Saving Agricultural Lands

The story of “the Garden City lands”, a 55.2-hectare land parcel bounded by Garden City Road to the west, Alderbridge Way to the north, No. 4 Road to the east and Westminster Highway to the south, goes back many years. The lands used to be owned 50/50 by the native Musqueam First Nation and the Federal Government (represented by Canada Lands Company “CLC”), and after lengthy negotiations, agreement was reached in 2005 between the City of Richmond and the two landowners for each of the Musqueam First Nation and the City/CLC to develop half the land, provided the parcel could be taken out from a land reserve called the “Agricultural Land Reserve (“ALR”)”. However, two attempts (one in 2006 and one in 2008) by the three partners to apply to the Agricultural Land Commission (“ALC”) to remove the lands from the ALR proved to be futile, thanks to strong resistance put up by the “Garden City Lands Coalition”, which is a group of environmental-conscious professionals and citizens formed to alert the public of the paramount need to preserve the lands as open space and green, in other words, to save the lands in question from turning into a concrete jungle.

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