Voices of Hong Kongers Thus Analysed

Video clips for sharing:- http://commentshk.blogspot.com/2010/01/80.html Brief outline of their views:- On the relation between the express rail link and the community:- The crux of the matter is social justice – it’s hard to justify building the rail link just to benefit one small group of people who need to commute between the mainland and Hong Kong (by way of shortening their trips by just one hour) while ignoring the sacrifice of another group of citizens who would be forcibly uprooted from their long-established homes and lifestyle. In other words, the distribution of benefits of the rail link would be most uneven and lack all fairness to society as a whole. Besides, what kind of concrete economic benefits would those commuters bring to Hong Kong vis a vis the humongous cost of building the link? If Leung Man To’s own case (he would benefit from the rail link as a regular commuter) could serve as an example, it would be a case of taking economic benefits out of Hong Kong into the mainland.

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