Launder Millions

Self-Driving Cars and Safety

Are South Korea’s FDI Outflows Becoming Alarming

Indonesia’s Inadequate Protections for Migrant Workers

Viet Activists Accuse Facebook of Caving to Authorities

Belt-and-Road: The Chinese Albatross Around Pakistan’s Neck

US Says Yes to Taiwan Submarine Program

India Wary of US Embrace on “Free and Open Indo-Pacific” Policy

‘Political Islam’ Threatens Indonesia’s Jokowi

Trump, US May Have Upper Hand in China Trade War

Malaysia’s Najib Calls 14th General Election

Mahathir: Malaysia's Prophet of Doom or Second Messiah?

Najib Razak: A Kleptocrat Skilled at the Game

Mekong River’s Fate Up for Grabs in Cambodia

The Death of Paradise

Beijing Blows Hot Against Hong Kong Scholar

Malaysia Defies International Criticism With ‘Fake News’ Bill

‘World’s Cutest Fish’ Headed for Extinction

Indonesia’s Growing Water Safety Crisis

Can America Bounce Back in Asia?

No Enemies = No Nuclear War

Mumbai Art Sale Beats Christie’s

Book Review: Is This The China That Can’t?

India and China Jostle For Himalayan Influence

Reintroducing the Clouded Leopard to Taiwan

Malaysia’s Liar in Chief Proposes a ‘Fake News’ Bill

China Rearranges Its Bureaucracy to Aid Regional Hegemony

Malaysia Tries to Redistrict the Opposition to Oblivion

WTO Meets in India Amid Chaos

Reform Organizations Protest Malaysia ‘Fake News’ Bill

India’s Blighted Defense Forces

Asia’s Stake in a US Trade War

Indonesia Tries Rural Development

Plastics Manufacturers Told: Clean Up Your Mess

Southeast Asia’s Trade War over Palm Oil

Singapore Looks To Tighten Screws on ‘Fake News’

Fighting Piracy on the ASEAN Seas

Indonesia’s Growing Narcotics Problem

Putting Jokowi’s Maritime Policy Into Practice

Scandal Over Japanese School Re-snares Abe

Is Trump Being Played in Kim’s Survival Game?

The Quad: New face of China Containment

US President Could Bumble Way to Korean Rebalancing

Sonia Gandhi Launches Detailed Attack on Modi Government

India’s Government Protects its Trade

Kazakhs Sue a Kleptocrat, Trump Friend

Duterte’s Crusade Against Chief Justice an Ominous Sign

Saving Girls in India

The Future of Wildlife in Southeast Asia?

Seoul Looks at a New China Under Xi

The Global Banking Industry: No Future Without Blockchain

As US College Enrollments Dip, Schools Look Overseas

BJP Expands in Northeast India

An Indonesian District Isolated From Development

Is Cambodia’s Sleepy Kampot in for a Rude Chinese Awakening?

Malaysia Readies for a Depressing Election

How the TPP Rose from the Dead

Will Asia’s Rise Mean the Wreckage of Planet Earth?

Canada’s Trudeau Stumbles in India

Climate Change: Developing Asia Drives Industrial Heat Demand

Southeast Asia’s Arms Race

The Death of Cambodia’s “Highway of Death”

Violence in Indonesia’s Schools

Malaysia’s Vaunted Land Distribution Scheme Turns Sour

India, China Jockey for Influence in Oman

Islamic State Operatives in the Philippines

Cambodia Returns to a Nightmare

Indonesia’s Besieged Lawmakers Shield Selves from the Law

Delhi’s India Art Fair rises to the occasion

Myanmar Backtracks on Press Freedom

Difficult European Trek for China’s Belt & Road

Viet Activist’s Sentencing an Omen of Worse to Come

Malaysia Sentences a Bright Opposition Star

Fundamentalist Leader's Political Kiss of Life for Malaysian PM

China India Rivalry Now Plays Itself Out in Maldives

China’s Urbanization: Too Far, Too Fast?

Korea’s “Peace Olympics” Raises Seoul-Washington Tensions

As the Rest of the World Quits, Indonesia’s Smokers Increase

US Busts a Chinese Golden Triangle Billionaire

A Woman’s Sad Tale Embodies Myanmar’s HIV Problems

Male-to-Male Sex in Myanmar: A Curse Engendered by Poverty

US Sexual Scandal Reaches Macau

How Come China’s Ex-Reds Are So Much Better off Than Russia’s Ex-Reds?

Book Review: A ‘Vulcan’s’ Version of Asia-Pacific History

India’s BJP Preparing Snap Election?

50-Year-old ‘False News’s Accusations Against US Press

Sexual Harassment Rears its Head in Indonesia

South Korea in a Post-Trump World

Fifty Years Ago, Death Came to Saigon

Cambodia Goes on a Building Spree

India Woos ASEAN, ASEAN Flirts Back

Democracy No Longer Welcome in Hong Kong

China Expands its Reach, Meets Little Resistance

California Looks to Asia and Away from Washington

Mattis Address Illustrates Gap between US capabilities, those of Asian Foes

One of Japan’s Richest Headed for Cyprus?

Malaysia’s Leading News Portal Imperiled by Lawsuit Reversal

India’s Modi Government Pulls Out All Stops to Lure Foreign Investors

Money Can't Buy China Love – but Influence, Apparently

Philippines’ Duterte's Vicious Attack on Critics

India’s Chief Justice Under Attack by Peers

US: Drowning in Debt While Tycoons Laugh All the Way to the Bank

Indonesia’s Rising Fundamentalism Gets Uglier in Election Year

Malaysia’s Coming 14th General Election: Issue in Doubt

Thai Hire-Purchase Firm, Onetime Benefactor Try to Eradicate Each Other

Book Review: The Great Han -- Race, Nationalism and Tradition in China Today

Book Review: River of Life, River of Death – the Ganges and India’s Future

Book Review: Cultural Stagnation bred by Vietnamese censorship

Book Review: Inglorious Empire (What the British did to India)

Indonesia’s Jokowi Seeks to Slow Forest Fire Devastation

Dispossessed Rohingya Create a Bangladesh Environmental Disaster

Trump Topples South Asia Apple Cart

Mahathir Changes Malaysia’s Political Equation

Do Europe’s Oligarchs Tread Decks of Stolen Teak?

Indonesia Seeks to Raise Human Capital

North Korea’s Kim Holds All the Cards

An Indonesian Forest Treasure Threatened by Plantations

Asia: After a Goldilocks Year, 2018 Could Be Time for the Bears

Indonesia Seeks to Halve Forest Fires by 2019