Nostalgic Images of Hong Kong

Hong Kong blogger “Batgung” has put together a great collection of photos of Hong Kong’s streetscape along the tram route in the 1950s, stretching from Sheung Wan all the way to Causeway Bay:- The photos that resonate most with me are the last four, as I used to live and go to school in that area in the 50s and 60s: the old New York Theater site (at the junction of Percival Street and Hennessy Road); the old Capitol Theater site (at the junction of Yee Wo Street, Kai Chiu Road and Jardine’s Bazaar); the old Roxy Theater site (on Causeway Road); and the old Hoover Theater site (near the old tram roundabout at the junction of Leighton Road, Yee Woo Street and Causeway Road). Of these, Capitol Theater was the only cinema that used to show sensational Mandarin films produced by Shaw Brothers, with goddess-like actresses like Lin Dai, Li Lihua, Ivy Ling Bo, Jeanette Lin Tsui, Li Ching etc. playing leading ladies; the other three cinemas used to show classic and trendy Western movies.

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