The Audacity of Independent Viewpoint

Here is my translation of the essay:- “Recently there have been some criticisms of Southern Weekend’s reports on several incidents that took place after the Wenchuan earthquake. In the first of such reports with the headline ‘Wenchuan Has Not Died; Wenchuan Is Still Alive’, there was a description of an incident in one of the town’s largest supermarket stores: ‘The crowd scrambled to get in and initially grabbed all the bottled mineral water, bread loafs and biscuits; then all the merchandise shelves were wiped clean.’ ‘People were starting to snatch things from one another.’ The second report was headlined ‘The Many Faces of Humanity in Wenchuan, An Isolated Island’ and told a story of a man nicknamed ‘Old Blackie’ who led a gang to start robbing. The third report was headlined ‘The Cruel Side of the Beichuan Aftermath’ which described the incidence of special police agents arresting over twenty suspects who allegedly took part in robberies. This latter article deliberately focused on the dark side of human nature with descriptions like ‘’save me first’; ‘I’m Secretary Cheung’‘.

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