The Asia Sentinel should stick to its own lane, unless it wants to work for a living and dig into the allegations that Hamas' terrorism is being implicitly supported by useful idiots. They should take a look at:


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What Israel is doing is matching the violence 10 fold.

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Shameful. Unsubscribed.

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Calling for Israel to regain a moral compass against an enemy that has none and is more than willing to sacrifice the entirety of Gaza and its innocent civilian population in their pursuit of Jihad against Jews and the state of Israel is incredibly ill-timed and bad taste. This is how you reward terrorists and let them win. Notice how Hamas has not said anything beyond taunting mockeries of "stop the bombardment before we even CONSIDER releasing the 200+ hostages we took". Does this look like an adversary you can deescalate against and negotiate peacefully to secure hostage releases without paying a disproportionate price in return? The brutal truth is this: for all intents and purposes those 200+ hostages have to be considered as dead until they are found alive.

If we want to talk about substantial international sentiments thinking that Israel had it coming because of their preceding actions over the decades, then let's also talk about how Palestine and Hamas had it coming because of their immediate actions on October 7. Why is it fine to dismiss atrocities when one can find a historical grievance to excuse them, but not fine to accept immediate retribution for immediate atrocities? The very last place that context belongs is in the raw present. I don't care how right or wrong such context is, nobody is going to be in the right mind to listen.

How do you propose to fight a "clean" war in one of the most urbanised and densely populated areas of the world, against an adversary who clearly weaponises this to its advantage by turning the moral high ground against its enemies through the use of an entire civilian population and infrastructure into de facto human shields for their underground war tunnels? This article's title says it plaintively: The killing in Gaza has to stop. Pray tell then, who's going to step in and hold both sides away and be the peacekeeper? Clearly there's no appetite in the world from any country to send in their own troops to be UN peacekeepers in Gaza and forcibly keep a direct lifeline open through the Rafah Gap to the Palestinian refugee centres and hospitals so as to deliver critical supplies.

This entire conflict is a plague on all humanity. Lots of rhetoric thrown around, deepening faultlines that show how humanity has more in difference against each other than what unifies us, and nobody who dares to acknowledge that if you wish to seek peace, you need enough force and power to enforce it. Who's going to be an honest power broker in the region? Who even has the guts to send in troops and impose a peace on a region where all sides can't seem to live with each other?

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Sadly I think you fail to grasp the gravity of this , looking for justifications that justify Hamas beheading babies, raping women, taking hostages and using their own people as shields is in bad taste. Before this Israel was simply protecting itself in the course of a long and complex conflict, we know that no side is perfect , why are you not asking why does Israel behave as it does-that is plain for all the world to see following this. Why should Israel turn the other cheek-why does HAMAS want to destroy the deal with Saudi?

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The only people with moral compass problems are you.

Its simple. The charter and raison de etre for Hamas is the annihilation of Israel. They have no interest

in peace. They want the land and the genocide of Israel.

Israel on the other hand just wants peace. They've tried a two state solution and all they get is


Its time wipe out every Hamas member and everyone committed to war with Israel. If Hamas

wants to use their women and children as human shields then its on them.

Problem solved.

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Sure. But the massacre of 1400 civilians, including babies, and rapes and everything else they did on Oct. 7 does! Fuck off!

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I could not agree more. The attack in Gaza by the Israelis is a war crime, pure and simple. One also has to remember the ongoing illegal theft of more land in the occupied West Bank yet no-one is stopping them.

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