Twisted Values and Creativity

Link to KaHing’s blog post :- Translated excerpt :- “Real estate hegemony is not only a real estate problem. It is also a problem of monopolization. We often say that Hong Kong’s shopping malls are being homogenized. Shopping centres in most districts are organized in a formulaic way (Wellcome, Park’N Shop, Giordano etc.). This has led to homogenization of sales outlets. Whenever a new company or a new product is introduced, it would have to face blatant discrimination and unfair shop lease terms. The newcomer would have no alternative but to sign the biased lease, even if the shop rent is exorbitant. If the new product being marketed is of a large size, there’s no question of carrying an inventory in the shop, thus effectively increasing the transportation cost of the product. As a result, it is difficult to adjust the product pricing to a reasonably balanced level. Such kind of obstacles created by the real estate overlords are just the tip of the iceberg.

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