Sitemap - 2016 - Asia Sentinel

China Takes to the Blue Water

Journalist Deaths Down Globally

Bitter Battle Starts Over India's Tata Group

Modinomics Bites Christies Sale

Philippines’ Duterte a Drug User Himself

India Gets its Guns – 30 years late

Trump’s Uncomfortable ‘Bargaining Chip’ Across the Strait

Anwar Appeal Loss a Blow for Awakening Malaysian Opposition

Australia-US Immigration Deal is "One-off"

Is the TPP Dead or Merely Comatose?

Is the Philippines Tiring of Duterte?

South Korea’s Park Isn’t Going Easily

Beijing Loses Patience with Hong Kong’s Leung

Duterte’s Long Game: Marcos Family Return, Critics say

China Adventurism Grows in Pakistan’s Gwadar Area

The Conspiracy to Save Najib

India Loses a Charismatic Actress- Politician

Danger to Democracy Increases in Hong Kong

Thailand’s New King: Who is he Really?

India’s Judicial Activists Strain Constitutional Mandate

Massive Jakarta Rally Aimed at Indonesia’s President?

TPP: Who Needs Uncle Sam?

Malaysia’s sedition crackdown continues, political cartoonist held

What happened at the UN Marrakech Climate Talks?

India Eases Defense Blacklist Ban

Trump’s Korean Conundrum

Cambodia’s Capital City Reaches for the Sky

India’s ‘Post-Truth’ Answer to Crisis

UN Marrakech Climate Talks End with Little Action

Malaysia Protest Peaceful, Crackdown Continues

Malaysian Police Sweep Up Opponents Ahead of Rally

Veteran Malaysian Diplomat Sounds Alarm over Tyranny

Hong Kong’s Pro-Democrats Make a Mess of Things

Violence Against Myanmar’s Rohingya Spreads to Aid Workers

Beset by Scandal, Malaysia Sentences Another Critic

South Korea’s Park Faces Existential Question of Survival

Currency Chaos in India Aimed at Corruption

Working Around US Pledge to Leave Climate Pact

Trump Oil: Good for What Ails You!

Marrakech Climate Talks Thrown into Confusion by US Election

Pakistan Begins to Learn Chinese Development Cost

President-elect Trump’s Humanitarian Agenda

George Soros Becomes Malaysia’s Bogeyman Again

Trump and Asia

Taipei Leans Toward China Peace Deal

Can the World Meet its Climate Change Commitments?

UK’s May runs into EU-style blockages in New Delhi

Jakarta Governor Beset by Religion (and Politics)

Judicial Independence Under Rising Threat in Hong Kong

Malaysia’s Najib Tilts to China

Extra Virgin or Greasy Harlot?

Indian Women Take On their Predators

South Korea’s President Faces Crisis over Spiritual Mentor

Hong Kong’s Democrats Chafe Against Beijing

Cambodia’s Illegal Logging Crisis

Patriarch of India’s Tata Takes Back his Empire

China Turns the East Red

Beyond Vietnam’s ‘Great Fish Kill’

Malaysia’s Najib Erases Predecessor’s Economic Vision

Can South Korean Agriculture Survive Free Trade?

China’s Latest Taiwan Strategy: Divide and Conquer

South Asian Art Prices Recover in London

In the Philippines, Who is the Real Duterte?

Deep Questions Surround Thai Succession

Ten Years on, Mongolian Beauty’s Murder Remains Unexplained in Malaysia

As ASEAN Turns 50, Rights Lag

Thailand Faces Uncertain Future Under Erratic Pretender

King Bhumibol Adulyadej of Thailand, 1927-2016

Former Philippines President Ramos Loses Patience with Duterte

BPO Fraud in India on the Rise

Malaysia: Crackdown on Free Speech Intensifies

Indonesia Presents Google With Huge Tax Bill

Southeast Asia Grapples with Renewable Energy

Kashmiri 12-Year-old’s Death Does Little to Reduce Kashmiri Tensions

Is China’s High Savings Rate a Curse?

Hong Kong’s Chief Executive Leung’s Days Numbered?

