HSBC's TV Commercial

Here is a link to HSBC’s spot on Youtube:- At the end of the film this message appears: “We recognize how people value things differently. So what we learn from one customer helps us better serve another.” Apart from the TV ad, which is part of a global advertising campaign that began in September, HSBC has also just splashed out US$1.6 million on full-page ads in the entire October 27 issue of the New York magazine. Both the TV ad and the wholesale magazine ad purchase appear to aim at grabbing a larger U.S. market share at a time when many U.S. banks are struggling to stay afloat. Some (HSBC included) see this as astute in terms of timing, others do not. Reaction to the spot itself is just as mixed (note comments on the video clip), but the slant is that it is hard for viewers to link the ad to banking.

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