Tasmania's Timber Wars

What could well be the world’s longest running battle over forestry regulations is taking place in the Australian state of Tasmania, where Greens have been squared off against the forestry industry for at least 30 years, observers say. Sen. Richard Colbeck, the Liberal shadow parliamentary secretary for Fisheries and Forestry, in an interview accused the Greens of seeking to kill the logging industry outright. Bob Brown, also an Australian senator and head of the Australian Greens, in turn accuses the logging industry of being economically not viable and of seeking to exist on government handouts. On top of that, a woman named Miranda Gibson has spent the past 119 days sitting 60 meters above the ground in a massive eucalyptus regnans as loggers have circled below in the forest. In a world where there have been countless tree sittings, Brown calls it the world’s tallest tree sitting.

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