Tin Shui Wai: City of Sadness

Tin Shui Wai has been dubbed the 'city of sadness' for its high rate of unemployment, suicides, and spousal and child abuse. Over the last eight years, about 20 people have died in 6 suicides, including a mother and her two children in November. Due to poor city planning, Tin Shui Wai was originally planned as bedroom community for Hong Kong workers but plans for labour intensive industries nearby never materialized due to the rise of nearby industrial cities in Guangdong province, such as Shenzhen, Dongguan and Foshan. This left Tin Shui Wai with few employment opportunities in the isolated area and high transportation costs to other parts of Hong Kong makes it difficult for people to look for jobs outside the town. This would explain why upwards of 80% of the 270,000 residents are on social welfare.

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