The Internet As A Goad for Democracy

My translation of the essay:- “Dozens of netizens gathered the day before yesterday at the Guangzhou Pearl Island Guest House to collect awards for an online essay competition on a subject called ‘My Policy Proposal for Guangdong’s Scientific Development’. Half a year ago, the Guangdong Province in the face of an internet-connected world, decided to invite policy proposals on its scientific development and its initiative met with positive response from netizens all over the nation. It received a collection of high-quality online essays. At that moment, Guangdong blazed the trail in a bold attempt to utilize the intelligence of citizens in formulating its policy democratically and the response has been quite overwhelming. By suitably rewarding those writers whose essays excelled, the authorities are in fact confirming that they value the importance of having netizens at large participate in a new round of liberation of their thoughts. This act will also continue to boost the confidence of those who believe in internet democracy.

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