Viet Protests Flare Again Against Taiwanese Polluter

Former HKU Law Dean Charges Chief Executive with Political Interference

1MDB, Criminal Probe Separate Key Aide from Malaysia Tycoon’s Empire

Fossil Fuel Industry Knew the Climate Damage it was Causing

China’s Rising Pile of Infrastructure Debt

Controversies Haunt Jokowi’s Tax Amnesty Program

India Looks to Counter Chinese influence in Myanmar

The disgrace of Filipino Cleanup Efforts Post-Haiyan

India strikes terror camps in Pakistan alongside non-military offensive

Scandal at Thai Wind Concern Threatens US$2 billion IPO

Illegal Viet Rice Floods Cambodia Market

India Seeks a Place at the Arms Bazaar

India Places $8.6 billion Jet Order Amid Failed Defenses

Japan’s Female Troika: Potential Prime Ministers

The Aging Dilemma for Asian Populations

Economics Claims an Important Vietnam Media Voice

India Caught in Another Defense Scam

Philippine President Duterte Sows Chaos Internationally

Cambodia Goes After Opposition Well in Advance of Elections

Indonesian Leader Names Dodgy Spy Chief

Former PM Mahathir Adds to Malaysia’s Muddled Political Mix

The Invisibility of Older Women

Hong Kong Says No to Beijing

Thai Media Magnate Pays the Price for Backing Wrong Royalist Faction

Defense Units of Five Countries at Sea over Scorpene Hack

Beijing Rivalry Plays Itself Out in Hong Kong

China’s Stressed Youth

Delhi Warily Tilts to Washington

Myanmar’s Panglong Peace Summit Kicks Off

Singapore Succession a Troubling Issue

Thailand’s Notorious ‘Da Torpedo’ Goes Free

Taiwan Seeks Kuomintang’s Fabled Riches

The Naming of Seas is a Practical Matter

Claiming Dominance, China Sheds Pretense of Peaceful Rise

Another Scorpene Submarine Scandal

West Enables China’s Suffocating Embrace of the Sri Lankan Economy

Arms Race Threatened on India-China border

Bangladesh Prepares to Hang Another Opposition Leader

Why Low Interest Rates Cripple Capital Investment

Indonesia’s Fire Season: Bad but Not As Bad

Najib's Mystery Millions Caught in US Seizure?

Can a Hero’s Burial for Marcos be Legally Stopped?

World's Mind Made Up on US Presidential Race

China’s ‘Thought Police’ Tighten Screws on Hong Kong

Aung San Suu Kyi Goes to China

International Financial Community Grows Leery of Malaysia

Singapore Passes Expanded Contempt of Court Law

US Citizenship Costs Indonesian Energy Minister His Job

Philippines’ President Duterte Earns his Cowboy Spurs

India Gets its Guns

Tension Grows Between Japan and China over Islets

China’s Export Glut Threatens World Economy

Book Review: Easternisation: War and Peace in the Asian Century

Hong Kong Debaters Win on Points

A Cheaper Currency Can’t Rescue the Chinese Economy

Executed Indonesian Drug Dealer’s Tale of High-Level Help

A Sensible Answer to Southeast Asia’s Drug Problems

Contradictions in Philippine President Duterte’s War on Drugs

Donald Trump Says the Korea FTA is a Disaster. Not True.

Singapore Continues War on Dissent

Junta Wins Thailand’s Farcical Election

Polio Nearly Eradicated Despite Pakistani, Afghan Suspicions

Thailand Awaits a Rigged Referendum

Indonesia’s Complicated Relations with China

More Fake Soft Power for China

India at last takes a leap forward on tax reforms

A Robbery Tells the Story of Philippine Legal Ineffectiveness

Malaysia’s Mahathir Seeks to Lead New Party Against Najib

A Tide of Immigrants in the UK’s Birmingham

Brexit and Korea: Pandora’s Box?

The Duterte in the Eye of the Beholder

Jakarta’s Governor Drinks the Kool-Aid

Malaysia May Have Known Fate of Doomed MH370

Myanmar Government Delivers Broad Economic Outline

Air France Faces Ruin

Theresa May Dares to Risk Upsetting China

Malaysia’s Prime Minister Tightens the Screws on his Enemies

Proxy War Between China Leaders Enmeshes Hong Kong Publishers

America’s Stateless Hmong

Desperate to Survive, Malaysia’s PM Sells his Country to China

Jokowi Reshuffle Drops Reformers, Allows Politics

Is Singapore Prepared for its Future?

