Murdoch's Long Goodbye

Asked what his priority was upon arrival in London earlier this month to take charge of the seemingly inevitable unraveling of News Corp, his media empire, Rupert Murdoch pointed to Rebekah Brooks, his red-haired erstwhile CEO, saying “Her.” Brooks is now under arrest and gone. But Murdoch’s appointment of the woman to clean out the stables at the News of the World when she had presided over the soiling of the stables gave the game away. Before she became Mrs Rebekah Brooks, she was Rebekah Wade, editor of the News of the World when much of the celebrity phone-hacking and checkbook journalism scandal was rampant. She was promoted to CEO by Rupert. She was in charge of the internal investigation that declared it to be the work of one rogue reporter. Some charitable commentators speculate that Brooks was covering up the scandals from the chairman who knew nothing. Others are not nearly so charitable.

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