Sitemap - 2017 - Asia Sentinel

The Professionals Move in on Airbnb

The Danger to the South China Sea Fishery

Sins of Civilization Drive Respiratory Risk Factors

US H-1B Visa Cutbacks Likely More Harmful Than Helpful

2017 -- Another 65 Dead Journalists

Can Cambodia Protect Enough Forest for Ecotourism?

A Nervous Australia Feels China’s Too-Warm Embrace

Thailand’s Terrifying Highways

While Rohingya Draw World Attention, Other Myanmar Refugees Face Crisis

No General Election Boost in Regional Polls for India’s Modi

China’s Silk Road: Inroad to World’s other economies?

Indonesia’s Problem with Child Marriage

Hong Kong Gadfly Calls Bitcoin a “decentralized Ponzi Scheme”

Modi Pulls Off a Win in Gujurat

Reading the Tea Leaves in Gujarat

Focus of Malaysian Sub Scandal Surfaces

Human Rights Watch Excoriates Singapore

China’s PLA Air Force Raises Pressure on Taiwan

Asia’s Cryptocurrency Faultlines

Pacific Islands Face Climate Destruction, ADB Says

Corporate Interests Push Nose into Climate Talks Tent

The Philippines and the Concept of Loss-and-Damage

Japan’s Heisei Emperor Departs, Taking his Calendar

Hun Sen Assumes a Monarch’s Mantle

Global Aerospace Majors Invade Indian Market

Former Glam Thai Concern Faces Corporate Warfare

Cambodia’s Friend in Need

India’s Rahul Gandhi Finally to be Congress President

Public Anger Erupts After New Jakarta Governor’s Proposed Budget

China Cuts Overproduction Dramatically

Contrasting Visits to India by Obama, Ivanka

CPEC Turns into a Chinese Albatross on Pakistan’s neck

Malaysia Confronts its Jihadis

Tokyo Financial Group Divorces Thai Hire Purchase Firm

Trump Trip Demonstrates China’s Here to Stay

Ivanka Gets Red Carpet Treatment from Modi

Maute Jihadis Vanquished, Duterte Takes On Mindanao’s Other Militants

Philippines’ Communist Insurgency Heats Up

US Commerce Secretary Ross Changes Story on Net Worth

Book Review: Generation HK Seeking Identity in China’s Shadow

Book Review: Laos, the Silent Repression

New UN Climate Report Predicts Rising Hunger by 2050

Wilbur Ross’s Winter of Discontent

South Korea’s Take on the Trump Visit to Asia

Islamist Extremism Increases in Bangladesh

Indonesia’s Prize Health Insurance System Mired in Debt

Trump Abdicates Global Leadership to China’s Xi

Duterte’s Year as ASEAN Leader

Delhi Joins Quadrilateral Pact with US, Japan, Australia

Mauritius Lawsuit Accuses Top Indonesian Officials of Laundering Billions

The US President’s ‘Royal Progress’ Jaunt

Troubled Tokyo Firm to Take Over Troubled Thai Firm

China Takes the Xi Show on the Road

The US President in Asia’s China Shop

Thailand’s Deep State – The Military

Is Australia’s Nuclear Weapons Position Changing Under Turnbull?

Trump’s Indonesian Chum Builds a Hotel on Bali

Rich Countries Say They Won’t Pay to Compensate for Climate-caused Damage

Indonesia’s Disabled Ask Jokowi to Fulfill His Promises

INFOGRAPHIC: Bitcoin Comes into its Own

World Moves Forward on Climate Change Without US

South China Sea Needs Science Diplomacy Policy

Indonesia’s Graft Watchdog KPK in the Fight of Its Life

India’s New Commonwealth Role

Iran’s Chabahar Port: India’s Foray Into Regional Power Politics

Can the US President Act Like an Adult on his Asia Swing?

