Referring to the Prime Minister as Hsien Loong seems overly familiar - are you an angry sibling in disguise? Try "PM Lee."

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Re: the invocation of Wong as seat-warmer, I am querious.

Who are Lee Hsien Loong’s children?

Hardly a squeak about them. As contrasted with that of his now-in-exile sibling.

Is there room for fiction? Is there room for a market of “expected the unexpectables: beyond confirmation biases and limiting beliefs -- ie alternate realities and plotlines in the metaverse?

Eg on what is the odds curve in prediction markets.

Of a parallel of the Deng Hsiao Ping zero to hero phenomenon?

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Thowkay Mengaukay.

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Congrats Lawrence. Lets jam as well. You play the guitar and i do the bass😃

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