China May Try Cash to Buy Off Philippines

Cambodia’s Stateless Vietnamese

Najib’s Spectacular Carnival of Thievery

US Sells Only Illusions of Success in Afghanistan

S.H.Raza’s Death: Sunset of India’s ‘Progressives’

Malaysia’s Prime Minister Finally in Danger?

US Probe Veers Close to Najib Family

India’s Supreme Court blocks Two BJP Political Coups

China Slapped Down on South China Sea for Environmental Issues

Myanmar’s Best Chance for Internal Peace

The Riddle of Singapore’s Stalled Productivity

South China Sea Ruling Greets an Unsure New Filipino Administration

Hague Court Decision a Gift to South China Sea Nations

China’s Case for Claiming South China Sea Demolished

Reproductive Tourism in India: No Child’s Play

Cuba braces itself for a second US invasion

Hong Kong Anti-Graft Watchdog Under Threat

China Out-Pivots the US to the Middle East and Iran

Analyst's Murder Highlights Cambodian Misrule

Islamic State and Southeast Asia

North Korea Exports Slave Labor to EU, Report Says

India’s Modi Reshuffles Cabinet: Gains, Surprises

Myanmar’s Illegal Wildlife Supermarket

Globalisation: Is BREXIT the Tipping Point?

Unilever Concert Deaths Test Philippine President Duterte’s Drug War

China Joins the ‘Great Game’

The Cost of Indonesia’s 2015 Fires

Duterte’s Federalism: False Promise

Macau’s Downturn Deepens, Continues

Brain optional, scientists say, and I have to agree

Viet Steel Mill Owners Acknowledge Huge Fish Kill

Philippines’ New President Shakes up the South China Sea

Chaos in Myanmar’s Jadeite Industry

Malaysian PM Snares Another Political Enemy

Will China Bullying Hurt Taiwan’s Economy?

South Korea Shipbuilding Industry Faces Crisis

Malaysian PM Reshuffles Cabinet, Consolidates Power

Ramadan Lunch Raid Spotlights Religious Intolerance in Indonesia

Brexit’s Lessons for Asia

Cops Already Acting on Philippine President-elect’s Death-to-Thugs Vow

A Gay Indian Artist Shakes up London’s Tate Gallery

China South Sea Myth Backfires

Singapore’s Nanny State Kicks Out Foreign Support for LGBTs

Out of China - Scariest Superbug of All hits US

Reform Recedes in Malaysia as Voters Abandon Opposition

China Finds a Friend in Australia

Filipino Politicians Rush for Presidential Perks

Australia Foreign Debt Reaches Crisis Proportions

HK Concert Cancellation a Flash Point with Beijing

Thai Junta’s Charter Referendum in Doubt

Malaysia is China's 'Weak Link' in Checkmating ASEAN


Plundering India’s Past

HK’s Unpopular Chief Exec May Face Competition from Bureaucrats

Thai Junta to Crack Down Harder on Internet Users

Malaysian By-elections Likely to Ratify Najib Leadership

What a Chinese Air Defense Identification Zone Means for Southeast Asia

US Cruising Around the South China Sea: No Strategy

Indonesia About to Introduce Draconian Islamic Certification Law

Southeast Asia Stumbles on Biofuels

Differences between Westerners and Easterners

Singapore Shocks its Neighbor to the North

Official Religious Orthodoxy Driving Malaysia to Extremes

Philippines Gets Ready for the Duterte Ride

Two Veterans, Three Countries, Much Damage

Vietnam After Obama

India’s Modi Plans Reshuffle

‘Talibanization’ for Malaysia?

Something Fishy with Thailand’s Fishing Industry

Bonn Climate Negotiations

1MBD Starts to Come Apart

Dodgy Donors Dog India’s Litfest Circuit

Waiting for Obama

Japan Enters South China Sea Dispute

Indonesia Opens the Door – a Bit – to More Foreign Investment

4 true stories about taking risks

'Really Pissed Off:' Vietnam’s Environmental Disaster

Global Climate Change: Impossible Goals?

