Well, it's certainly deja vu all over again with the Jew bashing from our correspondent. Leaving that issue aside for a moment, along with the complete disregard for facts and research, surely it's time our correspondent acknowledged he's not cut out to be a journalist, despite trying for several decades.

Let's start with "Israel’s blowing up the Iranian embassy in Syria". So many errors in such a short sentence. The Israelis launched a missile at a building adjacent to a consular building in Syria. To date, the Syrians have not claimed the building was part of Iran's consulate, although Iran has made this claim. Israel, and others, dispute this.

The building was targetted because "one of Iran’s favorite generals" was there at the time. That general was accused of planning the October 7 atrocity, and the people he was meeting in that building were his accomplices in numerous acts of terror. He was a legitimate target.

That figure of 34,012 came directly from Hamas, and our correspondent has published it without making the slightest effort to verify the figure.

Israel's strike hit an Iranian airbase. I've seen the photos, which means they are public knowledge. Why claim the strike missed its target?

I notice this time around, there are more people criticising these articles in Asia Sentinel. More people are noticing the dishonesty, the anti-Semitism and the left wing agenda.

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"That Israel had a right to defend itself in the wake of the horrendous October 7 attack on defenseless civilians is a givenis a given".- No it is not a given. The evidence since that well crafted spiel of lies and hyperbole by the Israeli government ignores the reality of the history of massacres since 1948, all 156 of them against Palestinian civilians and the added fact that every able bodied Israeli is a soldier either in reserve on or active duty.

The additional lie advanced by none other than the Prime Minister of Israel himself that 40 babies were "beheaded then placed in ovens" is another lie uncovered through direct interrogation by the media of Israeli spokesmen who contradicted themselves then refused to respond after being caught out tripping on their lies. Nothing is a given. This is War. A war began by Zionist occupation of Palestine in 1948 .

This is War and its violence is a horrendous situation. Of course it is. But if one listens to the Israelis and their propaganda mouthed off by their supporters and apologists abroad, especially in places like the USA, war is only horrendous when Israeli Jews are at the receiving end of a situation of their own making.

The US and their position on Israel's war crimes unfortunately lends credence to theories such as that espoused by books like the protocols of Zion and the well the numerous other writings that suggest that Zionists have and continue to corrupt and hold to ransom the United States and its government.

A change is in the wind. The Holocaust has lost its currency as a defense against gratuitous acts of violence by Jews who see it as a biblical (fiction) right to occupy and to kill with impunity, innocent civilians because they have a powerful USA held in captivity by their vast networks of thugs and weaklings in governments ready to nod in unison with them everytime they kill.

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Fortunately, you don't get to dispense rights to self defence.

As for that "additional lie", it seems you are confusing separate facts. My sources said some babies had been decapitated,, and some had been placed in ovens. No one, apart from you is claiming those babies were decapitated and then incinerated. Surely, the most important point is that the babies were murdered, but you don't seem to care about that detail.

You are right about one thing - a change is in the wind. If Biden and his controllers are removed from government, there will probably be a less restricted conflict against the forces of evil in that region and beyond. Judging from your comments, you are backing the losing side.

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As your adopted name suggests , you are out of touch by 370 million light years and you represent anger and stubbornness. Good luck with fixing all that .

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This article has been written by someone who appears not to be able to tell the difference between Israel taking out top level Iranian military leaders who were behind the October 7th slaughter, butchery, and kidnap of innocent Israelis (they did not blow up an embassy), and 300 drones and missiles sent by Iran to murder the Israeli public, 20% of whom are Arabic. A 7-year old Bedouin girl was critically injured in the indiscriminate Iranian attack on civilian populations. Even Jordan, which is directly on the border of Israel, both having been part of the Palestinian region under the British mandate, was forced into defense mode since they were in the path of Iran's destructive attack too.

