Really don't know what they are afraid of. This is one of the most stable, most successful governments in the world. It has won a great deal of legitimacy all over, especially where it counts most, with its citizens. But it acts like it is one step ahead of widespread revolt.

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Strange that you didn't also receive a POFMA for the article below John. Keep up the courageous work, a great response to the POFMA team!


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We must have a name and an index of this form of “shadow” organised crime -- a very gross form of shadow banning.

It will play a not insignificant role in Generative AI/ChatGPT. In fact the the regularly renewed index can be updated by sentiment via Generative AI itself.

A precious measure of why or why not weaponization and how much of so should be norm. For what were once #zerocrime villages/communities capable of evolutionary emergence in Nusantara.

Reflect on https://youtu.be/NuZujx-LMfg especially the corollary of Min 20.

So that Indonesia and more are not misguided into such a response.

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