Expect More China-Taiwan Tensions

Malaysia’s Opposition: The Gang that Couldn’t Shoot Straight

Questions over Duterte’s Philippine Cabinet

BJP, 2 women regional politicians top India’s state polls

Book Review: CEO, CHINA – The Rise of Xi Jinping

Taiwan’s Outgoing President May Face Charges

Indonesia’s Oldest Party Picks a Shakedown Artist

Duterte Likely to Go His Own Way on Energy

Leicester City Cinderella Story Authored by Thai Oligarch

With Obama Coming, Viet Leaders in a Dilemma

Post-Paris: Call for Deeper Commitment to Slow Climate Change

Malaysia Silences Critics as Najib Heads for UK

Philippine Vice President Not Settled Yet

The consequences of Japan’s shrinking

Thoughts about persuasive speech

Obama to go to Hiroshima

Indonesian Child Rape Case Sparks Public Outrage

Two Minds on China

Thailand: Making Merit While Escaping the Law

China’s Taxman May Axe HK Economy

Thai Facebook Users Under Threat

Southeast Asia’s Rivers Run Dry

Anti-Coal Movement Grows in Philippines

Malaysia Losing its Grip on East Malaysia?

The Philippines and the Politics of Failure

Davao and the President the Philippines Might Get

Viet Fish Kill Spawns Political Crisis

Can Food Trucks Replace Hong Kong’s Dai Pai Dongs?

Political Rivalry in India Endangers Defense

Singapore’s Opposition Figurehead Trounced Again

Could Duterte Control the Philippine Congress?

Malaysian PM Basks in State Electoral Victory

It’s Raining Money in Sarawak

Indonesia Prepares for New International Condemnation

Dispiriting Year for Press Freedom in Asia

Book Review: Metamorphosis: Studies in Social and Political Change in Myanmar

Philippine Islamic Peace Process at Risk

1Malaysia Development Bhd. Nears a Sorry End

A New Global ‘Patrimonial’ Art Emerges

Singapore’s ‘Jolly Hangman’ About to Strike

The Mytsone Dam: Myanmar’s NLD Dilemma

Potholes in China’s Silk Road

My position on gender and toilets

Brunei silenced on South China Sea claims

Obituary: Association of Southeast Asian Nations (1967-2016)

India Tries to Repair Scandal-Scarred Defense Procurement

Streamed Durex Sex Ad Frustrates Chinese

Huge Fish Kill Tests Vietnam’s New Regime

Thai Junta to Prosecute Corruption Protesters

Malaysia Appoints Professional to Lead Bank Negara

40 Years On, Laos Still Covered with Unexploded Ordinance

Malaysia’s 1MDB Default: What Were They Thinking??

I'm outing myself: I identify as a potato

Thailand Expats Rattled by New Visa Form

The Group Behind Canadian Execution by Philippine Militants

Cambodian Parliamentary Immunity in Danger

Malaysia’s Bomohs: Witch Doctors in Modern Society

Sarawak Election Cast as Referendum on Malaysian PM

Malaysian Tycoon Dismembers HK Paper for Beijing

‘Make in India’ Resonates with Chinese Corporates

Australia and the Cringe Mentality

Viet Stock Markets Start to Catch Up

A Veteran Singaporean Foe Challenges the PAP

What if the US Tilt Doesn’t Work?

Saudi Statement ‘Clearing’ Malaysian PM a Red Herring

Myanmar’s New Democracy’s First Task: Ethnic Conflict

Mix of Challenges for Philippine Birth Control Law

Does Delhi care as Kashmir erupts again?

Indonesia’s Feared Anti-terrorism Squad Under Fire in Hunt for ISIS

Opinion: Don’t Let Radical Islam Colonize Malaysia

Opinion: Climate Change and Violence

An Icon of Singaporean Resistance Dies

Hong Kong Now Wants Silence from Business Critics

Thai New Year Awash in Groping and Road Deaths

Fish, Tourists New Pawns in China Battle Over Taiwan

Singapore’s Lawsuit-Happy Lee Family

Party Infighting Undermines Korean Democracy

Vietnam: Old Guard, New Tack

China to Take Scarborough Shoal Next?


Lots of Malaysians in Panama Papers

Political Fallout from El Nino

Sour Anniversary Looms for Indonesian Environmental Disaster

South China Morning Post Shows its New China Stripes

Thailand’s Junta Tightens the Screws on Shinawatra Country

Malaysian Parliamentary Panel Whitewashes Najib

ADB Says Asia Heads for ‘New Normal’ Growth

Malaysia Auditor General’s 1MDB Report Classified

Bangladesh’s Khaleda on the Ropes?