The Question of West Papuan Independence

Dynasties: Part 6, Indonesia’s Palm Oil Scandal

INFOGRAPHIC: Macau vs. Las Vegas

A River of Donor Money Into Cambodia Does No Good

Corruption: Part 5, Indonesia’s Palm Oil Scandal

Hong Kong Chief Executive Lam Not Thrilled by Gay Games

Indonesia’s Media: Disturbing Lack of Legitimacy

Resistance: Part 4, Indonesia’s Palm Oil Scandal

India’s Tata Emerges from Year-long Crisis, Legal Issues Remain

African Satrap’s Laundered Millions Confiscated in France

Whistleblowers: Part 3, Indonesia’s Palm Oil Scandal

US President’s Asia Trip: More Appearance than Substance

Obama’s Pivot in the Trump Era

The Plantation Boom: Part 2, Indonesia’s Palm Oil Scandal

China Seeks to Lure Taiwanese Academics

Indonesia’s Palm Oil Fiefdom: Part 1, Indonesia for Sale

The US pushes ties with “ally” India

Taj Mahal in Political Crossfire over Nationalism

Final Curtain for Cyprus Money-Launderer

The Philippine Stock Exchange: Asia’s Backward Child

Thailand Investor Darling, Group Lease Takes Another Hit

Book Review: JASTA and a Third World War

Today’s Youth Face a Difficult Future, OECD says

Manufacturing jobs depart from Philippines for Vietnam

More than Lives, Marawi Tragedy Claims a Way of Life

Four Depressing Years After Typhoon Haiyan

Malaysia’s Sultans Take on Religious Intolerance

Thai Authorities Suspend Dubious Hire Purchase Company

Indonesia’s Fractured Programs for the Disabled

Thai Investor Favorite, Group Lease Hit by Devastating Report

New Nails in Hong Kong’s Coffin

Rogue Bank May Have Lost Fight to Stay Open

Could the World End AIDS by 2030?

India’s Modi, Shah, Jaitley Lose Some Bounce

Spies and the Australian Public Service

Rohingya Refugees in India Face Growing Peril

South Koreans Yawns at Nuclear Controversy

The Bamboo Union Gang: China’s Latest Weapon Against Taiwan

Thai Economy a Study in Contradiction

Final Chapter for Another Hong Kong Bookstore

Pakistan’s Costly Plunge into China Debt

US Mining Giant Takes on Indonesian Government over Mine Divestiture

Japanese Politics: Exciting for Once

India: Journalists on Edge

Singapore’s Birth Rate Continues to Decline

Filipino Police Seek Drug Informants via ‘Drop Boxes’

ADB Predicts Stronger 2018 for Developing Economies

With a Hostile Regime in Washington, WTO in eclipse

Jaipur Lit Fest Spreads International Wings

Does Malaysia's Kleptocrat-in-Chief Regret Washington Visit?

China Takes to Boozing With a Vengeance

Asian Markets Steady as She Goes

Indonesia’s Plastic Trash Crisis

Indonesia Crosses the Nine-Dash Line

Jailed Viet Dissident is Latest in Rising Crackdown

Vietnam’s Conservatives Purge Former PM Dung's Allies

Myanmar’s Rohingya: A Far Wider Tragedy

Indonesia Can’t Get its Tourism Act Together

Sovereign Women in a Muslim Kingdom

Exiled Rebel Exhorts Filipinos to Rally Against President

China Fakes Inundate UK, OECD Says

The World Must Stop Myanmar’s Savagery Against Rohingya

Malaysia’s Kleptocrat-in-chief Visits The Donald

India’s Modi Strengthens his Cabinet

With ASEAN Toothless, The Region Needs a New Naval Pact

Book Review: China at War

Book Review: The General vs. The President

Uber-Style Attack on the US$60-trillion Global Securities Industry

Indonesia’s Woeful Education System

Japan Under North Korea’s Missiles

India and China in a Water War

Malaysia at 60: The Promise Fades

Korea Seeks to Rein in Samsung

Killings Spark Fear, Rumors in Bangladeshi Refugee Camps

Who Benefits from Yingluck’s Exile from Thailand?

