INFOGRAPHIC: Macau vs. Las Vegas

The attached infographic, designed by an organization called Casino Sites and made available to Asia Sentinel, compares the two biggest gaming centers in the world – Las Vegas and Macau. It is a fascinating look at the ultimate in gambling-related entertainment – not just casinos – that is designed to lure tourists as well as those who want to put their money down on the black.

While Las Vegas is an entertainment packed city, perfect for those who want to experience the ultimate excitement, on a global stage the Nevada, USA-based city has strong competition. Casino revenues in Macau have long since surpassed those of Las Vegas. The onetime sleepy Portuguese enclave shot to the top as a gambling hotspot for international tourists in 2002 and since has built some of the world’s best and biggest casinos, catering to the 1.2 billion consumers just over the border. Established Las Vegas operators now are a permanent fixture.