To Communicate or To Alienate?

We dare not expect Tang, who seems to be living in fantasyland, to realize that his comments are totally counter-productive if they were ever meant in any way to bridge the gap of communication between those in power and the post-80 generation and their sympathizers. His mentality is unfortunately reflective of that of a great number of arrogant, self-important and selfish post-50s who have been comfortably enjoying the fruits of Hong Kong’s economic success over the last few decades, who occupy the top echelons of society and who are stonily hard-hearted towards the plight and adversity faced by many in the post-80 generation in the midst of an exceedingly unequal society. Tang is obviously blind to the fact that the inequalities and social injustices have steadily been deepened by idiotic public policies ushered by an obtuse and incompetent administration and goaded in the background by an overbearing property cartel.

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