Eco-tourism and a Stunning Sumatra Rainforest

Afghanistan is About to Become Trump’s Folly

Duterte’s Drug War Stumbles on Allegations of Teen’s Murder

70 Years on, Outpouring of India’s Stories on Partition

Malaysia’s Najib Gets a White House Pass

Southeast Asia Generates a Sea of Plastic Garbage

Duterte, the Philippines and a Psychopathic Reign of Terror

The Singaporization of Hong Kong’s Judiciary

South Korean Rightists Want Atomic Weapons to Match the North

Indian Court Bans Book About Flamboyant Guru-Tycoon

A Fox in Charge of a Global Money-Launderer’s Henhouse

China’s Moneybag Friends at Harvard University

India at Seventy

US’s Tillerson Stirs up The South China Sea

The Mystery Behind Singapore’s Expulsion of a Chinese-American Academic

India-China Rivalry Deepens over Border Clash

Singapore Family Feud Exposes Farce of Country’s Judicial Independence

Astonishing North Korea Policy Change From Tillerson

French Justice Catching up With Malaysians in Sub Scandal?

Gay and Undocumented, Burmese Refugees Struggle in Thailand

China to Take Charge of Kowloon Immigration Facility

The Hornbill Hunters of Sumatra

Chinese, Malaysian Timber Interests Loot PNG Rainforests

International Investment Firm Ordered Shut in Bermuda

China Overseas Investment Curb Exposes Splits in Government

Unending Punishment: Political Repression in Vietnam

India’s Modi Takes a Key State

With China Intruding, Indian Navy Finally Starts to Act

The Duterte Mirage

Powerful Indonesian Insider Faces Corruption Charges

Spurned by Washington, Pakistan Looks East

Good for Alibaba? SCMP Quashes Column on Xi-linked Tycoon

Forbes Magazine Dumps an Article on an Influential HK Tycoon

Philippines’ Duterte Claims a Crusading Newspaper’s Scalp

Canada: Expedite Snowden-Linked Asylum Cases

Floating Hospitals: Meeting Healthcare Gaps in Indonesia

1H2017 Review: Korea

1H2017 Review: Japan

1H2017 Review: Singapore

1H2017 Review: Taiwan

Duterte’s Year One: Chaos Under the Surface

Singapore’s Lee Family Rift and International Consequences

Glamorous Russian Lawyer Tied to Deeper Scandals

Duterte’s War on Drugs: What Has He Achieved?

Unpacking Dutertism

India, China Stare Each Other Down over Bhutan

Myanmar-China Pipeline: Myanmar Pays a Price

China India standoff raises memories of 1962 war

US, South Korean Presidents Meet to Confront the Pyongyang Quandary

A New Bank of Crooks and Criminals

I think you’re missing one more layer of self-selection that can muck up the waters even more…

China Spy

Former President Obama Calls for Tolerance in Indonesia

Indonesia’s Generals Still a Potent Political Force

The Tragedy of Marawi for a Chastened Duterte

Vestiges of a Friendship Between North Korea and Cambodia

An Ageing, Worried Hong Kong Marks 20 Years Out of UK’s Clutches

Japanese Firm Got an Indonesian Bank Almost Free

Difficult Trek on Silk Road in Afghanistan

Trump, Modi bond and boost US-India partnership

Book Review: Islands and Rocks in the South China Sea: Post-Hague Ruling

Reducing Tensions Over THAAD

Modi on a roll as he meets Donald Trump for the first time

The Philippines’ Marawi: Next Islamic State Nucleus

Disability Issues and the Lack of Data in Indonesia

Japan Fields a Powerful New Woman Politician

A Malaysian Kleptocrat’s Vast Depredations

Vietnam Uses Thugs as Surrogates to Keep Citizens in Line, Report Says

India’s Tax Gamble

China Declares All-out Diplomatic War on Taiwan

Tiger Emergency in Sumatra

The Unaffordable City

Bitter Squabble Surfaces Among Singapore’s Lee Family

The Woeful State of Education for the Disabled in Indonesia

Russia’s Take on the North Korean Crisis

Depression in China: Cries for Help Go Unanswered

Luster Starts to Wear off Philippines’ Duterte

Britain’s Theresa May Blows It Through Hubris

Prosper or perish: Time for Sustainable Development

Reviving a Once-Raffish Shanghai Theme Park

Sleeping With the Fishes (or the Lawn) in Hong Kong

US President Breaks his International Toys

The Challenge of Abu Sayyaf in the Philippines

China’s Greatest Market Failure and Greatest Healthcare Opportunity

Malaysia Loses a Polymath – and a Malaysian

Washington Zig-Zags in the South China Sea

Politics Drives an Islamic Agenda in Malaysia

Dangerous Time for Cambodia --Polls on June 4

Viet Premier Finds “Unexpectedly Good Dynamics” at White House

Duterte’s Martial Law Edict Surprises Philippine Army

Crime, Terror, and Porous Borders in Southeast Asia

Vietnam Turns to Coal

Christie’s Trims South Asian Sails, Does Well in London

For Malaysians, What’s In a Handshake?

