The Race for Dams in the Great Himalaya…

Last November, the biggest hydroelectric dam in Tibet started to produce electricity. Standing 3,300 meters above sea level, the RMB9.6 billion (US$1.54 billion) dam sent ripples of concern across the neighboring state of India. That is because the Zangmu Dam is on the Yarlung Zangbo River which in India becomes the Brahmaputra, whose lower reaches are sacred to Hindus. The dam is a part of a chain of dams China has planned to build in the Himalayas, indicative of a continuing dams race in the region. In response to the official announcement about the working of the dam, an Indian Foreign Ministry spokesperson said that they knew that the dam was “coming up.” In 2013, India already cautioned China “to ensure that the interests of downstream states are not harmed by any activities in upstream areas" of the river.

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