Opinion: Cambodian Rice Industry Endangered by Bad Policy

Latest Thai Constitution Draft a Non-Starter

China’s Overseas Investments Come with Baggage

Beijing Blows Hot Over Hong Kong’s Nationalist Party

Thai Junta Turns Law Enforcement Over to Soldiers

Modi Government Wraps e-Commerce in Red Tape

The Lie at the Center of the Singapore Legend

The Challenges to Democracy in Myanmar

Tata Hit by the Latest of India’s Failed Foreign Takeovers

Jakarta Governor Seeks to Break Indonesia’s Political Mold

The Rehabilitation of Erap Estrada

Johor Sultan Says Be Malay Not Arab

Palm Oil Giant Suspended from Environmental Certification

Robert Parker The Wine Advocate – London Matter of Taste April 21 to May 3

Globalization in Retreat

Singapore Extends Crackdown on Internet Journalism

US Returns to the Philippines in Force

India’s BJP’s Swings to Jingoism

Provoked by China, Jakarta Backs Away From South China Sea Dispute

Indonesian Gas Field Decision Shows Joko’s Indecision

Hard Cheese! Authentic is the New Luxe

Leading Vietnam Blogger Draws Five-Year Sentence

'Affluenza' in Thailand

Taiwan Turns to Soft Power

Negative Interest Rates: Insidious Killers

Blocked Site’s Closure Underscores Malaysia's Press Freedom Crisis

Viet Blogger Heads to Court

Indonesian Economy Brightens Up

Atmospheric CO2 Levels Flatten for Second Straight Year

Malaysia Watches Warily for Central Bank Governor’s Replacement

Japan PM Abe's Influence Grows Across ASEAN

The Plight of Hong Kong’s Domestic Workers

Besieged Singaporean Blogger Again Turns to Crowdfunding

God and the Philippine Election

Who Covered Up Malaysian Banker’s Assassination?

Breaking Sri Lanka’s Economic Gridlock

'Crooks vs Crooks' Under Thai Military

Return of the Arc of Democracy

China-Taiwan Tunnel a Nonstarter, Taipei Says

State Capitalism and the Threat to Democracy

Influential Malaysian Website Closes Down


US, India Hope to Resurrect Moribund Nuke Deal

Good Times Fade for Indian Tycoon Mallya

Lights Going Out for Free Press in Southeast Asia

Flee from Chinese CDOs!

Christian Asylum Seekers in Thailand Face Persecution

Singapore Threatens Online News Site

South Africans Want Arms Factory in Hong Kong

Philippine Court Clears Poe to Run for President

China SOEs Snap Up Overseas Chinese Media

China’s National People’s Congress Deals with a New Mao

Malaysia’s Opposition Coalition: Maybe Not so Grand

Freed Indian Student Assails BJP

Myanmar’s National League for Democracy Consolidates Power

Malaysian Political Enemies Unite Against Najib

Marcoses Redux!!

UN, US Call for Answers on Malaysian Press Blockages

The Globe Catches the Japanese Disease

Power, Najib’s Money and Malaysia’s Corrupt System

Politics May Block Huge Indonesian Gas Field

Can China’s Infrastructure Bank Transform the Region?