The Harm Before The South China Sea Storm

Modi’s Three-Year Report Card

Vietnam’s Premier Phuc Enters the US Cobra Den

Thailand’s Monarch Seeks a Return to the Kingdom of Siam

Trump Budget Cuts Endanger Developing Nations’ Clean Energy Plans

Philippines’ Duterte Raises Concerns with Martial Law Edict

President Trump’s Flying Circus

Vietnam: Steady as She Goes

Malaysia Goes After Influential Opposition News Portal

The Izumo Deployment: Japan’s Hat In the Ring

A New Look at North Korea

India Shies Away from the OBOR Party

China’s OBOR Vision: No Development Masterpiece

Nha Trang and its Tourist Lure

Massive Break Illustrates Indonesia’s Prison Dilemma

Myanmar Struggles to Control Illegal Logging

Chinese Company’s Monument to Disaster

Zheng He’s Modern Doppelganger

Philippines Seeks to Reverse Duterte’s Foreign Policy Botch

Malaysia Squeezes Social Media Administrators

Trump’s Ominous Climate Plans

Logging Corruption in Vietnam and Cambodia

Cambodia’s Virachey National Park in Danger

Court Jails Jakarta Governor on (Political) Blasphemy Charge

Imperialist Beauty Standards Rule in the Philippines

Return of the License Raj?

The UK’s May, India’s Modi Go for “Strong and Stable”

Trump’s Meddling in Asia

Indonesia’s Child Trafficking Crisis

Korean Presidential Favorite’s Historic Chance…

The Enemies of the People

New Mystery For Controversial Japanese Group

Coming Soon: One Country, One System

Philippines Needs Commitment for Renewable Energy

An Irrelevant ASEAN Limps to a Filipino Gala

Prabowo Reappears as an Indonesian Political Force

Trump Drill Edict Likely Won’t Have Much Effect

Najib’s Latest Smokescreen

Malaysian Opposition Figure Calls Premier a Crook, Faces Suit

Usually Outclassed by China, India Scores a Few Points

Xi Jinping’s Massive Urban Monument to Himself

Thai Critic Faces Death Threat

New Round of Repression in Malaysia

Religious Politics Victorious in Indonesia

Malaysia’s Rajah Bomoh: Throwback to an Earlier Age

An Urbanizing Asia Dares Earthquake Tragedy

Taiwan’s Walking (or Lying) Dead

Thai Military Erases Important History

Empire 2.0? India Yawns

The New Thai King’s Reign of Fear

US Shuts Down Rogue Bank

MOAB Attack Signifies Longer US Stay, No Strategy

Jakarta Gubernatorial Runoff a Squeaker

Tension Ratchets Up on Korean Peninsula

Indonesian Farmers Seek to Stop Cement Plant

Breitbart’s Fake News on Immigration

US Attack on Syria a Step in the Wrong Direction

BJP aims at Delhi elections as Hinduization spreads

Indonesia’s Rogue Bank

US Faces Growing Troubles in Asia

ADB Identifies the Keys to Economic Progress

Three Scenarios for Hong Kong’s New Chief Executive

Pyongyang Finds an Ally in Moscow

Nepal’s Army Goes Invincible

Trump’s Protectionism Rattles Indian Emigres

Tribal Peoples NGO Decries Kaziranga Shoot-on-Sight Policy

Impeachment Mania in Manila

Afghanistan: A Fruitless War Continues

Beijing Sends Hong Kong an Ominous Message

China's Coming Debt Crisis

Book Review: The Dictator’s Dilemma

Book Review: Saving China’s Banking System

The Mess in the Middle East

Historic Climate Pact Endangered

Obama’s Tilt to Asia: Too Little, Too Late

Beijing Serves Up Yet another Chief Executive for Hong Kong

Philippines’ Duterte Buckles to China

Hardline Hindu priest becomes UP chief minister

Singapore Blogger Bends Under Threat of Huge Fine, Jail Term

China Braces for ISIS impact

India’s Treasured National Park Under Fire

Korean Democracy: Alive and Well

Torture, Rape in Myanmar

Massive Scandal Swamps Indonesia’s Legislature

Xenophobia Flourishes in Beijing

Reining in the Philippine Mining Industry

US Justice Department Probe of 1MDB in Danger?

