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Supposing, just supposing, "civil war" ends a few years from now -- not because the next-to-incompetent ASEAN managed to bring it to an end, or because the Xi Jinping dictatorship in China has stopped financing the corrupt, murderous, pro-China junta -- there won't be, I think, a "Myanmar" to speak or or even a Burma. The whole place will be balkanized worse than it had happened to the old Yugoslavia. Either autonomous regions will sprout or that such a situation will lead to another round of a "civil war" over access to key resources that are vital to each one's long-term survival. Once again the next-to-incompetent ASEAN will balk (guaranteed), the United Nations too will balk (because it too is next-to-useless), and India and China will try to peddle their influence over this place or warring regions. And since India might try to thump its chest at Chinese bravado, the US will back New Delhi to the hilt, not because it wants to restore peace in this part of the world but because -- principally -- it wants to thwart China's geopolitical ambitions that might encroach upon control of the seas on the western side of the isthmus.

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