I'm not sure when lazy and disingenuous journalism started taking over but it needs to do better if the world is getting their education from news articles. Bad journalism and uneducated professors is why Americans wete cheering for an attack on the Israeli population and saying Iran has a 'right to defend itself' . Sickening

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Sabra and Chatilla were also top Iranian generals? Dier Yassin and the other 156 massacres were all against top generals?

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You sound confused. Did you just go back 80 years to try make a point about the current crisis? It is amazingly telling that you need to grasp at Sabra and Shatillla which was a massacre NOT carried out by Israel During the 1948 armed clashes between Jews and Arabs, Deir Yassin was the site of an Irgun attack in which around 110 Arabs were killed. In 1948!!! It was revenged by an arab attack on a medical convoy in which 78 Jewish medical staff were murdered by Arabs.

It is so telling that you have to go back to an incident 75 years ago in order to try scramble an argument agaibst modern day Israel. It tells me how you have nothing else to grasp onto. Meanwhile, the pogroms, including the Arab revolt, victimized Jews throughout the 1800s and 1900s seem to have been lost on you. Typically disingenuous to fixate on Deir Yasin when there are almost countless incidents of Arab attacks on Jews for the last 75 years right up to the Oct 7th pogrom and mass kidnapping.

Additionally NONE of this has got to do with the fact that Iran ordered and supported the Oct 7th pogrom and it is logical that Israel target the leadership that is plotting against their country. But of course you just thought you'd illogically add events of 75 years ago so as to deflect from the reality that Iran's proxy war against Israel should rightly lead to accountability by those sadistic generals who instructed Hamas to gang rape, hunt, butcher, behead, bake fetuses and set children alight.

What does any of Iran's actions have to do with Sabra and Shatilla or Deir Yasin? Nothing.

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Nah, it's the lazy and disingenuous Zionists that expect the rest of the world to believe their bullshit that's incredible - hint: most people aren't as dumb as you want them to be.

I thought you guys were supposed to be smart, yet all you're doing is digging a bigger and bigger hole in which to bury yourselves. But yeah, keep going, this doesn't end well for you and your ilk 👍🏾

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As I have said several times on this site, hatred of Jews is the only form of racism permitted by left wingers, hence its proliferation. If we had been talking about any other racial or cultural group and someone had written "I thought you guys were supposed to be smart" all hell would break loose. It seems there are no consequences for anti-Semitism.

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I'm not sure you realize this, but you haven't actually said anything. It's ironic you should call Zionists 'lazy', a) because you clearly don't know what zionism is. Lazy is definitely not a fit. And b) because your answer here is so laughably lazy.

You have literally proven my point that ignorant people have been hypnotized by lazy journalism into taking hardliners positions on subjects they know nothing about but are convinced they're experts because they get their news from lazy sub par news articles.

Now if you have an actual evidence-based opinion or verified piece of information you'd like to impart, feel free to do so. But your response above is empty air masquerading as an opinion. You've said nothing but reveal your bias. Yet no one in your bubble has ever alerted you to the fact that you know nothing beyond a checklist of insults and accusations. Sorry to inform you, but you sound seriously lacking in knowledge or critical thought.

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Writing that arming the IDF only encourages them to use the weapons is the most back-to-front thinking I have read in a long time . Israel is the one that has been attacked regularly since its foundation - Israel is the one that has had peace proposals constantly rejected -Israel is the one that goes to extreme ends to minimise civilian damage . These truths need to be recognised.

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You mean attacked since its occupation of someone else's land on the basis of a fiction called the bible?

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Except you (and the Israelis, as always) are lying, to yourselves and everyone else. The world is not dumb and blind, they can see mass indiscriminate slaughter for themselves.

You just look like the foolish fellow travellers and genocide enablers that you are.

The worst part is, the more you support this madness, the worse you actually make it, not just for the many innocent victims, but for the future of Israel itself.

There will come a day when servile big-buddy America won't come to the rescue - and then all bets are off.

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