Book Review: A Swiss Myth’s Pinoy incarnation

Modi’s Uttar Pradesh Landslide

Can Asia Compete for Regional Airplanes?

A New Asian Great Game Gets Underway

Death in the Philippines

Modi Saturates Ganges Constituency in Desperate Vote Bid

The Real Reasons for the Saudi King’s Asian Visit

China Starts Controversial Lao Rail Project

Malaysia Takes a Turn for the Religious Sinister Side

Malaysia’s N. Korea Ties Now a Major Embarrassment

Indonesia Warns US Mining Giant in Fresh Dispute

India Jostles for Regional Primacy

Hong Kong Rewards the Property Oligarchs

No Conclusive End to Filipino Demonstrations

Infosys and Tata Damaged by Boardroom Squabbles

Sea Change Awaits Trump in Thailand

Philippines’ de Lima Arrest may Signal Wreckage of Pork Barrel Case

Purging the Past

Two Cases Spell Out Demise of Law in Hong Kong

Caught Between Two Koreas, Malaysia Dithers on Kim Killing

Long-Delayed Taiwan MTR Line Finally Opens

Trump Aides Cool Their Jets on Asia

The Needle’s Eye and US Immigration: Equally Difficult

TPP’s Demise Doesn’t Mean China’s Outright Victory

Latest Singapore Economic Roadmap Marks Time

Big Tests for Modi’s BJP in State Assembly Polls

Jakarta Election seen as ‘Battle for Country’s Soul’

China and the US Contradict Each Other on Trade

The Magus & the Educator

Book Review: Trickle-Down Censorship

Jaipur Lit Fest gets massive crowds for books and fun

Australia and a US–China Trade War

Trump’s “Extreme Vetting” for Muslims: Najib Exempt?

Economic Outlook 2017: Thailand

Gambling on Chinese Investment in Laos

India's Budget Presented under Shadow of Banknote Ban

Economic Outlook 2017: Hong Kong

Malay Scholars Find Fault in Malay Leaders

Duterte’s Drug War and Abuse of Power

Economic Outlook 2017: Taiwan

Economic Outlook 2017: Philippines

Trouble in the Air

Bribery and Airlines: Business as Usual

How Carrie Lam Beggars Belief

Welcome to the Year of the Cock

Ford Trumped

Economic Outlook 2017: Korea

Economic Outlook 2017: Japan

Economic Outlook 2017: China

Economic Outlook 2017: Indonesia

Economic Outlook 2017: India

Economic Outlook 2017: Australia

Rising US Protectionism Puts Indian Industry on Edge

Shock End to TPP from Trump

Unprepared Philippines Faces AIDS Scourge

Deaths from Overwork Plague Japan

Korea’s Samsung: Too Big to Jail

The Red Dragon and the White Cross

Beijing Anoints Yet Another Hong Kong Chief Executive

Asia in 2016: Major events in the 10 largest Asia-Pacific economies

Trump Appointees Rattle Rockets

Tata Insider Takes Over Indian Conglomerate

Asia in 2016: Hong Kong

Asia in 2016: Korea

Asia in 2016: Taiwan

Asia in 2016: China

Asia: Japan in 2016

US Tilts to India

A Questioning Asia Waits for the Donald

Asia in 2016: Philippines

Asia in 2016: Thailand

Asia in 2016: Indonesia

Asia in 2016: India

Asia in 2016: Australia

Book Review: A Great Place to Have a War

Myanmar Migrants Face Malaysian Violence

The Dangerous Philosophy Behind Duterte's 'War on Drugs'

Historic Chance for Myanmar Peace Probably Scuttled

Trump’s Trip to Reality

China Matches Economic Clout with Growing Military Might

UN warns Myanmar Against Rohingya Demolitions