Thailand's Uncertain New Political Equa…

The bloodbath on the streets of Bangkok last Saturday is a strong indication that the Red Shirt protesters will fight until Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva steps down and returns power to the Thais. Abhisit's chances of surviving this brutal game are slim. The days that he could count on his supporters in high places are coming to an end. Suddenly, the young prime minister who firmly believed in his growing, invincible power a few months ago, is vulnerable. Thailand is on its way of entering into a new era despite what appears suspiciously like a stalling tactic in which the Election Commission conveniently ordered the dissolution of Abhisit's Democrat Party because of an undeclared donation from a cement company, TPI Polene. But it could take several months for the decision to be confirmed in court – if it is. The Red Shirts have denounced the election commission's decision as a stalling tactic to allow the situation to cool off.

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