The Chinese Internet - Sea Changes in 2…

Here is my translation of the essay:- "Regarding the impact of the internet on China’s everyday life, there are three major transformations in Year 2008 that are worth noting. First, the problem of information verifiability is becoming more and more pronounced. It is often difficult to find the subject of an incident or a third party to verify information that is disseminated on the internet. Even where verification is possible, the effect of such verification depends on the underlying significance of the incident in question, the obfuscating element of the verifying procedure, and on how the information recipients interpret the verification. The internet platform has become a prize up for grabs by various interest groups. In China, the hijacking of the media and fabrication of public opinion by commercial interest groups has become so common that the perpetrators don’t even try to camouflage their act and the information recipients just turn a blind eye to it. Those with political power are also more and more dexterous with deliberately distributing information that is favorable to themselves. The fact that in recent years local authorities have been aggressively building their own armies of internet commentators is one solid proof.

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