HK By-election Turns Into Referendum, Beijing Loses

India’s Arun Jaitley launches pro-poor rural budget

New Press Crackdown in Malaysia

Thaksin Rolls Dice in Bid to Check Thai Military

The Jakarta IS Attacks and the Year Ahead

Singapore, Hong Kong Catch Cold from Neighbors

The Two–Year Search for MH370

Najib is Indictable, M'sia's Anti-graft Body Believes

Indonesian Supreme Court Nixes Acquittal of International School Teachers

Thai Junta Threatens Exiled Critic Pavin’s Family

Manny Pacquiao Kicks Off Regional LGBT Debate

NGOs Urge EU to Keep Thai Feet to Fire on Fishery Slavery

China Contractors Wreck Myanmar Villagers’ Lives

Indonesia's Jokowi Blocks Move to Weaken Anti-Graft Body

Cats Fighting Under the Blanket in Thailand

Japan: Business Cycle Disappears

Smart pets harm my self-esteem

Malaysia’s Najib-Mahathir ‘Guerrilla War’ Heats Up

Hong Kong Adopts Beijing Confrontation Tactics

India’s Modi Government Stumbles on Repression

Indonesia May Drop Mining Export Ban

US Jet Fighter Deal with Pakistan Rumbles India

Opinion: Epidemic of Top Thai Cop ‘Suicides’ Continues

Budget Axe Falls on Malaysian Universities

Singapore Seeks to Rig Another Election

Shortage of Women in Southeast Asian Politics

US Top Court Imperils Asia Climate Control Efforts

An Open Letter to the President of the United States

Malaysia Tries to Cloud Blame for Altantuya Killing

India and Pakistan’s Ice-Bound Standoff

Human Rights Groups Bullied for Detailing Thai Torture

Indonesian President Rolls Out Dramatic Economic Reforms

Supreme Court Weighs Philippine Destiny

Silencing by means of “superstition”

Former Indonesian President’s Close Aide Convicted

Myanmar: New Parliament, Old Constitution

Malaysia’s AG: Whistle-blowing Detrimental to Health

China’s Wooing of Iran May Not Pay Off

The Jakarta Attack and Indonesian Terrorism

Story Keeps Changing on Malaysian PM’s Embarrassing Accounts

Racism Rears its Head in Hong Kong

Viet Political Transition a Nightmare for Dissidents

Indonesia’s Economy Heads into Turbulence

Pizzazz in Delhi Street Art

Publish and Perish: Long Arm of Chinese Censors Reaches Across Borders

Indonesia’s Jokowi Show

Kedah Ouster of Mahathir’s Son a Pyrrhic Victory for M'sia's Najib

A Longtime Political Refugee Seeks Singaporean Justice

A World of Scandal Descends on Malaysian Prime Minister

Finally! French Act in Altantuya Murder Case

Cracks Widen in Malaysian PM’s Story on Unexplained Billions

Hope Fades for Sri Lankan Justice for Rajapaksa

Crowds, Personalities at Jaipur Lit Fest

Malaysia AG’s Embarrassing Gaffe

Taiwan’s Tsai Has to get the Economy Moving

Climate Change: Making Polluters Pay

Malaysian AG Clears PM of Wrongdoing with Dodgy Statement

Update: As expected, Supporters of Viet General Secretary Trong Prevail

Bangladesh PM’s Vendetta Against Grameen Bank’s Yunus

Obituary: A Singaporean Political Refugee Dies in the US

Viet Party Conference Surprisingly Dumps Dung

Opinion: The Lies of Malaysia’s Attorney General

China’s Giant Coast Guard Cutters Threat to Regional Neighbors

China’s Belt and Road Show an Expanding Girth

Islamic State’s appeal in Malaysia

India’s Modi Promises to Clear Red Tape for Entrepreneurs

Missing HK Publisher’s ‘Confession’ Has Beijing’s Fingerprints

Malaysian PM Najib On Way Out, Report Says

Taiwan Election: The Strait is Wide but the Emperor is Still too Close

Jakarta Attack Linked to ISIS, Indonesians Defiant

Taiwan Electorate Appears Certain to Reject Beijing’s advances

Prestigious Publication Lends Support to Embattled Malaysian Central Banker

Rare Gulf of California Species Threatened by Chinese Appetites

Opinion: Thailand’s Institutionalized Slavery

King Coal ‘Golden Age’ Over: Report

Opinion: Former US Ambassador Laments 'Failures' on North Korea

Filipino Catholic Church Continues to Fight Family Planning

North Korea’s Nuclear Test Deepens Chinese Dilemma

Malaysia's Kampung High

Terrorist raid shows Modi Failings

Torture of Tamils Continues in Sri Lanka

Thailand’s Missing Activists

The Disgrace of Malaysian University Education

The Philippines in 2016

Bangladesh Transforms Despite Vicious Politics

China's Dilemma over Land and Sea Routes

Viet Activist’s Harassment Continues After Leaving Prison

Taiwan Gets a New International-Class Museum

Chinese Officials Kidnap Another HK Publisher

Thailand in 2016: More Crackdowns, More Corruption

The Economic Outlook for Southeast Asia 2016