Gaddafi's maddest moments

COLONEL MUAMMAR GADDAFI will be missed. Yes, I know he's an evil crazed dictator, but let's face it, aren't we all at times? Just ask my wife and kids. The world, by which of course I mean news columnists, desperately need colorful characters like him. For example, who can forget his 2009 state visit to Rome? He sent a bulk order to an escort agency for 500 beautiful women. All had to be at least 5ft 7ins (1.7m) tall, and aged 18 to 35. When they were ready, Gaddafi gave them a speech urging them to convert to Islam, and handed each a signed copy of a book he had written. That was it. What a marvelous way to launch a book! I immediately decided that I would copy the idea for my next book launch, but sadly failed to find a publisher courageous ("insane") enough. Gaddafi once went to the United Nations and tabled a motion to abolish Switzerland. It was way more interesting than the other motions, which were all about the international convention on XYZ, etc. But shockingly no one supported him! Surely we could do without Switzerland? And how about Belgium and Ecuador and all those other places which crowd up the map without really doing anything? If Canada was abolished tomorrow, would anyone notice?

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